AUGUST 2, 2004


President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm. Board members present were Stan Goldsmith, President, Sam Skillman, Vice President, Bill Wallace, Treasurer, Julia Moore, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Gerry Caprario, and Fred Tannehill Also present was Teresa Rogers of AEP.

Stan reminded us that our regular meeting was still scheduled for the following week.

Stan then asked Teresa Rogers if she had read our Articles of Incorporation noting the section where our board may invite a representative from AEP to serve and if AEP wanted to participate on our board.

Teresa began by thanking us for putting a meeting together this evening since she was not able to attend our next regular meeting. She reported that AEP would be interested in having a representative on our board. Right now she doesn’t know who it would be but probably someone from the Hydro section. She will look at who might serve as a non-voting board member. Ron Jefferson is a possibility if no one is available from Hydro. Teresa also asked if this representative might come quarterly rather than to every meeting.

Teresa also reported that she has requested of her management that when the skimmer is on Leesville that they work Tuesday-Friday (our water is so low on Mondays that clean up for the skimmer is impractical). She also reported that they plan to have the skimmer at our next annual clean up in May of 2005.

Stan asked if we could have a schedule of when AEP will be coming here.

Teresa is not sure they know/can provide that but will check. In response to a discussion at the Annual Meeting she has asked her management whether they would take volunteers on the skimmer. She doesn’t have an answer yet.

Fred mentioned that he has been speaking to someone who builds docks who intends to put a barge on the lake and may use it to do clean up part time. Fred thinks this may be Dickie Dill/Deal (?) or maybe Doug Haskins.

Sam mentioned that we’ve been trying to think of way we can cooperate with AEP for clean up. He continued that we have bought a pontoon boat and that Fred is building a harness for it to be towed for clean up and that we are negotiating for another pontoon boat to use for clean up. Sam also mentioned that we are planning to more interim clean up day on September 11 at Tri-County Marina and September 25th at Butch Shaffer’s. The time will be from 8-1. Paul Maddox will rent a backhoe and dump truck for $20 an hour. Sam noted that if the skimmer could be there and the water could be up it would be a big help.

Teresa answered that she thought the skimmer could be there for the 25th but did not commit for the 11th.

Sam has estimated the budget for both days at less than $500. He asked Julie to place ads in the Altavista, Bedford and Gretna papers; to prepare a letter for mailing to all members; and to prepare an e-mail.

Stan and Sam asked Teresa how their other projects handle clean up. Teresa provided the name Ronnie Powers as president of Friends of Claytor Lake. It was suggested that we talk with him.

It was also mentioned that one of our members suggested a net where we pull junk/debris into a cove and then get a piece of machinery to get it out. Teresa will investigate whether this can be done.

Stan asked about fluctuations and water level changes. He reiterated that we need to know a schedule of water flows to help schedule clean up around fluctuations.

We asked how we can impact the skimmer schedule.

Sam also mentioned that we’re running out of places to take debris and does Teresa/AEP know any places we can take it.

Stan is arranging a meeting/lunch with county administrators, us and AEP to begin the formation of a TLAC-like organization. The end of August or 1st of September were suggested. Stan will proceed.

Teresa brought up that if we needed to ask AEP for funding they would need a budget broken down between installation and maintenance. She also noted that it was easier for AEP to budget for a one time project than to fund maintenance type projects. She says it’s also better if we can say that the counties have agreed to contribute and/or that we have matching funds. AEP is on a calendar year for budgeting purposes.

Stan asked about ramp and dock variances. Teresa is willing to meet with one of the people who contacted us and at this point feels fairly certain that the Winters’ dock variance will be approved.

Teresa gave the number (540) 985-2451 (Liz Parcells) as the number to call to begin the permit stage of building a dock. (540) 985-2441 is direct to Teresa for variances or more complicated issues.

Bill W mentioned that he envisions a continuing concern with dock construction. One vendor is building most of the docks on our lake. Bill suggested that Teresa contact the company and explain any pertinent rulings or SMP requirements. The variance mentioned earlier would not have been needed had the builder been aware of specific rules.

Stan asked about navigational aides. Teresa reported that BOATSUS has grant money available for safety signage.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm

Respectfully submitted,


Julia B. Moore, Secretary

August 8, 2004