July 11, 2014

Minutes of Leesville Lake Association Board of Directors Meeting

July 10, 2014, Train Station, Altavista, Va.

Present: Bratz, Marshall, Revelle

Absent: Beaton, Dragan, Tannehill, Zimmerman

Called to order at 7:01 p.m.

Agenda: Approved unanimously as submitted.

Minutes of June 12 meeting: Approved unanimously as amended July 10.

2013-2014 Statement of Income and Expense, and latest Balance Sheet: Not received.


Member Services (Capuco)- As of June 30, 280 members. 95% who owed dues in the first half of 2014 renewed: 1st quarter- 68 renewed, 6 did not; 2nd quarter- 38 renewed, 7 did not; 3rd quarter- Mailed 87 statements and 13 ‘reminders’ on July 3. New Member: Reg Anderson, Realtor, Long & Foster (previously listed as Sponsor). Assisted with announcements for annual meeting and picnic. 59 have signed-up for picnic to date.

Water Quality (Lobue)- Shahady collected water samples and data on June 25.  If Tony is available, he and I will collect water samples and data on July 16th. Shahady plans to take night samples in addition to day samples. When he gives me the date for night samples, I will check with others to see if they would like to participate. It will be interesting to compare night and day profiles.  Shahady will also do more extensive biological sampling. Samples to date haven't shown anything unusual, but we did have high Chl a readings at about 5 meters depth again this year.  It will be very interesting to see how this develops if it remains dry. Bacteria levels are lower than typical this year – likely a result of less rain. Shahady is not seeing as much Curly Leaf Pond weed as in past years. Data looks good and similar in trending. Will be interesting to see how water quality responds if this becomes an unusually dry late summer. Shahady has not seen much flow either direction from the SML dam and that seems to moderate what he is measuring.

Debris (Marshall)- AEP said skimmer is on lake this week.

Safety & Navigation (Dragan- No report.

Invasive Vegetation (Revelle)- Survey of June 26 results: Site 4-Howells Creek (“three pipes”) Double sided rake method, 4 samples @100’. No invasive

vegetation found. Site 8- Muddy Run. Double sided rake method. 2 samples @100’. No invasive vegetation found. Site 9- Unnamed Creek across from m/m 9 eastern side (Pittsylvania Co.) of lake. Double sided Rake method. 4 samples @50’. No invasive vegetation found. Site 10- Unnamed small cove between m/m’s 10 and 11 (Bedford Co.). Double sided rake method. 4 samples @50’. No invasive vegetation found. Lake level: 610’ above MSL. GPS data recorded, available on request. Will return to sites surveyed last year to investigate presence, absence or spread of Curly Leaf Pondweed.

Communications (Bratz)- Confirmed arrangements for picnic with caterer, Keith Jackson of Moonswiners. Sent e-messages to members reminding them to nominate members to serve on the Board of Directors by July 18; To make picnic reservations by July 18; Send photos for 2015 calendar by August 15; and, To attend Annual Meeting on July 26. Posted announcements about above plus a picnic reservation form on the Web site. Reported very few calendar photos received to date; Recommend appeal for same be made at Annual Meeting and again by e-mail to members. Sent proposed specifications and features for map to George Martin, CEO of GMCO Maps, on June 18. Continuing to review/evaluate two sample home pages and other information received from Galvanek/Wahl. Welcomed Larry Mitchell to the committee.

Unfinished Business

Quickbooks- Treasurer has purchased.

Picnic Set-up- Friday, July 25 at 1 p.m. at Tri-County Marina. Zimmerman to bring large shelter, folding chairs and tables; Other board members to bring chairs and folding tables; Moore to ask Bobbie Engledove for use of picnic tables; Tannehill’s to furnish tubs of ice; Bratz to purchase/bring table coverings, plates, utensils, cups, and bottled soft drinks and water.

New Business

Shelter- By unanimous consent amended motion approved at June 12 meeting to purchase a 10’ by 10’ white pop-up shelter with Leesville Lake Association imprinted on four sides at a cost not exceeding $350.

Annual Meeting- Marshall to open meeting at 1:30 with brief “State of the Association” presentation and introduction of board candidates and new members. After picnic he will open business session and call, in turn, for vote on the revised bylaws, re-election of Marshall and Zimmerman to board and election of those nominated to serve on the board.

Adjourned on motion by Revelle, second by Bratz at 8:05 p.m.


Gordon Bratz, Secretary