JULY 16, 2005




President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 4:30 pm.  Board members present were Stan Goldsmith, President, Sam Skillman, Vice President, Bill Wallace, Treasurer, Julia Moore, Secretary, Gerry Caprario, Bill Morgan, Fred Tannehill, and Joe Weatherspoon.  Absent were Richard Beaton, Dennis Boley and Butch Shaffer.     


Secretary Julia Moore mentioned the highlights from last month’s minutes.  She also thanked Bill and Linda Morgan for helping with the mailing regarding the Annual Meeting, reminded members about the 2006 calendar we’d like to publish and the need for pictures, brought everyone up to date on progress on the 501(c)(3) application, and she asked that any new people please sign in or complete a New Member Enrollment form.  It was moved, seconded and approved that the minutes be accepted.


Treasurer Bill Wallace reported that we have collected $21,639.50 from 300 member households and clean up day sponsorships and that the balance in our account is $9,127.27.  Bill also reported that membership renewals are at about 91%.


Stan asked Sam to speak regarding the Demonstration Project which will begin this fall.  Sam summarized that we went to Campbell County and asked for $5,000.  Campbell County approved the funds contingent on Bedford and Pittsylvania Counties also giving $5,000.  Sam thanked Calvin Carter for his efforts with the other counties.  We have also requested from AEP.


Sam explained that we have identified 4 or 5 coves that collect debris.  We will be working with Doug Haskins on an hourly basis with his barge with crane and clam shell until we run out of funds.  We would push debris into these coves and use a boom system to contain it.  Doug would then use his clamshell to swing the debris on shore above the 613 line.  The next step would be to either burn, haul away or chip.  We may use all three methods of disposal.  If you live in Bedford or Pittsylvania Counties, Sam asked that you please contact your supervisors and encourage them to participate.  We will need help/volunteers to push the debris into coves and set the booms.  Interested volunteers should call Sam.  The project will happen in November.


Stan then asked Gerry to speak on safety issues.  Gerry reported that vessel safety checks were done today on 8 boats.  It was free and took about 15 minutes.  You may call Gerry to make and appointment and he can do the inspection for you at his dock.  If you pass you get a sticker which makes VADGIF less likely to stop you.


Gerry also reported that a survey will be done to estimate the recreational use of the lake.  In addition to the survey there will be vehicle counters and counts of boats on the lake.  Gerry then thanked Fred for his “office space” for the day to do the inspections and for promoting the inspections.


JW Burton was our next speaker.  He thanked Rhonda Yosinski and Gerry for serving on the audit committee.  All three went to Bill Wallace’s house and did the audit.  Using sporadic testing they found all records in excellent shape which made it easy to audit.  JW asked that the audit report be made a part of the minutes.


Ron Long, the Chairman of the Nominating Committee, was not present so Stan filled in.  Stan reported that two current board members, Dennis Boley and Butch Shaffer, did not wish to continue to serve on the board.  Suggested replacements are Emma Johnson and Pete Pettit.  Stan asked each of them to stand.  Their acceptance as new board members was moved, seconded and approved.  Stan then thanked Butch and Dennis for all the work they had done.


Bill Wallace then went over the proposed budget for the 05-06 year.  He pointed out that we have $10,000 set aside for special projects.  Members should contact the board if they have any projects they would like to promote.  It was moved, seconded, and approved that the budget be accepted as presented.


Sam mentioned a possible Fund Raising project.  He mentioned that we could do Home Tours in the spring, with different categories of homes.  The fees for the tour would be to raise money for local charities.


Stan then thanked all the board members for their work.  He thanked Bill Engledove for the use of his tents and grill and for the set up.  He thanked Linda and Bill Morgan for organizing the picnic and Fred Tannehill for the use of the Marina for meeting space for today.


Stan then introduced Frank Simms from AEP.  Stan said first Frank would help us have a clearer understanding of the relicensing process and where we are in the process.  Stan noted that AEP has considered our concerns and we thank them.  Secondly Frank would address questions regarding dockage and grandfathering non-conforming current docks.


Stan welcomed Frank and his wife Kathy.


Frank began by saying as Hydro Support Manager for AEP he was also in charge of implementing the Shoreline Management Plan, managing the skimmer and the permitting process.  Under his direction are Teresa Rogers in Roanoke, Liz Parcel’s in Rocky Mount, and Ken Stump also in Roanoke.


Frank continued by saying the current license expires in March 2010.  The new application for license must be submitted by 2008.  He wants input from residents.  We’re currently at the point of deciding what studies should be done.  There are many different needs and wants that have to be balanced.  He also reported that there are 15 different study groups.  By mid September FERC will comment on what studies should be done.  All of us should make sure all surveys that will be sent out get completed.


On July 5, FERC approved the Shoreline Management Plan.  The biggest change that we’ll now see is that AEP now has approval ability for all docks including commercial spaces of 10 or more slips.  Non-compliance permit applications that will need a variance/waiver will still have to go through FERC.


Frank pointed out that there is a section in the SMP for non-conforming docks.  We need to complete a form to get existing docks grandfathered (even if they are conforming, it would be in our best interest to get them grandfathered).  He passed out the appropriate form and also told us we can go to www.smithmtn.com and complete the form on-line.


He then announced that AEP will contribute the additional $10,000 that we need for the Demonstration Project and there would be no need to approach the rest of the counties.  All attendees were very surprised and grateful. 


Frank then gave us his personal phone number in case we needed anything – (540) 985-2875.


After a lively question and answer period with Frank, Stan adjourned the meeting and encouraged all to enjoy the waiting picnic. 


Respectfully submitted,



Julia B. Moore, Secretary



July 18, 2005