January 11, 2013

Minutes of Board & Quarterly Members’ Meeting

Leesville Lake Association, Inc.

January 10, 2013, Train Station, Altavista, Va.

Present: Beaton, Bratz, Capuco, Marshall, Moore, Pettit, Revelle, Tannehill, Zimmerman

Absent: Dalton, Estes

Call to Order: By Zimmerman at 7:07 p.m. Four Assn. members in attendance.

Minutes of November 8, 2012 Meeting: Approved as submitted on motion by Tannehill, second by Marshall. Treasurer's Report: Submitted written documents via e-mail; Approved as submitted on motion by Tannehill, second by Bratz. Reported funds received from Bedford Co. but none as yet from AEP for Water Quality Monitoring program.

Guest Speaker: Zimmerman welcomed guest speaker, Bob Camicia, Franklin Co. Supervisor and chairman of TLACs Environmental Committee who spoke about the invasive aquatic plants in Leesville and Smith Mountain lakes and the treatments to eradicate them. Summary to be published in next newsletter and be posted on Website.

Committee Reports

Membership (Capuco): Submitted written report: 292 members to date, a loss of 22 since Nov ‘12; 66% renewal rate in last quarter; No new members in Dec.

2013 Calendar & Newsletter (Moore): Calendar on sale at $10 ea. Newsletter deadline Jan. 14.

Debris (Marshall): Cox & Skillman committed to cleanup day, May 18; Pursuing others to help. Will ask AEP to operate skimmer and again furnish conveyor and truck.

Navigational Aids (Pettit): Submitted written report: AEP to install 43 Lateral Aids and light Tolers Ferry Bridge next year; Showed illustrations of waterway symbols and markers; and, Asks that Assn. members to note and report hazardous shoals and other obstructions on the lake.

Water Quality (Lobue): Submittted written report by e-mail: Results of 2012 Lynchburg College-Assn. sampling program very similar to recent past. Final report from LC anticipated within a month; will be sent to AEP by end of Feb. Will draft article with photos for release to media. Submitted 2013 WQM plan to AEP in Dec.; $26,700 cost is same as ‘12 program.

Safety: No report.

Communications (Bratz): Submitted written report by e-mail: Arrangements nearing completion for Boating Safety Courses Apr 27 & May 4 at Altavista Train Station and for Vessel Safety Checks Apr 20 at Leesville Lake Marina and May 25 at Tri-County Marina.

Old Business: Received responses from AEPs Larry Jackson to questions posed at Oct. ’12 Members’ Meeting. Summary to appear in next newsletter.

New business:

TLAC: Zimmerman reported TLAC Board gave overall conceptual approval to having our Assn. join TLAC; Allows LLA a paid part time administrator/overseer and organizational structure similar to that of SMLA; Proposition now being reviewed by county attorneys; Final determination likely late summer.

Board Planning Retreat: In view of the new tasks and added responsibilities attendant to being a member of TLAC, Zimmerman called on Board members to review the Assn’s mission, Bylaws, organizational structure, and operational procedures, recommending these and other such topics be discussed at a retreat soon. Members endorsed doing so at two ½-day weekday sessions.

Members’ Meetings: A member asked the Assn. to hold one or more Members’ Meetings on Saturdays so those who do not reside locally can attend. Zimmerman proposed taking this up at the coming retreat. Members endorsed doing so.

Adjournment: By motion by Bratz, second by Tannehill at 9 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Gordy Bratz, Secretary

Issues to be resolved/Tasks to be completed:

l. Executive Committee: Set dates and location(s) of Board Planning Retreat. And assign committee(s) to obtain Commonwealth regulations & County ordinances as appropriate re: “No Wake” signs, Feeding of water fowl, and Mandatory septic pump out requirements. Communicate them to members.

2. Navigation Committee: a. Obtain text of law stating communities and HOA’s can request and must maintain “No Wake” signs; Communicate that to members. b. Provide cost estimates for production of weather-proof “No Wake” signs. Recommend whether Assn. should offer them for sale to members.

3. Water Quality Committee: Acquire .pdf photos of invasive and non-invasive aquatic plants for Assn. education/information efforts.