OCTOBER 13, 2005




President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. All members were present: Stan Goldsmith, President, Sam Skillman, Vice President, Bill Wallace, Treasurer, Julia Moore, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Gerry Caprario, Emma Johnson, Bill Morgan, Pete Pettit, Fred Tannehill, and Joe Weatherspoon.  Approximately 50 members were present.


Stan asked if everyone had gotten the minutes and if they had any changes or corrections.  It was moved, seconded and approved that the minutes be approved.  Julie thanked Bill and Linda Morgan, Sam and Karen Skillman and Joe Weatherspoon for their help in getting the meeting announcement mailing done.  She also reported that we had received a letter from IRS saying that they had received our tax exempt application and would act on it within 120 days.


Treasurer Bill Wallace reported that we have collected $23,383.80 from 257 member households and clean up day sponsorships and that the balance in our account is $8,661.67.  Bill also reported that membership renewals are at about 57%, however 28 payments just received would up the renewal percentage to about 80%.  Bill also reported that we have received the county and AEP money for the demonstration project and it is now in the hands of Campbell County who will act as fiscal agent for the project..  Bill also passed around the budget for the upcoming year which had been approved by the Board at our previous meeting.


Richard gave an update on the map and brochure.


Stan briefly introduced the planned fall Demonstration Project and asked Sam to speak on it.


Sam started by acknowledging the county and AEP money and adding that we had about another $3,000 in our treasury that had been designated for clean up.  Sam thanked Stan and Bill for the presentation they did for the counties.  He also reported that selection of the coves and criteria had been completed.


The first area to be worked on is at the 8 mile marker (3 pipes area).  Pontoons are to push and corral debris into the coves.  We have our pontoon and will be renting one from Sherm’s.  (If we like it we can buy it later with rent applied.)  We will start pushing and loading coves October 24 and continue through November 12.  Doug Haskins will start picking up the debris in the middle of November.


Sam passed around sign up sheets for days folks can help with loading the coves as well as a list of suggested supplies to bring.


Stan reminded us that this is a “Demonstration” Project.  It will be a learning process and we may end up doing things very differently than the way we start.  We are trying to determine what methods will work best.


Stan also reminded Richard that we need a press release regarding the money the counties and AEP gave.


Stan then asked AEP Study Group attendees to report on their specific groups:

            Bill Wallace—Navigational Systems

            Gerry Caprario—Recreation

            Mike Lobue—Water Quality

            J.W. Burton and Joe Weatherspoon—Erosion and Sedimentation

            Sam Skillman—Debris


Stan then asked Fred Bragg to summarize the meeting at Smith Mountain Lake where interested parties discussed different methods for increasing safety on the lake.  Fred reported that there were several different factions/groups present at the meeting and all presented their case and methods they thought would be most viable for enhancing safety.  Stan followed Fred’s report by asking our members’ thoughts.


As a follow up to our last general membership meeting, Stan reported to the members that it now seemed unlikely that we were going to have our own, separate TLAC-like group.  But everything possible would be done to encourage Campbell County to participate in the existing group.


To maintain an odd number of board members we need to invite two new members to the board when Julie resigns as Secretary.  To do that, Stan presented a proposed amendment to the By-Laws (attached to these minutes) which would allow the board to proceed with inviting the new members.  Board members were asked to read the amendment and be prepared to vote on it at our next meeting.


Stan also agreed to find out what he could about the grandfathering of the docks, i.e. when AEP would let us know anything regarding the forms we submitted.


The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.


The next board meeting is scheduled for November 10, 7:00pm, Altavista Train Station.




  1. Richard will proceed with a press release regarding the money received from Bedford, Campbell, and Pittsylvania Counties and AEP
  2. Stan will check with AEP to see if we can add someone to the Socio-Economic Study Committee
  3. Sam and volunteers will begin pushing debris into the selected cove
  4. Stan will speak with AEP to find out how they will acknowledge grandfathering dock forms
  5. Joe will proceed with finding additional board members
  6. Board members will read and study the proposed amendment to the By-Laws
  7. Joe Weatherspoon and committee will continue to look for additional board members (2)


Respectfully submitted,



Julia B. Moore, Secretary



October 24, 2005