November 6, 2013

Leesville Lake Association, Inc.

The regular monthly meeting of the Leesville Lake Association convened on October 12, 2013 at 1:00pm at the Altavista Train Station, Altavista, VA; President Marshall chaired the meeting. Also in attendance were Capuco, Dragan, Lobue, Revelle, and Zimmerman. Beaton, Bratz and Tannehill were absent.

Marshall began the meeting by recognizing Lou Revelle for his excellent presentation at the General Member meeting held the morning of October 12.

The minutes of the September 12 meeting were submitted and after discussion, approved as submitted on a motion by Revelle.

Marshall handed out the “Statement of Income and Expense for September 2013 and noted that it was the first report of the LLA fiscal year. Marshall noted that the statement included the TLAC administrative position if Leesville Lake Association is approved for membership. Zimmerman mentioned this funding was “just in case” TLAC did not fund a LVL position or if we needed our own support. The financial statement was approved as submitted on a motion by Zimmerman.

The annual review of the Audit Team was presented by letter and reviewed. The letter was accepted by unanimous vote.

Capuco reported that membership is at 290. There are 37 members who have not renewed their membership in 2013. These 37 members in arrears were sent reminder notices with the Oct.-Dec. quarterly statements recently mailed. A full report including names of those not renewing this year will be made available at the November Board meeting.

Bratz submitted the communications report by letter. Marshall noted that as an outreach event LLA participated in the Altavista Scarecrow Stroll with Bratz constructing a fisherman scarecrow and placing in prominent Main Street location.

Marshall reported that the skimmer has removed 240 tons of debris since July.

Revelle offered to clean up mile markers hidden by bushes and tall grasses.

Lobue indicated a draft report for Water Monitoring for 2013 would be available by year-end. Also, funding would be requested to AEP for 2014 monitoring.

Two other reports were submitted by Marshall: AEP Habitat Technical Review Committee Meeting of October 3 focusing on the Smith Mountain Lake Fish Habitat Project and the TLAC Commission report of October 8.

Under old business, there was discussion to look at an old pontoon boat for barge purposes. Marshall & Revelle agreed to survey the debris barge, report and make a recommendation. Regarding a storage shed, it was suggested that the Board survey what needs to be stored and perhaps a metal shed be purchased. Location for shed was also discussed. During the discussion, Zimmerman suggested we buy Goat Island, perhaps for possible erosion project. Further discussion indicated that AEP might be interested in purchasing the Island.

Under special projects: the LVL map and the website updates were discussed. Galvanek & Wahl Advertising Agency in Raleigh has proposed $1200 to update and include pay button, Constant Contact communication, etc. The quoted price would be offset $500 in exchange for a 2014 Beautification Day sponsorship. Regarding the newsletter, Marshall noted that Jeanette Burnette, Creative Xpressions and current newsletter publisher, will now also do the layout and mailing. It is anticipated that the newsletter will cost $.97/issue to mail or $3500 for the year. This will be offset by membership dues of $7000. The Board unanimously agreed to proceed.

The meeting adjourned at 1:50pm

Laura Capuco, Acting Secretary