Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

March 13, 2014, Leesville Lake Association

Revised March 28, ’14

Present: Beaton, Bratz, Marshall, Revelle, Tannehill, Zimmerman. Absent: Dragan

A quorum present, Marshall called meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Agenda presented was approved unanimously after adding update of the TLAC Cooperative Agreement to Unfinished Business and membership in area Chambers of Commerce to New Business.

Minutes of Feb 13 meeting were approved as submitted on motion by Beaton, second by Zimmerman.

2013-2014 Statement of Income and Expense, and Balance Sheet, both dated Feb 28, ’14, approved on motion by Revelle, second by Tannehill.


Membership (Capuco): 272 members; increase of 1 in past month. 68 had renewal dates in 1st qtr and 73% renewed. 2nd qtr statements to be mailed this month.

Debris (Marshall): AEP cannot yet say when skimmer will be on lake this year but said bundled debris won’t be picked up until skimmer is available. Plus, Pete Cox may not be able to operate his rig thus difficult to judge the number and placement of dumpster needed on Beautification Day, though major collection and disposal effort ought to be in the Brumfield area. Skillman will again seek sponsorships and Rankin will again design the T-shirt.

Water Quality (Lobue): Written report submitted Mar 4- Final 2013 water quality monitoring report to AEP, DEQ and others on Feb. 19th. Compiled all 2013 data into format required by DEQ and sent data to DEQ for uploading into its data base. Check for the 2014 water monitoring program received from AEP. Check for 2013 water quality monitoring sent to Lynchburg College. Sat in on DEQ citizen water quality monitoring webinar. DEQ has developed a map for viewing citizen water quality data. Scheduled meeting with Prof. Shahady on March 19 to discuss 2014 water monitoring program. Will deliver initial payment for 2014 water monitoring to Shahady when we meet. Marshall said 2013 Water Quality Program report is outstanding; DEQ praised it for substance and scope, that copies will be sent to AEP, TLAC and SMLA, and that TLAC will post it on its Website

Invasive Plants (Revelle): Will resume next month.

Safety (Dragan): No report.

Communications (Bratz): Boating Safety Course on Mar 1 had 47 participants; 38 signed-up to date for Apr 5 session. Designer contacted to layout 2015 map declined; named two others; will contact them. Sent RFPs to three caterers for BBQ pork and chicken, potato salad, and cole slaw; requested bids by Mar 31. Need someone to head-up the picnic effort.

Unfinished Business

50th Anniversary of SML: Zimmerman responded No thanks to participate.

TLAC: Zimmerman reported revised provision to the TLAC Cooperative Agreement; motion by Marshall, second by Zimmerman, revision adopted; will be sent to TLAC. Pittsylvania Co. public hearing will be Mar 18; Marshall, Zimmerman, Bratz to attend.

Social Committee: Karen Skillman and Patsy Zimmerman will organize committee.

Computer and Laptop: Zimmerman to acquire from Kathy Dalton.

Revised Bylaws: Ad hoc met second time on Mar 6; finalizing draft underway; Board members to receive soon for review; intent is to vote to approve bylaws at Apr 10 meeting, post on Website for review by members, and vote to adopt at Annual Meeting Jul 26.

Assn Property: Moore wishes to have property stored at her residence removed to another location; Marshall and Revelle to investigate and offer proposal.

Treasurer: Marshall making arrangements with the two members who volunteered to assist in ways “to provide greatest benefit to Assn” (per motion by Bratz, second by Revelle at last meeting).

Nominating Committee: Roger Winters agreed to serve; continuing to identify additional members.

New Business

Uncle Billy’s Day, June 6 & 7: Altavista Chamber will charge $25 for space. Decision to participate pending response to message to area members seeking response by May 1.

Chamber of Commerce Memberships: On motion by Bratz, second by Beaton, approved renewing our memberships in Bedford Co., Campbell Co, and Altavista Area Chambers of Commerce.

Board / Committee Roster: Marxhall, Bratz and Beaton to develop Board and committee roster to post on Website.

Adjournment: 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gordon Bratz, Secretary