January 20, 2015

Minutes of Quarterly Members’ and Board of Directors Meeting,

Leesville Lake Association, January 8, 2015, Altavista Train Station

Call to order: 7:05 p.m.

Present: Anderson, Bratz, Kuhrtz, Marshall, Mitchell, Revelle, Zimmerman.

Absent: Beaton, Dragan, Sprinkle

Also present: Association members Laura Capuco & Len Young

Quorum was present and confirmed.

Agenda: Approved on motion by Bratz, second by Zimmerman

Announcements: President said- Secretary Jan Parry resigned and asked Bratz to take minutes; that Larry Mitchell agreed to produce the 2016 calendar; and that, AEPs Erosion Control Project near its recreation area at the dam is complete.


Treasurer Kuhrtz said- Due to early meeting date latest financials are not yet available; Filed 2013 Fed taxes; Received monies from TLAC for 2015 Beautification Day; and, Will ask Bill Wallace to conduct a financial review this month.

Member Services: Capuco said- At the end of 2014 the Assn had 288 members and sponsors-in-kind, including new members Edward & Rita English and TLAC, and that the dues of 23 members are in arrears. [ LLA Bylaws state: Members in arrears more than twelve (12) months after renewal payment is due and who fail to pay after notice thereof, will be deemed to be not in good standing, and shall be removed from membership 30 days after final renewal notice if their account remains in arrears.]  Those members will be sent additional renewal notices and will be removed from the LLA membership roll over the next 12 months if their dues remain outstanding.  Renewal statements for the 1st quarter of 2015 have been mailed.

Debris: Marshall said- AEP agreed provisionally to produce the chart of the lake and that discussions continue. Also, AEP will operate its skimmer on the lake from mid-April to November and plans to deploy a winterized pontoon boat to pickup debris that has been secured on the shoreline.

Water Quality: Lobue reported in writing that the 2014 WQ report is being compiled by Lynchburg College and should be available next month. Also that a request for our annual grant from AEP for WQ support in 2015 has been submitted.

Invasive Vegetation: Revelle said he attended December’s TLAC Technical Review Committee meeting and reported that the results to date of introducing grass eating carp into Smith Mountain Lake raise concern about the rapid decline of aquatic vegetation, and a possible negative shift in the ecosystem.

Communications: Bratz augmented his written report saying February’s All Hands News will go to printer early next week and that an E-mail message will be sent to members announcing when that issue and following issues are both mailed and posted on the Web site.

Safety & Navigation: No report.

Unfinished Business. None

New Business.

Annual Meeting & Picnic (July 18): Marshall-We agreed to Sprinkle’s earlier proposal to host & cater main course at Leesville Lake Marina; I’ll follow-up to ensure offer stands and to coordinate further. Zimmerman volunteered to coordinate picnic. Board agreed to have registration via Web site and to ask attendees to bring side dish &/or dessert.

New Secretary & Nominating Committee: Marshall asked for names of members to be appointed secretary and chair of the Nominating Committee. He said, I will ask Phyllis Garlick to be secretary again.

Updated Board Roster: Sent recently to each of you by E-mail.

Policy & Procedures 002: Asked for motion to approve. Board did so on motion by Bratz, second by Mitchell. Will post on Web site.

Uncle Billy’s Day (June 5-6): Board agreed to participate in conjunction with LL Marina and to invite LLA business-members to place their business cards/brochures in the exhibit. Capuco to send list of such members to Marshall who will extend invitations.

Web site Redesign: Kuhrtz said she will provide a proposal that Bratz, Mitchell and she will discuss with the aim of recommending a “way ahead” at February’s meeting.

Adjournment. Meeting adjourned by acclamation at 8:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gordy Bratz, Acting Secretary