August 28, 2014

Minutes, Board of Directors Meeting

Leesville Lake Association, August 14, 2014

Present: Anderson, Beaton, Bratz, Marshall, Parry, Revelle, Sprinkle, Zimmerman.

Absent: Dragan, Kuhrtz, Mitchell

President Marshall called meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Agenda approved on motion by Bratz, second by Sprinkle.

Marshall welcomed new members.

Minutes of July meeting approved on motion by Bratz, second by Beaton.

Financial documents not submitted due to unanticipated absence of Treasurer.


1. President: (A) Asked for motion to approve expenditure of $300 to reimburse Pat Kuhrtz for her purchase of Quick Books maintenance/consultation agreement; motion by Zimmerman, second by Beaton approved on unanimous vote by hand. (B) Said he and past treasurer have written a Financial Accountability Policy granting Board members and committee chairs authority to spend up to $100 for operational activities within proscribed limits; Policy will be sent to Board members and committee chairs. (C) Announced that Assn will not receive approx. $18,000 annually from counties hereafter, thus we must intently manage our current and future budgets; perhaps increase revenue and/or decrease expenditures. (D) Asked Bratz to send our tax exemption certificate to Board members and committee chairs. (E) Asked whether full payment for the picnic had been sent to vendor, Moonswiner’s; Bratz said deposit of $250 was made for the contracted cost of $500 for an estimated 65 attendees; asked vendor to tell treasurer the added cost for the actual 87 in attendance and doesn’t know the final cost or status of a final payment. (F) Marshall said a plague to recognize Fred Tannehill’s long service to the Association and Board is on order.

2. Member Services. Written report by Capuco: 281 members in good standing. As of June 30 have a 95% renewal rate. New members are Glenn and Patricia Cyrus of Lynchburg. Discussion ensued regarding newsletter production numbers and mailing. Bratz reported average printing and postage costs for newsletter since Oct. ’13, suggesting Board revisit last year’s decision to print and mail a copy to every member plus “Friends of the Lake” for two years. In light of reduced income from counties, members discussed the opportunity to reduce production and mailings, but need to obtain input from Capuco first. Marshall said he will ask Capuco to bring a recommendation to the next board meeting.

3. Beautification Day. Marshall said AEP and TLAC committed $2,500 each; projects $8,000 in sponsorships.

4. Environment & Water Quality. No report from Lobue.

5. Aquatic Vegetation. Revelle Submitted written report. (A) Latest survey done on July 18; no invasive plants found. (B) Several Mile Markers need to be cleared of foliage; will do that with assist of others.

6. Safety & Navigation. No report from Dragan.

7. Communications. Bratz submitted written report. (A) Asked for volunteers to select photos for 2015 calendar (Zimmerman did) and showed samples of coated and uncoated papers for the calendar; members voted unanimously for coated covers and uncoated interior pages and to order 150 copies. (B) Said counties offered to furnish GIS data to our map maker GMCO if wanted and that work with GMCO continues. (C) Asked how many wrote letters to our Congressional delegation about the SHORE Act and signed the CURB petition; nearly all did.

Unfinished Business. None.

New Business.

Marshall said election of officers would be by written, secret ballot beginning with the secretary position and called for nominations. Jan Parry volunteered for election to Secretary; she was elected unanimously. Pat Kuhrtz had said earlier that she would stand for election to Treasurer; she was elected unanimously. Lou Revelle said he would volunteer for re-election to Vice President; he was elected unanimously. Bill Marshall said he would agree to be re-elected President for one more term; he was elected unanimously.

Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 8:28 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Gordy Bratz, Secretary