March 12, 2010


Leesville Lake Association Board of Directors Meeting

March 11, 2010

Call to Order: Zimmerman at 7:02 p.m.

Present: Beaton, Bratz, Caprario, Estes, Glasscock, Moore, Reilly, Revelle, Tannehill, Wm. (Doc) Wasicko and Zimmerman. Absent: Garlick, Perri, Pettit, Sanders. Guest: Kitty Wasicko

Minutes of Board Meeting of February 11: Approved unanimously by voice vote.

Treasurer's Report: a. Reilly moved and Glasscock seconded motion to approve. Approved unanimously by hand vote. b. Independent auditors' report of the Association's financial position as of August 31, 2009, performed by Lovelace, Norvelle, Mathews & Crews, P.C., given to those present. (Treasurer's Financial Report dated February 28 and auditors' report dated March 1, 2010, are attached to the Minutes of Record.)

Committee Reports:

• Membership & Newsletter- Moore reported 321 current members; 13 new members Sept 1-Feb 28; 76% current renewal rate; and "about equal" gain-loss rate during past six months. Deadline for next newsletter is April 15.

• Debris- Doc read prepared statement and requested it be made part of these Minutes. (It is attached to the Minutes of Record). The statement said: Two people at Runaway Bay and two at Quatrone are the only committed volunteers to date; Brumfield has not responded to a request for volunteers and AEP has not replied to three requests for help. It raised whether "this event (as an activity sponsored solely by the Association) has run its course," and posited two alternatives: Have professionals perform clean-up tasks and combine the usual "Thank You" picnic with the Annual Meeting and Picnic in July. Discussion revealed: Most people at Runaway Bay will be away May 8-21; our event should not be held immediately before or after Memorial Day and should not conflict with "Uncle Billy's Day" on June 5; and, the "Thank You" picnic is integral to Beautification Day. By consensus, 2010 Beautification Day will be on June 12 and the picnic will be on the 13th.

• Navigational Aids- Zimmerman reported for Pettit: Neither the design of the aids nor the date or dates of installation are known as yet.

• Water Quality- Kitty Wasicko said the Association-Lynchburg College program plan has been sent to AEP for approval; Funds are available and the committee intends to begin sampling in early May.

• Safety- Caprario said: The date, time and locations of the boating safety course offered by both the U.S. Power Squadron and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary will be announced in the newsletter; He invites members to call him for a Vessel Safety Check of their boat; and, Appealed to those who live on the lake and have a dock to mount their house number and street address on the dock facing the lake.

• Health- Glasscock: Continues to monitor the uranium mining issue and coordinate with local emergency medical authorities about how best to provide emergency services to lake residents.

• Public Relations- Bratz reported the committee is: Identifying private and public sector agencies for potential outreach activities and membership appeals; Reviewing the design, content and functionality of the Web site for strengths and weaknesses; and has set the following deadlines for news materials from:

•• Caprario- Article, March 31

•• Wasicko- News advisory, May 20 & Article, June 1

•• Glascock- Article, May 23

•• Pettit- Article 30 days prior to initial installation date of the nav aids

He attended a presentation and demonstration of "Constant Contact's" Web-based E-mail marketing system: It provides dramatic branding; exceptional and segmented member and non-member outreach and archival capabilities; a large capacity image archive; quick design/layout, editing and dispatch of announcements, newsletters, etc. to members and non-members; and, an easy-to-use interface with one's Web site.

Old Business

Zimmerman reported: He and Bratz attended the Shoreline Management Plan Steering Committee meeting on February 26; that the Committee: Is meeting with a wide-array of stakeholders, tackling and clarifying a number of "old" issues, and is addressing several issues that have arisen in the past five years, all of which has improved communication and cooperation. The SMP is due in draft in August, due to go before a public hearing in September, and due in final form to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in December.

New Business:

On-lake orientation for EMS personnel- Discussion postponed to next meeting.


Meeting adjourned by voice acclamation at 9:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gordy Bratz

Stand-in recorder