OCTOBER 22, 2003

Interim President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Stan asked tonight’s attendees who had not attended a previous meeting to introduce themselves. (See addendum for list.)

Interim Secretary Julia Moore reviewed the highlights of the previous meeting. Those present were reminded that the full minutes could be viewed at our website www.laurelton.com/leesvillelake .

Interim Treasurer Bill Wallace reported that we had collected $2,000.00 from 79 members and that the balance in our account is $1,797.96. Bill also reported that representation around the lake seemed evenly distributed.

Interim Vice President Sam Skillman reported on his research regarding the legal form our association should take. A not for profit, 501-c(3) would cost about $2,000. A non stock corporation would cost $350 or less. One of the differences is that dues paid to the non stock corporation would not be tax deductible, but since the dues are small, it would probably not be a major impact for most people. Sam also said the attorney, John Eller, said that a non stock corporation is often a first step with conversion to a 501-c(3) later when our membership increases and/or we have more funding. Sam recommended that we proceed with formation of the non stock corporation. Mr. Eller has offered to do it for $200.

Leonard Newman made a motion that we proceed with forming the non stock corporation. The motion was seconded.

Stan reported on the activity of the Executive Committee at an October 4 meeting. It had been decided that we would mail a dues payment request to all on our roster who had not paid; we would continue through the dues payment request and other means to ask people to spread the word about the association to their neighbors and friends; that we would send thank you letters to those who had paid their dues along with 2 “LVL” stickers for their automobiles; we discussed how the Board of Directors might be comprised and committees that might need to be formed; and it was judged advantageous to take pictures we had of trash on the lake to a meeting the Executive Committee was having with Del. Kathy Byron and AEP on October 9.

Bill Wallace then reported on the meeting with AEP on October 9. The meeting was attended by Del. Kathy Byron, VA State Legislature; Theresa Rogers, AEP; Ron Jefferson, AEP; Frank Simms, AEP; Guy Cirimele, AEP; Stan Goldsmith, LVLA; Sam Skillman, LVLA; Bill Wallace, LVLA; JW Burton, LVLA; and John Lindsey ALAC/TLAC. Bill then touched on the highlights of the meeting: AEP feels much of the debris on the lake is due to development on the lake; AEP expects more homeowner involvement in the clean up; a second skimmer dedicated to Leesville Lake is unlikely per AEP; the SMP is open to public comment until January 10; and AEP has some grant money for Environmental Improvement Projects if anyone interested in applying.

Stan then pointed out (relevant to the meeting with AEP) that one of our objectives should be to get the skimmer manned 100%. Currently it’s only manned 50% of the time for both lakes. Stan also reported that Gary Shaffer has offered his ramp and a field to off-load debris. We need a few more places to offer. Sam Skillman described what circumstances AEP needs for off-loading. Brumfield subdivision was also named as a possible off-load site.

Meeting attendee, Nelson Smither, commented that county governments needed to get involved. He is advocating more emphatic pressure on AEP to change their corporate policy. He says we as a group can be influential and a strong opponent of the Shoreline Management Plan. He feels strongly that one Shoreline Management Plan for both lakes doesn’t work-that we need a separate plan for each lake.

Fred Ingram, on the Board of Supervisors in Pittsylvania County agreed with Nelson. The Board of Supervisors has found that AEP has not done what they were supposed to do and not met their commitments. He sees this comment period with FERC (until January 10, 2004) as our window of opportunity to have the federal government lean on AEP to get them to do what we need.

Nelson Smither also says the extreme fluctuation of water is at the root of the debris problems and we need to force AEP to look at this issue.

Richard Beaton said that he liked the Shoreline Management Plan as it is and reminded the group that the Smith Mountian Lake Association had endorsed it if not embraced it. He then said the plan would be good for and help presurve the water quality and the natural beauty of the lake that we all enjoy today for the future.

Stan summed up these comments by saying our group will focus on some of these issues in smaller groups/committees. Stan also reported that he has been talking to county governments about forming a TLAC type organization.

Stan’s next topic was formation of the Board of Directors. He repeated the Executive Committee’s thought that the Board should be geographically represented. He then asked for volunteers from each county to serve, in addition to the Executive Committee, as a nominating committee. The nominating committee is charged with coming back to our November meeting with a slate for Board of Directors. The nominating committee is comprised of Fred Ingram from Pittsylvania County, Mary Jane Brewer from Campbell County, and JW Burton from Bedford County. Sam Skillman will chair. It was discussed and decided that any minutes from Board of Director meetings would be posted on the web site.

Stan also commented that we needed to identify the duties of the Board Members.

It was agreed that our next association meeting would be Wednesday, November 19, 2003, 7:00 pm in the Altavista Train Station.

John Lindsey brought up that we should have a Leesville Lake representative on the relicensing committee and that Liz Parcell with AEP is the person to contact about getting on the committee. John also commented that everything AEP does is governed by their license. He pointed out that the Shoreline Management Plan has no provision for erosion control and that if we haven’t seen it we can print out copies of the Shoreline Management Plan and the appendices from www.smithmtn.com .

Bruce Williams asked if we needed to get a group together to look at the Shoreline Management Plan. It was agreed that we did. Nelson Smither, Fred Bragg, Bruce Williams, Richard Beaton, and Fred Ingram volunteered. Nelson commented that almost the entire Shoreline Management Plan is focused on Smith Mountain Lake not Leesville. Richard Beaton said that when he read the plan it seemed to be close to a one to one ratio for focus on the lakes and was surprised at how foward thinking the erosion control provisions were.

Sam Skillman noted that the Shoreline Management Plan Committee should incorporate some of the issues brought up at tonight’s meeting, i.e. erosion, skimmers, skimmers hours.

Bill Wallace mentioned a gentleman who has reserved the domain name www.leesvillelakeassociation.org .. It was decided that Bill should ask the man to reserve the name for us.

Gerry Caprario spoke to the group asking about interest in forming a power squadron for boating safety. He asked the group if he could have the list of association names and addresses to send a letter requesting that interested persons contact him. The group agreed he could have the list for that purpose.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.


  1. Sam Skiillman will proceed with having non stock corporation formed
  2. Julie Moore to post meeting minutes on web site in approximately one week
  3. Meeting attendees to consider and recommend additional sites for off-loading debris collected by skimmer
  4. Organization of a lake-wide clean up day
  5. Nominating committee to meet with Executive Committee November 12, 7:00 pm
  6. Stan to contact Liz Parcell with AEP about getting a Leesville Lake representative on the relicensing committee
  7. Meeting attendees to submit any concerns with Shoreline Management Plan to our SMP committee--Nelson Smither (smither@direcway.com ) or Fred Bragg (vette92lt1@aol.com )

Respectfully submitted,

Julia B. Moore, Secretary

October 31, 2003



(Any additions or missed names please contact Julie Moore lakedoughbegone@msn.com)

Leonard Newman
John & Jackie Lindsey, TLAC
Fred Ingram, Board of Supervisors Pittsylvania County, TLAC
Nelson Smither
John & Janelle Larkin
Bruce & Phyllis Williams