NOVEMBER 19, 2003

Interim President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Stan asked tonight’s attendees who had not attended a previous meeting to introduce themselves. (See addendum for list.)

Interim Secretary Julia Moore reviewed the highlights of the previous meeting. Those present were reminded that the full minutes could be viewed at our new website address www.leesvillelake.org .

Interim Treasurer Bill Wallace reported that we had collected $2,725.00 from 106 member households and that the balance in our account is $1,920.93.

Sam Skillman, Interim Vice President reported on the activities of the Nominating Committee comprised of Mary Jane Brewer, JW Burton, Fred Ingram and the Interim Officers. The Committee decided the Board of Directors should have the widest representation possible without becoming so big it would be cumbersome. It was agreed there would be representation based primarily on county percentage of shoreline with one member from Campbell County, two each from Bedford and Pittsylvania Counties. The Committee also wanted the business community and lake users to be represented. The Board would also include the four officers. The total Board would be 11 people.

Sam continued that the Committee then discussed the responsibilities of the Board. All agreed that there would be 2 year terms, the Board would meet once a month and be available to chair a committee.

The Nominating Committee members also agreed to call prospective nominees and verify that they were willing to serve.

The following members agreed to serve:

It was moved we accept the slate of Board representatives. The motion was seconded and approved.

The user representative we originally contacted was not able to serve. Gary (Butch) Shaffer nominated Dennis Boley as the user representative to the Board. Dennis has been very active in fishing our lake and in other fishing organizations.

Dennis Boley, User Representative It was moved that we accept Dennis Boley to the Board. The motion was seconded and approved.

Stan Goldsmith thanked everyone who volunteered to serve on the Board and wished them all well.

Stan also reported the Charles Poindexter wrote asking for our participation in the Lakes Subcommittee of the Roanoke River Basin and Stan suggested we should do that. Stan also noted that Bill Brush with the Water Advisory Committee had asked for our participation. Stan felt this was a very important committee and that he would attend the next meeting. After finding out more about the direction of the committee we could suggest someone to be our representative on the committee.

Sam asked for a consensus among the Board regarding future meeting dates and locations. After several suggestions it was decided the Board would meet the 2nd Thursday of each month starting in January 2004. Location is to be determined.

Bill Wallace mentioned that we may need a meeting after the Shoreline Management Plan Committee meets, but before January 10. Stan feels we could e-mail the Committees findings and comments and then see if we need a meeting.

Sam then suggested possible months and time frames for the next general meeting. After discussion it was agreed the general membership would meet quarterly. Stan suggested the first meeting be scheduled for April 2004 so that the Board had time to get some issues and thoughts together.

Stan will get copies of the By Laws and Articles of Incorporation from Smith Mountain Lake for our Board so that we have a format to go by. Stan also thinks a TLAC type organization for Leesville Lake will be formed by or nearly formed by our January Board meeting.

Bill Morgan mentioned that he has a customer in Brights doing a good job about spreading the word about our organization and encourages all members to do that.

Gerry Caprario mentioned the Power Squadron letters that he was passing out and mailing to members.

Roger Winters asked what our dues per year were and suggested some possible schedules for re-billing the annual dues. When the Board meets they should address this concern.

Ron Long asked how long the skimmer was going to be here but no one knew. Gerry asked if AEP would accept unpaid volunteers on the skimmer. Again no one knew but Board will check.

Tex Mann mentions that he saw a lot being cleared and pushed into the lake. Board should investigate if this is legal or can be stopped.

JW Burton commented on the debris and various places it may be coming from. Junior Tuck commented that specific areas accumulate debris worse than others and that everybody needs to clean their own property. He agrees that fluctuations will make it difficult to ever clean it all up, but that a full time working would help, and that hopefully our group can apply more pressure on AEP.

Sam replies that one of the Board’s issues will be to try to get the skimmer working full time.

Linda Morgan asked about a group on Staunton River and water levels. Stan says AEP regulated the release of water below the dam but not above.

JW also stressed erosion problems and that we should push this issue with AEP and FERC before the relicensing.

Calvin Carter suggests we should think about who we may know at AEP who may be sympathetic to our problems and contact them.

Roger Winters suggested all these issues become a shopping list for the Board to prioritize.

JW thanked Richard Beaton and James Slagle for their time developing the new website.

Sam thanked Julie, Interim Secretary for her time and efforts.

Karen Skillman asked that when there is a lake-wide clean up day that the Board be very specific about how the residents accomplish this.

The first Board of Directors Meeting will be January 8, 7:00pm at the Altavista Train Station.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm.


  1. Board to appoint representative for Lakes Subcommittee of Roanoke River Basin.
  2. Board to appoint representative to Water Advisory Committee.
  3. Sam Skillman to continue working with legal advisor on formation of Non-Stock Corporation
  4. Stan Goldsmith to provide Board with copies of SML By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation
  5. Board to discuss dues billing
  6. Board to find out if AEP will accept unpaid volunteers on skimmer
  7. Board to find out if it is legal to push trees into the lake when lots are being cleared
  8. Board to schedule meeting before January 10 if needed after the Shoreline Management Plan Committee meets.
  9. Board to begin prioritizing member concerns.

Respectfully submitted,

Julia B. Moore, Secretary

November 22, 2003


(Any additions or missed names please contact Julie Moore lakedoughbegone@msn.com)