September 14, 2013

Leesville Lake Association, Inc.

The regular monthly meeting of the Leesville Lake Association convened on September 12, 2013 at 7 p.m. at the Altavista Train Station, Altavista, Va., the President in the chair and the Secretary present. Also in attendance were Beaton, Dragan, Revelle & Tannehill. Zimmerman was absent.

The minutes of the August 8 meeting were submitted and approved as submitted on a motion by Tannehill. Marshall drew attention to the roster of Board Members; it was accepted unanimously.

Marshall handed out the “Statement of Income and Expense for the Year Ending August 31, 2013.” He said Treasurer Beaton had resigned and that Julie Moore consented to process the tax return and contract for the audit this year. Marshall noted the contract with Lynchburg College for water quality monitoring in 2013 had not been signed. Tannehill moved that the contract be signed; the motion was approved unanimously. Marshall called attention to 2013-14 budget line items for contracted debris removal, installation of hazard markers, TLAC administration, new barge and motor, and a trolling motor, amounting to $33,500. He said he and others would ascertain whether the need for these remained and report at the next meeting, adding that adjustments would be voted on at that meeting.

Capuco reported in writing that membership is now 304. Also, that appeals to those whose dues are in arrears is paying off in that only 36 members’ dues are now delinquent.

Marshall said he would chair the 2014 debris collection effort.

Lobue reported in writing the latest water quality monitoring activities.

Revelle said he recently discovered harmless Bryozoans and three formerly undiscovered aquatic plants in the lake. The plants are native non-invasive, native invasive and one is being identified and evaluated by his expert contacts. Tannehill moved to increase the allocation for gas for this activity to $200 for the season. Motion carried unamnimously.

Dragan raised hazard markers, landing areas for aeromedical evacuation, and rescue operations by boat, saying he and others would gather authoritative background information and report.

Bratz said announcements for e-mailing to members about the Oct. 12 Quarterly Members’ Meeting, naming of our newsletter, and the availability of our 2013-2014 schedule of activities has been given to Beaton for dispatch and posting on the Web; that a news release about the quarterly meeting has been sent to local newspapers and Fox 21/27 and WSET; and that a member has agreed to lay out and print the newsletter.

Marshall asked that the 2014 schedule of activities, distributed earlier by e-mail, be approved. It was approved unanimously. And he highlighted the pending special projects listed on the agenda—create nominating committee, review/update bylaws and organizational structure, update lake map, consider new form or forms of recognizing outstanding contributions—among others, and said he would appoint members to work on these and report their status at upcoming meetings.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Gordon Bratz, Secretary