JUNE 10, 2004

Meeting of BOARD

President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. Board members present were Stan Goldsmith, President, Sam Skillman, Vice President, Bill Wallace, Treasurer, Julia Moore, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Gerry Caprario, Bill Morgan, and Fred Tannehill, Junior Tuck. Absent were Dennis Boley and Butch Shaffer Also present was Joe Weatherspoon

Secretary Julia Moore had e-mailed copies of the previous meeting minutes to all members and asked if there were any comments or changes. There were none. Gerry made a motion to approve the minutes and Fred seconded it.

Treasurer Bill Wallace reported that we have collected $9,046.29 from 238 member households and that the balance in our account is $3,954.61.

Gerry asked if many people had renewed their membership yet. Julie & Bill W explained that it was not yet time to bill for a new year since we are not a year old yet. However, 9 people have already paid the next year.

At Bill M’s request, Julie will send him new members each time she receives them from Bill W.

Stan asked Bill M how the % of members broke down between each county. Bill will get back to Stan after he receives the newest members.

Stan opened our discussion with “Lessons Learned on the Clean Up”

Sam reported:

  1. T-shirts are yielding dividends and are great advertising. We will give out the extra shirts at the next general meeting. Stan asked if all AEP personnel got one.
  2. Expenditures for dumpsters were questionable. Bill M and Fred reported that the dumpster at Tri-County was full.
  3. We collected $2,850.00 with a net of $987.44. Sam would like to put it aside for future clean up projects.
  4. Sherm’s Boat Repair has some pontoon/barges we might could buy or borrow. One had been very successful on clean up day.
  5. The AEP skimmer was at Brumfield Graves for most of the clean up day.
  6. Sam says AEP not responding to phone calls, only pressure. (Stan suggested having a meeting with AEP concerned parties. (Joe says AEP could launch and unload the skimmer at Quatttrone.
  7. If we go with the barge idea we need to be thinking about where people can unload-ravine?, burn?
  8. SML hires an independent contractor to do clean up and Sam will look at that for us. (Gerry says that he can store a barge for us if we get one. Also that the salvage yard on 29 had some aluminum barges.
  9. Sam also reported that we got 4-6 new members from the mailing sent by Julie, Linda and Janet.

Richard reported that there should be an article in the Altavista Journal today and one soon in the Smith Mountain Eagle.

Stan reported that the picnic went really well.

Bill M reported on Linda’s comment. She was concerned about having so much excess left over but all of it was eventually sold to other organizations.

Stan complimented Sam and committee on a job well done.

Stan has asked us all to consider how we might best approach encouraging clean up to happen year round. Could we use a backhoe from the shore? Could we lay booms? Should we have multiple clean up days? Could we ask individuals to clean dangerous/potentially hazardous areas in their own properties? Stan also suggested that we plan a work session for some evening to come up with a plan for constantly keeping up with the cleaning.

Sam mentioned that it was time for the counties to step up and start contributing. Stan says we need to be specific about what we want and need. Including how to increase the time the skimmer is here.

Gerry reminded us to keep our clean up efforts social.

Stan stressed taking pictures as advertisement about our projects and the fun we have.

Joe suggested we bring the lake Homeowners Associations into the loop to have them start plans to keep their own areas clean.

Stan asked if we could have bulletin boards to advertise our happenings. Richard will work on this.

Bill W says he has placed 5 unanswered phone calls to Ken Stump. He is sending a letter to Teresa asking her not to pawn us off to this employee again. Correspondence to AEP should be copied to Kathy Byron and county administrators.

This problem/situation speaks to the need and benefit of a TLAC-like organization.

Stan suggests that we start a program of reminders to people to file a “float Plan” when they go out on the lake. He also suggests that we develop numbers to call if folks have problems. What can we do to make boating safer?

Gerry asks that at our general meeting could we advertise vessel safety checks for 2 hours before the meeting. It was agreed that we would.

Richard reporting on the maps that the man he contacted doesn’t seem to be interested. We may have to go the route of doing it ourselves.

Our final agenda item for the evening was the next General Meeting to be held Saturday, July 10, 5:30-7:00pm at Tri-County Marina. It will be a covered dish. The Association will provide the basic elements including drinks, meat, buns, utensils and fixings. Attendees will be asked to bring side dishes and desserts.

Suggested speakers for the meeting are Teresa Rogers, Bill Brush, and Princeton Smith of the Department of Health and Water Quality. Gerry suggested that maybe Jim Davis of the Department of Emergency Management could speak on emergency issues related to the lake or Glen Haskins who works with AEP’s skimmer.

The Nominating Committee will query Board members as to who can continue to serve. Stan has asked any one year people to call me and let me know if they want to run again or not.

Since Linda Morgan did such an excellent job managing the picnic on clean up day, Stan asked Bill M if Linda could manage this picnic also. Bill will ask and Julie will also call her. Bill and Linda will look at the grill situation again.

Julie will get a PO box in Altavista for the Association.

Joe mentioned that the Health Department has been getting complaints about foam from docks breaking up and floating free. Ferrum is monitoring Leesville water quality in 3 places. He also reports that there is a new subdivision in Pittsville called “Mountain View Estates” he believes.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.


  1. Stan will finalize speakers for next general meeting.
  2. Julie will send new members to Bill M regularly.
  3. Julie will contact Bonnie at John Eller’s office to get electronic copies of our Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws to be posted on the web.
  4. Bill M will report to Stan regarding how the % of members breaks down between counties.
  5. Stan will arrange a meeting with AEP regarding our concerns
  6. Sam will check into hiring an independent contractor to clean the lake on a regular basis
  7. Richard will work on advertising our upcoming events and meetings as well as showing pictures of our recent past events in the local marinas or stores via a bulleting board or other method.
  8. Julie will call Linda Morgan regarding managing the picnic and verify that she can do it.
  9. Julie will get a post office box in Altavista for the Association.
  10. Gerry will check with Glen Haskins (AEP/skimmer) about attending the Annual Meeting

Respectfully submitted,


Julia B. Moore, Secretary

June 19, 2004