APRIL 14, 2004

Meeting of


President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Board members present were Stan Goldsmith, President, Sam Skillman, Vice President, Bill Wallace, Treasurer, Julia Moore, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Gerry Caprario, Bill Morgan, Dennis Boley and Fred Tannehill. Absent were Butch Shafer and Junior Tuck. Also present were approximately 60 members and parties interested in the lake.

Secretary Julia Moore reminded attendees that minutes were posted on the web and got a positive response when the members were asked if they used the web site. She also asked if there were anything else the board could do to stay in touch with the members better and received no suggestions. Julia also asked for volunteers to serve on a Membership Committee. (After the meeting adjourned, Linda Morgan and Janet Caprario volunteered to help.)

Treasurer Bill Wallace reported that we have collected $5,550.00 from 208 member households and that the balance in our account is $2,731.60.

The first agenda item was to discuss the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. Stan read a change which had been suggested by Joe Weatherspoon which clarified how we voted on amendments. Stan then asked if there were any other changes, suggestions, or additions the membership would like to discuss. There were none.

Gerry Caprario moved that the Articles of Incorporation be accepted as discussed. Fred Tannehill seconded. Passed.

Gerry Caprario moved that the By-Laws be accepted as discussed. Bill Morgan seconded. Passed.

Stan then brought the membership up to date on the Board’s objectives for the year:

  1. Lake wide clean up
  2. Mile marker restoration
  3. User map for the lake

Stan then asked for reports from committee chairs.

Bill Wallace spoke about Water Quality. He asked for volunteers to help. He reported that he has had several meetings with Smith Mountain Lake Water Quality Committee. He feels that he will have more insight about where the committee is going by our annual meeting in July.

Stan reported on Water Quantity. The committee concerns are conservation, releases, and drought. He recommended everyone read an article in the Smith Mountain Eagle. The Smith Mountain Committee is split on the criteria for storage and release. Stan also reported that TLAC has been briefing all counties at Smith Mountain Lake and wondered if we could get Campbell County involved and have a speaker at our annual meeting to discuss various criteria and protocols.

Linda Morgan asked if AEP can be influenced. Joe Weatherspoon replied that because of relicensing they are currently more susceptible to listening.

Gerry Caprario reported on Water Safety and Education saying that Earl Wilkinson with the Coast Guard Auxiliary has given us some brochures and says there will possibly be USCG patrols and courtesy inspections on the lake. Gerry had done an earlier mailing soliciting interest in forming a Power Squadron on the lake and reported that since there seemed to be a lack of interest right now his committee would delay that for a while.

Rodney Hizy asked what the CG would be patrolling for. It was explained these would be safety/courtesy inspections.

Richard Beaton reported on the Publicity Committee. He spoke about the items covered on the web site and requested any lake history items/articles members may be aware of. He asked if there were other items that could be on the web site that would be beneficial to the membership. Richard also reported that there were articles planned in several local newspapers about our upcoming clean up day.

Roger Winters suggested our web site link to other lake association web sites.

Bill Morgan reported on the resident locator map. He presented a map showing where residents lived on the lake and said that he would be contacting members about directions to their homes.

Sam Skillman reported on the Watershed and Environment Committee. The committee’s largest and most immediate project is the lake wide clean up day scheduled for May 22. He went over a package that he passed out and said that thus far we have about $1,000 committed by sponsors. Stan added that BFI requested no big timbers be placed in the dumpsters. They should be burned, but large appliances or other items pulled from the lake may be placed in the dumpsters.

Rodney Hizy asked what the Board had decided about our non-profit status. Stan explained that we were currently set up as a non-stock (non-profit) corporation. At this point dues paid to us are not tax deductible. After our first year of operation, when we will have a better idea about our budget track we will apply for 501c3 status where dues would be tax deductible for members.

Stan then moved on to action items that needed decisions from the membership:

  1. Richard Beaton discussed a promotional map and/or brochure that we would like to put together. He discussed what each would entail and how much certain quantities would cost. The membership showed a possible preference for a map that included the brochure information on the back of the map. Calvin Carter indicated he thought there would be great interest in a map and thought his store could sell many of them.
  2. Stan then announced that Ron Long from Campbell County volunteered to chair the Nominating Committee and asked for one volunteer from each county to work with Ron. Lynn Beaton from Pittsylvania County and Joe Weatherspoon from Bedford County Volunteered.
  3. The next committee that needed to be established was Finance. Stan reported that J.W. Burton had volunteered to chair the committee and asked for 2 volunteers to work with J.W. Jerry Caprario and Rhonda Yosinski along with J.W. will serve as the Finance Committee.

Stan then asked for any comments or other business.

Rodney Hizy replied that he was rather of an e-Bay expert and would gladly accept donated items from the membership to sell on e-Bay and give any proceeds to the association.

The next meeting will be May 13, 7:00 pm at the Altavista Train Station

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.


  1. Stan will investigate a possible speaker for the annual meeting regarding water conservation and release criteria
  2. All members should be talking to possible financial sponsors for our lake wide clean up day
  3. Richard will proceed with getting pricing for compilation of a map
  4. The Nominating Committee will meet to prepare a slate of officers to be voted on at the annual meeting
  5. The Finance Committee will begin discussing a schedule/plan for reviewing Association finances

Respectfully submitted,

Julia B. Moore, Secretary

April 24, 2004