Past, Present and Future

CaptureHighlights of the “State of the Association” presentation given by President Marshall at this year’s Annual Members’ Meeting and picnic on July 18 will be in the next issue. The event, held at the Tri-County Marina, was held a few days after we went to press. At press time, the program was finalized, the picnic caterer was laying-on provisions, and 102 members and guests were signed-up to attend.

What Will You Do? Face it, little to nothing ever gets done without human effort– people power. Neither ardent hope nor sophisticated technology can replace or replicate human thought, leadership, collective action, and achievement. That’s the case in the corporate world and it is especially true for organizations such as ours. What will you do to help our Association continue its activities, continue to thrive?

Join a committee. The more people on each committee means each person will spend less time and effort getting done what what needs to be done. The committees most in need of more participants are Navigation & Safety, Member Services, Environment & Water Quality, and Communications. Will you help? Contact any Board member or committee chair. See list on page 3. Navigation Aids on Leesville Lake AEP is required to fund and install aids to navigation on Leesville Lake. A plan to do that is in the works in conjunction with TLAC. TLAC has asked the Association to be represented by three members on the newly created TLAC Navigation Committee. That committee will focus on the overall navigation needs of Leesville Lake. One of its first priorities will be to review the master plan for the navigation aids system on the lake as it is spelled out in Appalachian Power Company’s Aids to Navigation Management Plan. Meetings will usually be bi-monthly or “as needed,” and will occur on dates and at times most convenient to committee members. This effort, in the making several years, will get off the ground (er, on the water) in the months ahead only if more members, whether full time or part time residents, step up and help bring aids to navigation to Leesville Lake. Sign-on by contacting Bill Marshall or another board member listed on page 3. Watch Out & Watch For … Hazards & Chart The earlier reported goal of having a detailed chart of Leesville Lake remains on track. We had planned to have it ready to hand out at the Annual Meeting. However, we still need to conduct a thorough on-water survey to identify hazards and shoals. According to AEPs hydrology experts that requires the lake water level to be at or just under the 604 contour line so as to account for the draft of most vessels that operate on this lake. AEP projected that level on a specific date in June but could not bring the level to or near that level on that date or during the month. As of press time a new date for the survey had not been set. Consequently the chart couldn’t be distributed as planned. When the chart is ready—recall it will be waterproof and free to all members— we will send a notice to all members by E-mail. Beautification Day Wrap-Up This year’s Beautification Day had its upside and downside. The number of participants was just over the usual; about 50 people collected debris from the shoreline and manhandled it at collection sites. On the downside however, the number of people who collected debris from the lake’s surface and delivered it to the sites was appreciably down compared to past years. That especially led to the overall lowerthan-typical quantity of debris taken from the lake. Only 2-1/2 dumpsters were filled by days end. That’s a decrease by 2-3 dumpsters that have usually been filled each annual Beautification Day in the past. Not even the work of AEPs skimmer helped to make up the difference. Hopefully more “haul boats” will be on the water and collect more debris at next year’s Beautification Day. Remember: Every time you see debris on the lake report it. Go to our Web site ( and click on “Report Debris” in the upper left corner of the home page. The reports go to TLAC which sends them to AEP and tracks their response to each report. The more reports you/we send to TLAC the more likely the lake—we— will benefit by having an on-going debris removal effort by AEP on the lake in the future. Litter on the Lake Littering the lake is a violation of the law. Report those who litter the lake and its shoreline to the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) at (434) 525-7522 (8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.) or to or (804) 367-1000. Mile Markers: Is “Yours” Visible? If you adopted a Mile Marker sign and haven’t seen it lately please check it out and ensure any nearby foliage is not obscuring it from a wide view from the water.