Nominating Committee

Committee Members: Tracy Pauley, Sherwood Zimmerman, J.W. Burton, Julie Moore Committee Purpose: To find members to serve on the board and committeees.

Property Committee

Committee Members: Sherwood Zimmerman, Gery Caprio Committee Purpose: To take care or the Association’s property.

Navigation Committee

Committee Members: Joe Humphrey Committee Purpose: To define areas hazardous to navigation and mark them.

AEP Lake Levels

About AEP Lake Levels Page For clarification, SML tailwater elevation is the elevation of water at the base of SML dam; Leesville Lake Forebay level is the elevation of water at the lake surface above the Leesville Dam, whereas Leesville tail water is the level of the Staunton River at...

Beautification Day 2017

Register Below Set Aside June 10: All members are encouraged to lend a hand at our biggest and most important safety effort of the year: our 14th Annual Beautification & Volunteer Appreciation Day, June 10th. Especially needed are folks who will pilot boats or will work on a vessel to...

Lake Calendars

Leesville Lake Association Our 2017 calendars are here! We’d like to thank all who submitted pictures and congratulate those whose pictures were chosen. Cover Heather Pillais January Gordy Bratz February Dannie Smith March Anne Howerton April Dannie Smith May Julie Moore June Larry Mitchell July Katie Nolan August Tony Capuco...

LC Water Newsletter

University of Lynchburg Water Quality Newsletter 2017 September July June May 2016 June July September

Boating Safety

Boating Safety Classes Given by Leesville Lake Asociation 9 am – 4 pm  March 16, April 20 and May 18, 2019 at the Altavista Train Station. Contact: Gerry Caprario 434-656-9082 Given by the Smith Mountian Lake Sail and Power Squadron normal Classes start 9 AM and lasts until approximately...