FEBRUARY 12, 2004


President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. Board members present were Stan Goldsmith, President, Sam Skillman, Vice President, Bill Wallace, Treasurer, Julia Moore, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Gerry Caprario, Bill Morgan, Butch Shaffer, Fred Tannehill, and Dennis Boley. Absent was Junior Tuck. Member Joe Weatherspoon was also present.

Secretary Julia Moore reviewed the highlights of the previous meeting. The complete minutes had been e-mailed or delivered to all members. A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes as presented.

Stan emphasized that the above minutes were important because they had our objectives for the year in them

Treasurer Bill Wallace reported that we have collected $4,575.00 from 178 member households and that the balance in our account is $3,032.89. A motion was made and seconded to accept the treasurer’s report as presented.

Butch mentioned that a meeting room in Moneta was available on Thursdays and free.

Stan then asked for committee reports:

Sam reporting on the Lake Clean-Up reported that he and Fred and Dennis had attended a meeting of the Smith Mountain Lake clean-up committee to get ideas regarding how to start this project. They will try to attend more of the SML meetings. SML has planned their lake wide clean up day this year for May 1. Sam suggested calling it Leesville Lake Appreciation Day and that the committee thought one of the Saturdays in May would be appropriate. The committee also suggested that the clean-up be Saturday and that a picnic/social be held on Sunday afternoon to thank the people who participated.

A discussion ensued regarding trying to locate 3 or 4 drop off sites for the collected debris. Fred volunteered Tri-County Marina as a site. Butch said his place would be good. Someone on the committee will contact the Pit Stop to see if that is viable. The boat launch area in Runaway Bay was also named as a possibility. These sites would need to be able to accept a roll-off dumpster or large trucks. Debris could be brought by boat or land.

Sam then mentioned that there were several items needed. Sam was hopeful there may be some volunteers to provide some of these items or the Association could buy them. Items that we’ll need include: bags, tarps, ropes, publicity identifying drop off sites, publicity in papers, posters, flyers, marinas describing the event, maps for land and water. The committee plans to ask different organizations to help us. We will need someone to coordinate the volunteers. AEP has said they will help with the skimmer. We can consider having sponsors and maybe t-shirts.

The Board tentatively agreed on Saturday, May 22. The committee with check with AEP to make sure the skimmer can be available for that date.

The clean-up would be from both shore and water. If we can identify owners where there are known piles of debris we can ask them for their help.

It’s agreed we probably can’t get all the debris in this first effort but we should be able to make great strides.

Sam also reported on the incorporation: Later on the agenda a discussion of the Articles of Incorporation and By Laws is planned. After we finalize those documents, they will be given to Attorney John Eller. Sam reported that Mr. Eller’s fees would be reasonable and that we were headed toward forming a non-stock corporation.

Joe suggested that the Articles of Incorporation should be done first and then the By-Laws.

Bill Wallace reported on mile markers: Bill started by calling AEP to try to find out the history of the mile markers. AEP thought they could provide a chart showing where all mile markers are but it now seems that is not available. AEP reported that they will research how, why and where the markers were installed. Estes Sign has volunteered to help with the replacements when we’re ready. Bill says that he will physically survey where they are still existing and where they’re missing.

Bill W also reported on Water Quality: Bill contacted SML committee chair Stan Smith. Bill will go to some of their committee meetings before he makes recommendations to the Board.

Richard with Publicity Committee reported: He is working on a map to identify local landmarks both on shore and on the water. He is also looking for a small detailed map to put together a marketing pamphlet. Joe volunteered to provide the name of the company doing the map for SML.

Butch suggested the following possible spaces for the next general meeting: Motley Community Center, National Guard Armory, or Booker Building. The Board will consider and discuss the options at our next meeting.

Gerry reported for the Safety Committee: He will be attending a Community Emergency Response Team seminar involving 3 hours a night for 8 nights. The Board looks forward to hearing Gerry’s insights after the seminar. Gerry also reported that there is a safety trainer available to speak to groups.

In general discussion it was noted that the Coast Guard will give free boat inspections and the local flotilla is available to do the checks. Bill W suggested we contact the flotilla about arranging the safety checks and ask them about doing safety patrols. Earl Wilkinson is in our association and in the flotilla. Gerry will contact him.

Dennis mentioned that as of 6-8 weeks ago he has seen a lot of individual clean-up going on. He wished to thank Sam and the Home Owners Association on the lake for encouraging this. He says that currently there is no comparison with the condition of the lake now and 2 years ago-there have been major improvements in cleanliness.

Stan suggested it might be well to identify some of the individuals and start an incentive program.

Our final agenda item for the meeting was discussion of the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. We had started with SML’s Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws as our format. Bill Morgan was thanked for his major effort in starting with those documents and listing the possible changes our Board members had suggested to those documents. Our Board then discussed all the change suggestions and edited the documents to meet our needs. Bill M and Julie will retype the documents with the Board’s edits. Sam, Bill M and Bill W will then meet with Mr. Eller and present the documents and discuss with Mr. Eller any necessary legal language that we may have deferred.

The next Board of Directors Meeting will be March 11, 7:00 pm at the Altavista Train Station.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:11 pm.


  1. Board needs to consider viable drop off locations for debris on clean-up day and be prepared to finalize at next board meeting
  2. Clean-up Committee will contact possible sponsors for help with needed items
  3. Clean-up Committee will coordinate with AEP so that skimmer is available and report the event date at the next board meeting
  4. Bill W will continue to work with AEP regarding their knowledge of mile markers
  5. Bill will also do a physical survey of where markers or currently and where they may be missing
  6. Bill will continue to work with SML Water Quality Committee to get some ideas about how to approach our own Quality Committee
  7. Joe Weatherspoon, association member, will provide the name of the company doing the SML map to Richard
  8. Butch will finalize his recommendations for the next general meeting and the Board should select the location at the next meeting
  9. Gerry will contact Earl Wilkinson regarding Coast Guard flotilla inspections and safety patrols
  10. Bill M and Julie will finalize all the edits to the Articles of Incorporation and By Laws and provide those documents to the Executive Committee
  11. Sam, Bill M and Bill W will take the documents to Mr. Eller

Respectfully submitted,


Julia B. Moore, Secretary

February 23, 2004