May 4, 2013

Minutes of Board & Quarterly Members’ Meeting

Leesville Lake Association, Inc.

April 11, 2013, Train Station, Altavista, Va.

Present: Beaton, Bratz, Marshall, Moore, Revelle, Tannehill, Zimmerman

Absent: Dalton, Estes, Pettit

Others: Caprario, Capuco, Lobue and 13 other Association members

Call to Order: By Zimmerman at 7p.m.

Minutes of March 14 Meeting: Approved on motion by Moore, second by Tannehill.

Treasurer's Report: Approved on motion by Bratz, second by Revelle.

Presentation & Question & Answer Session: Centra Gretna Medical Center design/construction plans and Center features by Joe Archambeault, VP Facilties & Support Services and Dr. Micheal Elliot, Head of Emergency Dept.

Committee Reports

Membership (Capuco): 277 members as of Mar. 31. Larry Anthony, Appomattox, new member. 66% renewal rate. Some Board members have been updating the Association’s membership list and contacting inactive members. Quarterly statements were mailed in mid March. New automobile LVL stickers, reported to hold up better than the old ones, are available at Board meetings and by contacting me at

Newsletter (Moore): Should go to printer on 15th and be mailed 17th.

Debris (Marshall): 2012 Beautification Day collected 50 tons of debris. AEP reports skimmer collected 621 tons Apr-Dec’12. Register on Website to help clean-up on May 18; 31 have to date and have signed-up 4 sponsors to date. Skimmer projected to begin operations early May.

Navigational Aids (Pettit): No report.

Water Quality (Lobue): Plan to survey for Curly Leaf Pond Weed next week with Tom Shahady. Passed out bound “Leesville Lake 2012 Water Quality Monitoring” report dated Feb 28, ’13.

Health & Safety (Caprario): Will conduct Vessel Safety Checks Apr 20, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., at Leesville Lake Marina.

Communications (Bratz): Articles and announcements about Boating Safety Course (BSC), Vessel Safety Checks, and Beautification Day sent earlier to area newspapers and radio stations have appeared or have been received. BSC on Apr 27 fully subscribed as of last week; 7 signed-up to date for May 4 session. Beautification Day Volunteer and Sponsor Registration Forms are on Website.

Old Business: None

New business:

• On motion by Bratz, second by Moore, approved holding 2013 Annual Meeting and Picnic at Tri-County Marina.

• Zimmerman showed members No Wake sign. Discussed whether house number and street address could be added to each and what cost would be to customers; neither known. To report at next meeting.

• Zimmerman reported TLAC has not yet decided our membership status.

Adjournment: Motion by Bratz, second by acclamation at 8:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Gordy Bratz, Secretary

Issues to be resolved/Tasks to be completed:


1. No Wake signs- Zimmerman to provide additional information.

2. Annual Meeting & Picnic- Determine whether to contract caterer or have Board members provide grilled items, buns & drinks and ask attendees to bring salads & desserts; time of meeting; whether to have speaker; and agenda items.

Old (held over from past meetings):

1. Aquatic Vegetation Advisory Committee Minutes. Zimmerman to give to Revelle.

2. Board Planning Retreat: In view of the new tasks and added responsibilities attendant to being a member of TLAC, Zimmerman called on Board members: • To review the Assn’s mission, Bylaws, the duties of officers & committee chairs, the structure and missions of committees, the Association’s operational procedures, and to consider future activities, recommending these and other such topics be discussed at a retreat to be scheduled. • Members endorsed convening two ½-day weekday sessions.

3. Executive Committee: • To set date(s) and location(s) of Board Planning Retreat. • Assign committee(s) to obtain Commonwealth regulations & County ordinances as appropriate re: “No Wake” signs, Feeding of waterfowl, and Mandatory septic pump out requirements; Communicate these to members.

4. Members’ Meetings: A member has asked to hold one or more Members’ Meetings on Saturdays so those who do not reside locally can attend. Zimmerman proposed taking this up at the proposed retreat. Members endorsed doing so.

5. Navigation Committee: • Obtain text of law stating communities and HOA’s can request and must maintain “No Wake” signs; Communicate that to members. • Provide cost estimates for production of weather-proof “No Wake” signs and recommend whether Assn. should offer them for sale to members.