JULY 10, 2004


President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm. Board members present were Stan Goldsmith, President, Sam Skillman, Vice President, Bill Wallace, Treasurer, Julia Moore, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Gerry Caprario, Bill Morgan, and Fred Tannehill, Butch Shaffer and Dennis Boley. Absent was Junior Tuck. Approximately 110+/- were present.

Stan introduced the officers and members of the Board.

Secretary Julia Moore reminded attendees minutes of all meetings are posted on the web site. She asked members to please feel free to contact her if they needed. She also asked if there were any other pieces of information that members needed on a regular basis. Finally, she asked all attendees to please sign in on the sheets provided and emphasized giving us their new e-mail addresses if they had one.

Treasurer Bill Wallace reported that we have collected $9,221.29 from 244 member households clean up day sponsorships and that the balance in our account is $3,363.66.

Teresa Rogers from AEP was our first speaker. She started by reminding attendees that AEP’s relicensing procedure was in progress and that we need to let AEP and FERC know what we need. Teresa passed out a schedule of the major milestones in the process and the dates that each must be accomplished. She also noted a public meeting to be held July 29th Some issues that have been brought to the attention of AEP and FERC regarding relicensing include:

Teresa then offered a question and answer period. A number of attendees had questions.

Charles Hawkins, our state senator was introduced.

Kathy Byron, our local representative to the state House of Representatives was introduced.

Stan then introduced Bill Brush from Smith Mountain Lake Association as our next speaker. Bill represented Water Quality and Licensing. He also works with the group Roanoke River Basin Conservation Alliance as well as watches water quantity. He mentioned that there were models prepared that represented the best and worst water levels.

Stan then asked Sam Skillman to come speak about our recent clean up day. Sam stated that we had 100-150 participants and that we collected 2-3 tractor trailer loads of debris. Sam felt this was an excellent start and asked the attendees to consider where we go from here. Do we need to make a plan with AEP to make good use of the skimmer when it’s here; should we have a 2nd clean up day each year (Sam thinks not a great idea); should we have a ˝ day Saturday clean up each month where areas of concern are rotated; should we hire a contractor? He stressed that all residents and lake users should make (and encourage individual property owner) efforts to clean our own shorelines. He also mentioned that we needed a TLAC type organization made up of the counties, AEP and lake representatives. This organization would help with clean up funding and clean up. Sam asked attendees to consider some options as to what might work best and let him know. He then made a motion that we buy a pontoon boat for $500 for debris pick up. Gerry Caprario seconded. The membership voted and passed this motion unanimously.

Stan then asked Bill Wallace to speak on getting mile markers reestablished. Bill reported that less than ˝ still exist and only one is still visible. He says he has asked AEP to fund the restoration. AEP is aware of the situation but has not committed to funding yet. He has also asked AEP to consider solar lighting on the markers. Bill mentioned several navigational hazards and is investigating how to get help marking those. He also noted that Toler’s Bridge was not lit and that he thought that was a requirement of federal law and is seeking federal help with that.

Stan asked Gerry Caprario to speak on safety issues. Gerry reported that the USCGAux Flotilla was considering starting patrols next year and that they would need to establish a shoreline radio station. He said we were working on a list of emergency cell phone numbers for each county. Also Gerry reported that he was taking steps to become a Certified Vessel Examiner and that he would then be available to perform Vessel Safety Checks upon request. He also emphasized with a demonstration the importance of Person Flotation Devices (life vests).

Stan spoke regarding a population location map Bill Morgan has been working on. Bill sent out some requests for information to some members when he couldn’t find their local address. Bill asked if anyone who had not responded to that memo yet would see him after the meeting.

Sam reminded people there were a few T-shirts left and to please take them.

Stan introduced Lynn Beaton a member of the Nominating Committee. Lynn explained that there were 5 positions to consider. The current board members in the 1 year positions had been queried and all but one were willing to continue serving. The Nominating Committee nominated Joe Weatherspoon to fill the position to be vacated by Junior Tuck. From the floor Fred Tannehill nominated Bill Estes for the position. A show of hands was solicited and Joe Weatherspoon was elected. Per the By-Laws Joe’s directorship will begin September 1, 2004.

The meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm with picnic and socializing the follow.

Respectfully submitted,


Julia B. Moore, Secretary

July 26, 2004