Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

June 12, 2014, Leesville Lake Association

July 10 2014

Present: Bratz, Dragan, Marshall, Revelle, Zimmerman. Absent: Beaton, Tannehill

• A quorum present, Marshall called meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

• Agenda approved on motion by Bratz, second by Revelle.

• Minutes of May 8 meeting approved as submitted on motion by Revelle, second by Zimmerman.

• 2013-2014 Statement of Income and Expense, and latest Balance Sheet were unavailable.

• Marshall noted that Fred Tannehill is hospitalized due to heart condition.


Member Services- Capuco by written report: Membership: 280 members; + 5 in past month; 86% of members owing dues this year have paid. 3rd

Quarter statements to be mailed early July with announcement of and sign-up for Annual Meeting and Picnic. Uncle Billy’s Day: Booth attracted significant interest; may prompt several to join; sold $255 in T-shirts and caps; 13 members manned pop-up shelter throughout both days.

Safety and Navigation- Beautification Day: Marshall reported participation less than usual; especially discouraging in upper lake area; debris collected filled 4.5 dumpsters. Aids to Navigation (ATN): Revelle attended AEPs ATN Technical Review Committee meeting June 4; VDGIF senior supervisor said many association/community- and privately- owned “No Wake” buoys and shoal markers do not comply with regulations; they are illegible and/or do not floating properly; that owners are legally obligated to maintain or replace them; and that, VDGIF will remove those not in compliance. Medevac LZs: Dragan said discussions with Centra’s June Lefke will resume late summer/early fall. Mile Markers: Will ask “adoptees” of MM 11 & 12 to ensure they are clearly visible from the water, and thanked Revelle for reporting their condition after his invasive plants survey.

Water Quality- Lobue by written report: Tony Capuco and myself will begin sampling June 17. Assn will not apply for a grant to do bacteria source testing on Pigg River upon advice of DEQ which discontinued such testing because results have been highly variable and suspect. Tony Capuco attended recent AEP WQ Technical Review Committee meeting; Reps of DEQ said it is increasing monitoring and enforcement of TMDL regulations in the Pigg River watershed which may enhance the health of LVL.

Invasive Aquatic Vegetation- Revelle said his second survey, May 21, of three sites not earlier sampled showed only one site (# 7) with small quantities of Curly Leaf Pondweed. Also said MMs 11 & 12 are obscured by foliage.

Unfinished Business

Property Divestiture- By unanimous hand vote Board voted to write-off the Association’s 3-year old laptop computer and graphic design software.

New Business

Nominating Committee- Chair Roger Winters reported in writing that the committee recommends five candidates for election to the Board: (Pat Kurtz, Reg Anderson, Jan Parry, Dewayne Sprinkle and Larry Mitchell. By unanimous consent, Board accepted each.

2014 Annual Meeting and Picnic- Board members and committee chairs are asked to setup Friday, July 25 at 1 p.m. On motion by Zimmerman, second by Bratz, Marshall to propose to Tannehill family that location be changed to avoid burdening them and to ask Leesville Lake Marina management if it would host this event. Once known, members will be sent e-mail saying they and prospective members--on unanimous consensus of the Board--are invited to attend and should complete the Registration Form on the Web site by July 18 so an accurate count of participants can be given to the caterer.

Property Acquisitions - On motion by Bratz, second by Zimmerman, treasurer is authorized to spend not more than $300 for the latest version of Quickbooks. On motion by Zimmerman, second by Bratz, Chair of Member Service is authorized to spend not more than $100 for a 10’ x 10’ white popup shelter with “Leesville Lake Association” stenciled in blue on four sides of its facia and to acquire quotes for the purchase of caps with “LVL” on the crown.

TLAC 2014-2015 Budget- Zimmerman, Association’s representative to the board of TLAC, asked members to send him ideas/topics for TLAC to pursue that may require funding, such as mitigating or preventing sedimentation, erosion and pollutant run-off; purchase and rip-rapping Goat Island.

Event for Boards of Supervisors- Board is considering hosting a boat tour of the lake and dinner or cookout for the Boards of Supervisors of Bedford, Campbell and Pittsylvania counties late summer/early fall. Majority of members are new; event will acquaint them with the challenges due to debris/lack of adequate skimmer operations, sedimentation, run-off pollution, water level change, AEPs expanded definition of environmental zones, etc.

Donation Request from Habitat for Humanity- Request for $144 donation declined by unanimous voice vote.


On motion by Bratz, second by Revelle, meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gordy Bratz, Secretary