AUGUST 11, 2005




President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  All Board members were present:  Stan Goldsmith, President, Sam Skillman, Vice President, Bill Wallace, Treasurer, Julia Moore, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Gerry Caprario, Emma Johnson, Bill Morgan, Pete Pettit, Fred Tannehill, and Joe Weatherspoon. 


President, Stan Goldsmith welcomed our two new Board members, Emma Johnson and Pete Pettit.


Both Emma and Pete made brief appreciative statements about the Association’s work and thanked the Board for the opportunity to be here and serve.


Secretary Julia Moore mentioned the highlights from last month’s minutes.  It was moved, seconded and approved that the minutes be accepted.


Treasurer Bill Wallace reported that we have collected $22,190.99 from 309 member households and clean up day sponsorships and that the balance in our account is $9,412.32.  Bill also reported that membership renewals are at about 92%.


Gerry Caprario spoke suggesting that we need a membership person.  Stan answered that we would address that later.


Sam reported that we have received commitments from Campbell and Bedford counties for $5,000 to apply to the fall demonstration project.  We will be presenting the project to Pittsylvania County shortly.  The $10,000 from AEP is firming up.  Sam also reported that we were making progress with Doug Haskins and set up to carry out the project.


Gerry asked if the donations were to be annual or a one time affair.  Sam replied that at this point it’s a trial, but he thinks the counties are aware that we’ll be back for more.


There were general questions regarding AEP’s comment at the last meeting that we didn’t need to get funds from Bedford and Pittsylvania counties because of their $10,000 donation.  Sam and Stan feel that we’re still in the process of trying to get accurate costs for the demonstration project and that AEP will relent and agree to a total of $25,000.


Gerry asked regarding progress on LVL’s TLAC status.  Sam said for the moment it was dead.  Stan continued by saying that the current TLAC is willing to create a subcommittee for us.  Bill commented we should be equal with SMLA and have equal standing with state and federal organizations.


Pete asked what TLAC was and Stan explained.


Stan asked Richard about the status of the map and or brochure.  After discussion, it was moved and seconded that we proceed with investigating a brochure and following up on the map.  Richard will handle.


Gerry asked if the counties have shown any interest in participating in the map or subsidizing any part of the project.  The answer is no and everyone agreed that Bedford, Pittsylvania and Franklin have not participated or subsidized the maps at Smith Mountain either.


Stan asked for reports on the AEP studies.


Joe reported that the studies are completed and been sent to FERC.  FERC will make comments and committees will come back together and then final studies will be put together and resubmitted.


Bill suggested that we should be represented on the Socio-Economic Committee.


Fred asked couldn’t everybody get copies of the study and committee information.  It was pointed out that all studies and comments are on SML’s web site.


Sam summarized the Debris Committee focus and said they are talking about the kinds of debris, sources of debris and methods of removal.


Gerry summarized the Recreation Committee saying that there will be various surveys regarding the use of the lakes.


Joe on the Erosion Committee by saying that for LVL they were looking at the Staunton River, up and down movement of the water, sedimentation in front of the dam, flow needs and drought.


Jose also summarized Water Quality.  He reported that Ferrum wanted $40,000 to extend testing to LVL so that’s on hold, but DEQ is setting up more sites.


Stan summarized the Release and Drought Committee protocols.


Concluding the above discussion, Stan asked Julie to bring everyone up to date on progress with the 501(c)(3) application.  Julie reported the application is mostly complete and at this point needs input from the Executive Committee regarding how we want to answer some questions.  She has provided the Executive Committee with copies of the application as it stands now and copies of the instructions.


The next topic was election of officers and Stan asked Joe is he would handle this.


Stan, Sam and Bill were willing to continue in their positions and Pete moved and it was seconded that Stan, Sam and Bill be re-elected.  Julie did not wish to continue her position as Secretary, however there were no volunteers and none of the current Board members who were asked would accept.  Stan nominated Joe to head a Nominating Committee to find someone willing to be Secretary.  Bill Morgan and Emma will work with Joe.  Stan asked Julie if she would continue one more month.  The Nominating Committee will be looking for 2 Board members in an effort to keep the number of members uneven for voting purposes.


Richard asked if we could accept a donation now for the Clean Up and if that person could be listed on the website.  All agreed we could since the money was set aside for Clean Up costs—whenever they might be.


Stan chose to defer the agenda topic regarding Committee coals for this year.


Kyle Goldsmith and Eric Lee were in attendance and announced the opening of the sales office in 4-6 weeks for Eagle Point Shores—200 home sites and the end of Brights Road.


Bill and Linda Morgan had some leftovers from the picnic for sale.  All were sold.


Bill M had recently been to River Ridge Mall and purchased a hat with the LVL logo.  Bill was asking if we would like to order 150 hats at $7.61 each that we could sell for $10 each.   It was agreed and Bill will place the order.


Bill M had also prepared an instruction/cheat sheet explaining the “grandfathering of docks” and passed it around to all members.


The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm. 




  1. Richard will proceed with investigating brochures and following up on status of the map discussed several months ago
  2. Sam and Stan will present the demonstration project to Pittsylvania County
  3. Joe and Nominating Committee will look for 2 additional Board members one of whom will be willing to take on Secretary duties
  4. Bill M will place order for 150 hats



Respectfully submitted,



Julia B. Moore, Secretary



August 19, 2005