Nov 15, 2013

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting, Leesville Lake Association, Inc.

Nov 14, 2013, Train Station, Altavista, Va.

A quorum present, the meeting was called to order by Vice President Lou Revelle at 7:05 p.m.. Present: Beaton, Bratz, Dragan, Revelle, Tannehill and Zimmerman. Absent: Marshall. Members Laura and Tony Capuco attended.

Minutes of Oct 10 meeting: Approved as submitted on motion by Tannehill, second by Bratz

October financial statements: Approved as submitted on motion by Bratz, second by Beaton.

Written reports from Membership, Water Quality, and Communications committees were introduced. Bratz, Beaton and Capuco will coordinate to add newsletter mailing and e-mail release dates to its production schedule. Chairs of the Invasive Vegetation and Navigation committees reported orally. Dragan is working with Amanda Turner, Centra Trama Coordinator and Bill Wallace on medevac LZs (4 identified thus far) and reporting GPS coordinates to local EMS officials. Reports did not seek or require action by the Board.

Unfinished Business:

2014 Calendar- Bratz to pickup from printer by Tuesday and pass to Moore who will take and fulfill orders. Notice of availability and ordering instructions are in newsletter and will be on Website.

Nominating Committee- Board members to suggest candidates by next meeting; Bratz to review bylaws and recommend action for Board to appoint chair and members of committee at next meeting.

Review Current Committee Organization & Functions- Marshall to appoint working group; group to recommend action at January meeting.

Review Current Bylaws- Marshall to appoint working group; group to recommend action after Board considers and makes decision regarding reorganization (third bullet).

Fill Board & Committee Positions- Board members to recruit and report results at next meeting.

Website- Bratz to assess proposal from Galvanek &Wahl and offer recommendation at next meeting.

Recognition- Plaques appropriate for both long-term service and special project performance. Also, president to recognize contributions in letters/notes/phone calls and editor to place recognitions in newsletter.

Assn. Map- Valuable as a marketing tool; 2008 version produced income. Need to: Assess condition of electronic file (Bratz & Lobue); Assess cost of layout and printing (Bratz); Determine features to be deleted and added (such as medevac LZs)(Board); and need Volunteers to write copy, perform accuracy check of all data/info, sell advertising, and do design/layout (Board members). On basis of this information and commitment of volunteers Board to decide whether to go forward.

Community Organizations- No discussion/action.

New Business:

50th Anniversary of SML- and Tannehill to ascertain the aim and concept from AEPs Larry Jackson and report. Consensus: If LLA is not to be a partner we should not participate.

• “LLA Barge”- Recommendation it died for lack of a motion; raised some alternatives (offer for sale to members) and several questions, principally legal. Consensus: Lou to seek documents from Hayworth’s and JB Tannehill and recommend action at next meeting.

Assn. Computer & Software- Zimmerman to acquire from Dalton.

Adjournment: By acclamation at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:


Gordy Bratz, Secretary