August 12, 2004




President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Board members present were Stan Goldsmith, President, Bill Wallace, Treasurer, Julia Moore, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Gerry Caprario, Bill Morgan, and Fred Tannehill, Butch Shaffer and Dennis Boley.  Absent were Sam Skillman, Vice President and Junior Tuck.  Also present were members Dennis Maddox, Joe Weatherspoon, Al Whitehead and Roger Winters.   


Stan asked everyone to introduce themselves.


Secretary Julia Moore noted that minutes of the last meeting had been given to all Board members and posted on the website.  She asked if there were any changes or corrections.


Treasurer Bill Wallace reported that we have collected $9,413.63 from 250 member households and clean up day sponsors.  We have $2,770.47 uncommitted funds.


Stan recapped the called meeting with AEP which had been held August 2, 2004.


Member, Roger Winters, spoke first regarding a permit rejection notice he had received from AEP 5 months after the permit application.  The rejection notice cited a dock closet which was on the channel side of the dock rather than the shore side.  Neighbors wrote letters saying the closet caused no view obstruction.  He then received a letter approving the closet which told him to attach the approval to the permit.  Roger then pointed out that he didn’t have a permit because it had been rejected.


Roger stressed that the rules need to be monitored so we don’t have rules that are ineffectual.  Bill W verified that the rule regarding closets being on the shore side of a dock is in the Shoreline Management Plan.  Bill also stressed that Trent Poteat should be made aware of the rules so he doesn’t build docks in violation of the rules.  Roger thinks we should re-look at the rule. 


Roger is also asking if we can do anything to help get “No Wake” signs where there are community launches.


Gerry suggest we ask AEP to respond in some limited time frame—5 months way too long—45 days maybe.


Dennis Maddox representing Terrapin Point Homeowners Association spoke next.  He explained the development was located across the cove from Tri-County Marina.  He is asking for our support in putting in a boat ramp for the development.  Ken Stump with AEP came out to look and told them that areas designated low density could not have community boat ramps.  AEP then suggested another location.  Dennis doesn’t feel the alternative is cost effective.    He also thinks the low density classification is an error/oversight as they are right across from Tri-County; he also believes the cove is 500’ across at the 620 line.

He also feels the location where they would like to put the ramp should be “grandfathered” as there used to be a ramp there (not usable now) but it is still shown as a ramp on current maps.  AEP contends that if the ramp was not in use at the time of the Shoreline Management Plan that they won’t recognize it.


The ramp is strictly for use of the Terrapin Point development.


Roger pointed out that a flaw with the Shoreline Management Plan is that there is no appeal process.


Stan suggested Dennis let us speak and he (Stan) would call Dennis with in the next few days.


Fred pointed out that the ramp had not been used since the 60’s.


Stan said AEP is being conservative because the SMP is new and they want the plan to work as it is. 


Roger suggested AEP should ask the Lake Association for an advisory committee.


Stan continued by suggesting this problem was a forerunner of more situations to come and wanted us to think about how we would handle them.


Regarding the instance of Terrapin Point ramp, it was moved and seconded that we would support the Homeowners Association with the condition that the ramp would remain private.  It was passed unanimously.  Stan will draft a letter and e-mail to all.


Richard brought up that the vendor he had spoken to with GMCO maps is now willing to do a map of Leesville Lake.  The vendor said he could come make a presentation within the next 90 days.  Gerry asked if it is geographical map or a nautical map.  He pointed out that we could have liability if it is a nautical map.  We all agreed we would like the gentleman to come do a presentation.


In Sam’s absence, Butch spoke regarding the upcoming cleanup days.  The selected dates are September 11 and 25th, 8:00am to 1:00pm.  The 1st pontoon boat we purchased is ready to be put in service.  The committee would like to have mailings and e-mail done.  As an inducement to get participants, Dennis and Butch would present striper fishing 101 and 201 after each clean up session.  Butch also said that tentatively, some tackle may be shown and discussed.


Dennis brought a publication of Smith Mountain Striper Club.  He was suggesting we advertise the clean up days in the magazine.  We can advertise free if we become a member for $25 per year.  It was agree that we would become a member.


After discussion and input from all it was decided that in an effort to keep costs down Richard would try to have an article about the clean up days put in the paper and forego advertising.  If the papers would not run an article we could revisit advertising.


Julie asked if we had purchased the motor with the pontoon boat.  The answer was that we had not.  She then explained that after speaking with Department of Inland Game and Fisheries, we were not required to title the boat if it had no propulsion.  Richard suggested we not let anyone check out the pontoon boat until we figure out any liability issues.


Bill W came up with tentative cost of mile markers.  Inclusive of site preparation, labor, concrete, posts, solar lights -- $12,000 -- with recurring maintenance estimated at $1,700 per year.


Bill will package it up and send it to Teresa Rogers at AEP.


It was moved and seconded that we approve going forward with the mile marker project.  It passed unanimously.


Joe reminded us of the importance of beginning the formation of a TLAC type organization as the county budgeting process will be starting very soon.  Stan is trying to organize a meeting with county representatives and will let us know.


Gerry is concerned about safety on the barge.  He will talk to Pittsylvania County 911 about their preparedness on the lake.  He also requested an updated member list.  Bill W will send.


It was moved, seconded and unanimously passed that we delay purchase of a second pontoon/barge.


Regarding Gretna’s wish to take water from the lake we need to stay apprised and attend any public meetings. 


The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.  The next regularly scheduled meeting is September 9, 7:00 pm.




  1. Letter to Trent Poteat to verify he understands SMP regulations
  2. Further consideration regarding “No Wake” signs in community launch areas
  3. Discover proper process to ask AEP to respond in some limited time frame to permit requests
  4. Stan to call Dennis Maddox and draft a letter for all Board members to review
  5. Further consideration regarding having AEP ask the lake for an Advisory Committee regarding the SMP
  6. Richard will arrange for the map vendor to come speak with the Board in the near future
  7. We need to investigate whether insurance is needed on the boat and our liability.  We also need to investigate any liability we may have if the possible map has any nautical information.
  8. Julie will proceed with correcting the dues billing letter and mailing it out
  9. Julie will proceed with composing a flyer for the cleanup days, mailing it out to a selected group, and will e-mail all members closer to the events
  10. Richard will compose an article regarding the clean up days and try to get it in the local newspapers
  11. Bill will send cost information regarding mile markers to AEP
  12. Stan will continue trying to arrange a meeting to begin formation of a TLAC type organization
  13. Gerry will talk with Pittsylvania County regarding their 911 preparedness on the lake
  14. Bill will send Gerry an updated member list


Respectfully submitted,





Julia B. Moore, Secretary



August 24, 2004