DECEMBER 8, 2005






President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Members present were: Stan Goldsmith, President, Sam Skillman, Vice President, Bill Wallace, Treasurer, Phyllis Garlick, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Gerry Caprario, Julie Moore, Bill Morgan, Pete Pettit, and Joe Weatherspoon.  Absent was Emma Johnson, and Fred Tannehill.



Stan welcomed the Board, thanked Julie for hosting the meeting at her home, and had Phyllis to read the minutes from the General Meeting on 11/10.  It was moved by several Board members and seconded by Gerry to approve the minutes



Treasurer Bill Wallace passed out a copy of the budget report.  He reported total receipts in the amount of $27.921.88; total expenditures in the amount of $17,723.08, leaving a total of $10,198.80 in uncommitted funds.  Total member households are 292 with a renewal rate for 2006 remaining at 65%.  In respect to the Demonstration Project, no additional funds have been received.  There have been 2 check payments: Expenditures in the amounts of $2,778.08 and $325.00.  Remaining funds total $21.896.92.  Treasurer’s report was accepted by consensus.   



Thanks to Bill for rewriting the amended bylaws.  Phyllis will email each Board Member a revised copy.  Pete brought up the rewording in Section 3 on the Election which was proposed at the November meeting.  There was no discussion.  Wording will stay as is for now.



Joe reported that there would be no additional nominations for Board members until the first of 2006.  Richard questioned if  the geographical area should be considered.  It was decided that Pittsylvania County should be represented.  The standing at this time is Bedford Co.. – 6, Campbell Co. – 4, and Pittsylvania Co. – 2.  Stan reminded the board that there are only 12 members at this time and that there should be an odd number.  Stan stated that the Committees should be looked at in more depth at the January meeting.  Julie will print out a list of the members by zip code for Joe and an updated address list for Bill Morgan.



Sam is going to supply Richard with photos of the cleanup.  Doug Haskins is in the process of retooling, putting him a couple days behind..  He is expected to start the week of December 12th.  He may need help with pushing the debris and is to call Sam when he is ready.  No dumpsters are being used.  A Bobcat will be rented to push the debris in piles and Butch will burn it with help.  It was notated that neither Bedford Co. or Campbell Co. will charge us for dumping if it is decided to go that route.  In order to get an idea of the difference in our work and Doug’s work and equipment, it was suggested that we have 1 pile from Butch’s cove and a pile from the other coves.  Joe asked if AEP would be contacted after this portion of the cleaning is done.  It was noted that AEP would like to be contacted.  Richard is to send information to all the local newspapers.



A printer and supplies were purchased for Phyllis and receipts were submitted to Bill. 


Stan reported that AEP had responded to his correspondence concerning the docks.  There were so many, that AEP is not going to respond.  If no one hears anything from them, AEP is not going to bother anyone. 


SAFETY MEETING:  Gerry reported that the SML task force has been dissolved.  They sent their proposal to the General Assembly.  Game and Inland Fisheries stated that their proposal would be very difficult to enforce. 


MEMBERSHIP:   Julie has rounded up 75 to 100 new names.  She will send out New Membership letters this coming week. 


Richard is scheduled to have a meeting with Erik Lee of Eagle Point Shores and a brochures rep.


NEW BUSINESS: COMMITTEE REPORTS:  Joe will attend a meeting conducted by AEP on the sediment & erosion and water quality after the 1st of the year.



The January meeting is a General Meeting and will be held at the Altavista Train Station at 7 p.m.  Discussion of what would information could be presented to the members included: 1)Presentation of the Demo Project 2)Update of the dock permits 3)Presentation by the GIF about wildlife and fish stocking of  Leesville Lake 4)Buffer Gardening.  Julie will contact Leslie Santapaul for the January meeting and Phyllis is to check with GIF for the April meeting.  Stan noted that the April meeting will have to be moved from the 2nd Thursday.


The meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.




  1. Nominations for additional Board Members
  2. Richard’s meeting with Erik Lee of Eagle Point Shores


Respectfully submitted,


Phyllis H. Garlick, Secretary



December 11,  2005