FEBRUARY 9, 2006






President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Members present were: Stan Goldsmith, President, Sam Skillman, Vice President, Phyllis Garlick, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Gerry Caprario, Emma Johnson, Julie Moore, Bill Morgan, Pete Pettit, and Fred Tannehill.  Absent were Bill Wallace and Joe Weatherspoon.



Stan welcomed the Board and had Phyllis to read the minutes from the General Meeting on 1/12/06.  It was moved by Bill Morgan and seconded by Gerry Caprario to approve the minutes



Treasurer Bill Wallace was absent, however, the Treasurer’s report submitted at a later date is as follows:  total receipts in the amount of $36,803.13; total expenditures in the amount of $29,297.57, leaving a total of $7,505.56 in uncommitted funds.  Total member households are 293 with a renewal rate for 2006 of 79%.  In respect to the Demonstration Project, no additional funds have been received.  Expenditures to date have been in the amounts of $3,103.08 and there is $9,828.75 in accounts payable.  Remaining funds total $12,068.17. 



Julie reported that there has been a mailing to 38 non-member families.  There has been no response from Heron Point and Playcation Retreat. Thus far we have received only one new member in response to the mailing.  Julie will continue to gather names and addresses from around the lake (none of the county websites make this easy) and do mailings as she has batches of names and addresses. It was noted that the mailing was done before the newsletter.



Sam reported that Doug had completed 40 hrs. using the barge and clamshell to collect debris around the shoreline and coves.  Approximately 900 cu yds have been collected.  Butch is to burn the piles of debris in March.  Three points made:  1)Storing the boom 2)Return the pontoon 3) Storing equipment.  On Monday, February 13th @ 4:30 at Leesville UMC there will be a meeting about debris removal with Doug being there to express ideas for the future.  It was mentioned that Beautification Day is coming up in May.  Gerry expressed that it is too much for just the Board.  Future cleanings will be discussed after the committee meets with decisions.  It was suggested that we may want to contact developers to donate land to county or personal to load/unload debris. 



Linda began by noting that an electric stapler had been purchased.  She reported that she was able to cut costs by printing, folding, and mailing herself.  She presented for the record the newsletter start-up costs, first issue costs, and cost per copy.  Topics of discussion:  1) Officers and committee heads contributing to each issue:  Committee heads will submit their reports @ the general meeting or within 1 week after.  2) Frequency of mailing:  It was decided to distribute quarterly between General meetings  3)How many and to whom:  Approximately 550 including members, non-members, clean up day sponsors, County Supervisors, and AEP  4) Mail to working addresses annually: We will continue to mail the newsletter to all addresses we have whether members or not  5)  Accepting of advertisements to defray cost:  It was decided that advertisements would be accepted.  They are to be business card size @ $50.00 per year or $12.50 per issue.  Julie made a motion to announce and accept advertising.  Bill Morgan seconded. None opposed.  Julie submitted a spreadsheet comparing the costs of mailing.  It was decided by consensus to try bulk mail for 1 year.  Richard will add the newsletter to the website.   



No updated information. 


AEP STUDY GROUP:  Sedimentation/Erosion committee has met and we have a copy of the report.  J. W. Burton and Joe Weatherspoon attended.



Water Safety: Gerry reported that a Safe Boating Class will be sponsored by the SML Power Squardron on a Saturday TBA.  It is an 8 hour course.  Stan mentioned that a brochure /handout would be nice to offer, including such things as landmarks, emergency numbers, etc.  This should be given some thought for the next meeting.



The following is an update of Committees and committee members:

Safety:  Gerry Caprario

Media:  Richard Beaton, Linda Morgan and Sharon Reilly

Navigational:  Bill Wallace, Gerry Caprario, Pete Pettit, and Fred Tannehill

Social Events & Picinic:  Ron Hissy, Bill and Linda Morgan

Nominating:  Joe Weatherspoon, Temporary chairman, Emma Johnson, Ron Long

Finance:  J. W. Burton, Rhonda Hall, and Gerry Caprario

Socio Economic:  Pete Pettit

Watershed:  Sam Skillman, Fred Tannehill, Stan Goldsmith, Bill Wallace, Mike Lobue, Julie Moore

Water Quality:  Bill Wallace, Mike Lobue

Membership:  Julie Moore, Linda Morgan, Janet Caprario



The April meeting will be on Wednesday, April 19th.  It was decided that the Buffer Gardening speaker would be better for a daytime meeting.  Some other considerations are:  Board of Supervisors from all 3 counties, DEQ-water quality, well water consultant, County extension agent, Power Squardron, Water Conservation/Erosion expert.   



Markers:  The Nav committee needs to meet and start working on recommendations on having mile markers replaced.



Years events/Accomplishments- Reserve for March

General Meetings

Picnic-Linda wants to continue to have 2 picnics

Set date for Clean up



Pete questioned about map and if it would be available for the April meeting. 



The March meeting will be held at the Altavista Train Station at 7 p.m. 


The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.




  1. Nominations for additional Board Members
  2. LVL Brochure
  3. Brochure/handout for boats
  4. Replacement of mile markers
  5. Speaker for April meeting
  6. Set date for Clean up


Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis H. Garlick, Secretary


December 11,  2005