May 25, 2013

Minutes of Board Meeting

Leesville Lake Association, Inc.

May 9, 2013, Train Station, Altavista, Va.

Present: Bratz, Marshall, Moore, Revelle, Zimmerman

Absent: Beaton, Dalton, Estes, Pettit, Tannehill

Committee Chairs Present: Capuco

Committee Chairs Absent: Lobue

Call to Order: By Zimmerman at 7:05 p.m.

Minutes of April 11 Meeting: Approved as submitted May 4 on motion by Moore, second by Revell

Treasurer's Report: Approved as submitted May 8 on motion by Marshall, second by Bratz

Committee Reports

Membership (Capuco): 269 members & 65% renewal rate (277 & 66% as of Apr 11). Discussion ensued; Actions to be taken: 1- Board members call former members, ask them to rejoin; 2- Place membership flyer, application form, newsletters & maps in weather-proof boxes at ramps at Leesville Lake and Tri-County Marinas; (especially at former by Jun 22, next Bass fishing tourney); and, 3- Obtain space at Uncle Billy’s Day and pass out flyer & membership applications or ask another organization to do so. (Gordy secured space May 13; Laura leads staffing & brings handouts & chairs; Sherwood brings 10’ x 10’ shelter; Julie brings tables.)

Debris (Marshall): Beautification Day- 1- Bill recommended sending another email to members seeking their participation (Gordy prepared; Bill approved; Sent to Richard May 10). 2- Registration now at 125. 3- T-shirts arrive Monday. 4- Skimmer will not be available for Beautification Day. 5- Requested AEP to have “full pond” that day; they did not commit to that for operational reasons. Other: 1- Remind members to call-in debris. 2- Siren now nearly inaudible. 3- Discussed status/use of “Assn. Barge;” motor needs repairs; no decision as to future of barge or motor.

Navigational Aids (Pettit): No report.

Water Quality (Lobue): Sampling- Lynchburg College collected first set of water samples and data on Apr 17. LLA volunteers to begin sample and data collection near the end of May. Invasive Plants- Revell will assess invasive vegetation vicinity Mile Markers 12 & 13 this month.

Health & Safety (No chairman/No report)

Communications (Bratz): Both Boating Safety Courses fully subscribed/successful. (Gordy drafted letter of thanks to Flotilla 85 for Sherwood’s signature/dispatch.) News releases about Beautification Day with list of sponsors, credit to Rankin & image of his T-shirt design sent to area newspapers April 30. (News release with two photos about results of Beautification Day sent to newspapers May 23. Also, article and several photos sent to Richard for Website & Kathy for next newsletter.)

Old Business:

1. No Wake Sign- Two versions available; one can have house number and street address (deleting “It’s the Law”). By consensus, sell on basis of orders and receipt of payment; $20 or $40-$50 for sign with number/address (Sherwood to obtain exact cost of latter & mailing cost. Gordy drafted announcement for Website and message to members May 10 for Sherwood’s approval.)

2. Annual Picnic- On motion by Moore, second by Marshall, approved catered meal. Moore will dispatch RFP and provide responses & recommendation at June 13 meeting. (Gordy sent names of two potential vendors to Julie 11 May.)

3. Saturday Members’ Meeting- By consensus, have meeting in October; Cupuco & Bratz to offer recommended sites and program, and Zimmerman to recommend speaker at next meeting.

4. Navigation Issues- Zimmerman to talk with Pettit about retaining chairmanship and to Lobue about how communities/HOAs are to request installation of No Wake Buoys.

5. Newsletter, Calendar & Website- By consensus Bratz to recommend standards for newsletter and calendar publishing and for Website operations.

6. Governance- By consensus all members to review and exchange their recommended changes to Assn. Bylaws (May 2005) no later than June 30. Consider Mission, Vision, Purposes, Board make-up, tenure & attendance requirement, and Committee structure & functions. Members encouraged to send recommended changes to Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws and recommended activities for next year with programming sequence/schedule to all other members by 1 July).

See #7 for anticipated future actions.

7. Planning for Association Year ’13-’14- By consensus, meet in August to discuss and determine: Changes to Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws; Committee structure, goals, tasks & chairmanships; Program/Schedule of Activities/Events, and supporting actions to ensure success.

New Business: None

Adjournment: Motion by Bratz, second by acclamation at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Gordy Bratz, Secretary