President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Members present were Stan Goldsmith, President, Sam Skillman, Vice President, Bill Wallace, Treasurer, Julia Moore, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Emma Johnson, Bill Morgan, Pete Pettit, Fred Tannehill, and Joe Weatherspoon.  Gerry Caprario was absent.


Stan asked if everyone had gotten the minutes and if they had any changes or corrections.  It was moved, seconded and approved that the minutes be approved.


Treasurer Bill Wallace reported that we have collected $22,408.80 from 310 member households and clean up day sponsorships and that the balance in our account is $8,460.06.  Bill also reported that membership renewals are at about 94%.


Our Treasurer also passed around the budget for the upcoming year.  It was moved, seconded and approved that the budget be accepted as presented.


Stan brought everyone up to date on the status of the 501(c)(3) (tax exempt) application.  The application was presented to the members for their review and input.  Stan and Julie will meet with John Eller to get his input on several of the questions.  Once the meeting with Mr. Eller is completed, Bill W. will provide a $500 check and the package will be mailed.


Joe reported that he and his committee had found no volunteers for the Secretary’s position.  He did know of the possibility of a person after the first of the year.  Joe agreed to do the Secretary’s duties until January if Julie will complete this month.  Julie will do the billings and mailings for the upcoming general meeting.


Sam reported that we were successful raising $5,000 from each surrounding county.  Stan will e-mail Frank Simms about AEP’s $10,000 commitment.  Regarding the demonstration project, Sam reported that Brumfield cove was going to be used.  Pete (President of Brumfield HOA) said it’s true we can use the cove if we agree to repair any damage done to the floating piers or road.  Sam says we would definitely do that for anyone.  It was moved, seconded, and approved that we all agree to repair any damage we may cause.


Sam reported that he had spoken to Doug Haskins.  Doug also suggested a cove near the octagonal/round house.  Doug will go ahead and work with the families as to whether they’re agreeable.


Doug estimates starting early November and he’ll have a confirmed hourly rate for us next week.


Bill W and Mike Lobue are working on a boom system for the cove.  A discussion followed on professional boom/containment systems vs. 3/8” steel cable and/or rope.


The next thing to consider is how to get debris behind the boom.


Richard called George Martin regarding the map Mr. Martin discussed at a previous meeting.  Richard reported that the cost of a brochure was about $1,400 for printing—not including art work.  Bill W suggested that for the map Mr. Martin was supposed to follow up with a proposal including cost, how many, and a sample. 


Regarding the hats Bill M had done, it was decided that they would be sold only at quarterly and annual meetings.  Bill felt that mailing might damage the hat.


Our next meeting is a general membership meeting.  It will be October 13, here at the Train Station.  Agenda items were discussed and it was determined that we would include the following:


Discussion followed as to whether we should participate in TCRC at the behest of Campbell County.  Some members feel strongly that we should not be there related to Campbell County—that we should be independent members.  Deciding that it was important that we get our foot in the door—it was determined that we would participate with Campbell County.  Stan will talk to the Nominating Committee about nominating members to serve on the Committee.


It was also requested that we ask AEP if we can add someone to the Socio-Economic Study Committee.


The meeting adjourned at 8:50pm. 




  1. Stan and Julie will meet with John Eller to finalize any questions on the 501(c)(3) application
  2. Stan will e-mail Frank Simms regarding the $10,000 commitment to the demonstration project
  3. Bill W and Mike Lobue will continue with considerations for a boom/containment method
  4. Richard will request a proposal from the map maker
  5. Stan to contact Nominating Committee about nominating members to serve on the TCRC committee with Campbell County
  6. Stan will check with AEP to see if we can add someone to the Socio-Economic Study Committee


Respectfully submitted,



Julia B. Moore, Secretary



September 15, 2005