MAY 13, 2004

Meeting of BOARD

President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. Board members present were Stan Goldsmith, President, Bill Wallace, Treasurer, Julia Moore, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Bill Morgan, and Fred Tannehill. Absent were Sam Skillman, Vice President, Gerry Caprario, Dennis Boley, Junior Tuck Also present was Joe Weatherspoon and Linda Morgan.

Secretary Julia Moore had e-mailed copies of the previous meetings to all members and asked if there were any comments or changes. There were none. Julia also thanked Linda Morgan and Janet Caprario for their help in getting a large mailing out.

Treasurer Bill Wallace reported that we have collected $8,475.00 from 227 member households and that the balance in our account is $5,595.52.

In the absence of Sam, Stan read Sam’s report of the current status of the clean up day. Thus far we have 44 completed registrations.

Butch asked for approval of $140 for picnic banners. It was agreed this was OK.

BFI had also contacted us about not putting logs in the dumpsters.

Stan asked what we were going to do with the big stuff we pull out. Bill W. suggested keeping it and having a bonfire on the 4th of July.

Linda said we needed spare ice chests for the picnic on Sunday. She also asked if anyone had propane grills they could lend to the picnic. She thought we needed 6-7 grills. Linda then reported on the costs for the picnic thus far.

Altavista Rescue will be on the lake on clean up day with their new rescue boat.

Bill W reported that there are still green cuttings in his dock. Stan said we needed to publicize the fact that builders cannot put their debris in the lake.

Stan asked for committee reports:

Bill W for water quality reported that he was trying to arrange a meeting with Tom Henderson. Bill has also been calling Ken Stump with AEP regarding mile markers but not getting a response. Will keep trying.

Stan on water quantity reminded us we needed a speaker for next general meeting and suggested Bill Brush from a similar committee at Smith Mountain.

In Gerry’s absence regarding water safety and education, Stan read an e-mail message he received from Gerry. In summary Gerry had tried 3 organizations to get free safety brochures for us but none had arrived yet. He will continue this effort hoping to have something by our next general meeting. Handouts we did have were provided by our member, Earl Wilkinson with the local Coast Guard Auxiliary. Gerry has some new information that may enable him to move forward with forming a power squadron. For the future Gerry will try to set up location and date with the CGAUX to do Courtesy Motorboat Examinations.

Richard spoke on media and publicity efforts. An article about the clean up day recently appeared in the Altavista Journal. Another article is planned for early next week with sponsors and will try to include a reminder sentence about no cutting and dumping in the lake.

Tickets for the clean up day picnic will be distributed at each dump site along with T-shirts.

Stan asked about scheduling our next general meeting. It was agreed the meeting would be Saturday, July 10th, at Tri-County Marina, 5:30-7:00 pm. It would be a dinner meeting where we asked everyone to bring a dish. We would provide the staples-dishes, utensils, porta potties, etc. Stan will contact Bill Brush about speaking as well Teresa Rogers with AEP.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.


1. Stan will arrange speakers for next general meeting.

Respectfully submitted,


Julia B. Moore, Secretary

April 24, 2004