MARCH 9, 2006






President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Members present were: Stan Goldsmith, President, Bill Wallace, Treasurer, Phyllis Garlick, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Gerry Caprario, Emma Johnson, Julie Moore, Bill Morgan, Pete Pettit, and Fred Tannehill.  Absent were Sharon Reilly, Sam Skillman and Joe Weatherspoon.  Kyle Goldsmith was our guest.



Stan welcomed the Board and had Phyllis to read the minutes from the General Meeting on 2/9/06.  It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes.



Treasurer Bill Wallace read the Treasurer’s report.  Total receipts in the amount of $40,153.13; total expenditures in the amount of $29,413.50, leaving a total of $10,739.63 in uncommitted funds.  Total member households are 298 with a renewal rate for 2006 of 82%.  In respect to the Demonstration Project, no additional funds have been received.  Expenditures to date have been in the amounts of $12,931.83 and there is $8,923.64 in accounts payable.  Remaining funds total $3,144.53.  Board Discretion & Contingency balance is only $281.12.  Rental for the Train Station is up to $30.





Julie reported that we have 7 new members and that there has been a great response from the form in the Newsletter.  We need 12 new members to reach our projection by June 30th.  The bulk mail permit is in the process.


Debris Removal:

All debris has been burned.  The site is cleaned and grass needs to be replanted.  The boom has been relocated and will be left in place.  The pontoon was returned.  Outcome of the February 13th meeting:  1) Ask AEP to maintain water level, 2) Doug to purchase more equipment, 3) contact the counties for more funding, 4) contact developers for more sites, 5)more individual participation, 6) Clean-up day is scheduled for June 3rd.  Sherwood Zimmerman is going to head up the day and will get back with the Board.


Navigational Aids/Mile Markers:

Bill Wallace, Fred Tannehill, and Gerry Caprario had a meeting with Bill Estes about making and installing the markers.  A survey noted that ½ are either missing or damaged and there is no accuracy in the placements.  The committee feels that accuracy is of utmost importance, that markers should be within plus/minus 50 yards of the mile, the markers should be maintained at the 620 ft. line.  We should also get approval of land owners where the signs are to be placed.  The need for the markers to be lit was rejected due to the cost and the intensity of the maintenance.  The proposal for the structure of the markers is:  1) 2 x 2 aluminum sheets,

2) Orange and white letters with an orange border, 3) mounted on metal posts(for driving purposes). The cost is $3,500 to $4,000 for 16 to 17 markers.  It is estimated to take 3-4 weeks to install.  The committee recommends to proceed.  Pete questioned the process of locating the locations.  Bill stated that a GPS would be acceptable and Pete stated that he had one and would help.  Julie and Phyllis will research the landowners in order that they be contacted for permission to install markers.  Stan mentioned having LVL Assoc. printed on the back.  Bill suggested using the unalloted money for the funding.  Pete motioned to proceed with costs not to exceed $4,000 and to check with SML for more information as to what they did.  Bill Morgan seconded.  It was approved.   Stan asked the committee to prepare an article for the newsletter.      



Richard spoke with Eric.  We need to get together contents and submit.  Volunteers are needs to put together some information.  Some suggestions were: 1) a map showing markers, marinas, parks, and major roads, 2) types of fish in Leesville Lake.  Gerry will provide a SML brochure as an example.  Pete suggested having some of the lake history.  Julie suggested captivating the beauty and listing the counties.  The brochure may be placed in various places including the Vistors Center in Bedford.  Bill and Linda Morgan and Gerry Caprario will help put together more info.  Fred stated that people do want more information.  Kyle Goldsmith stated that he and his associates would supply the brochure, we just need to supply what info we would like to contribute.  The committee will make a proposal by the next meeting.



Gerry noted that a Boating Course is being held on May 6th for Runaway Bay.  It is not known if anyone from outside the community may attend.  He also noted that the SML Power Squadron conducts a short course on GPS.  Gerry will notify Linda when he finds out if others may attend the Course.  If they can, Linda will post it in the newsletter.



Extra copies are available.



No other committees reported.



AEP is having a meeting March 29th and 30th at Ecumenical Church, Moneta.

Gerry reported on the Recreation Study Group on February 23rd.  He noted 3 points: 1) the SML Project does include Leesville Lake, 2) Responding to the survey being conducted would be of benefit to Leesville Lake, and 3) members that receive the survey should notify the Board so we will know how many were sent to Leesville Lake residents.  Points developed during discussions: 1) All public access to Leesville Lake is located in Pittsylvania County, and 2) there are no

pump-out facilities on Leesville Lake.  Gerry suggested sending a letter to the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors pointing this out.  Leesville Lake will be included in the 2006 Angler Survey.  A copy of Gerry’s report was submitted for the minutes.



April Meeting:

The April meeting will be on Wednesday, April 19th.  The speaker will be Jim Davis, the Emergency Management Coordinator in Pittsylvania County.  He will speak about what things will, could, and should be done for emergency situations on the lake and in emergency weather situations.


 Budget Meetings with the Counties:

Stan stated that Bill Wallace has produced a presentation requesting more funds that will be presented to Campbell County on April 3rd, and Bedford County on March 27th.  There has been no word from Pittsylvania County or AEP.  Our goal is $15,000 from each county.  He mentioned the we should keep in touch with our Board members to make sure they support us with the TLAC (Tri County Lake Administration Committee) and the TCRC(Tri County Relicensing Committee).  He needs someone to attend these meetings.  Fred made a motion and Julie seconded to ask the Board of Supervisors from each counties and someone from AEP to meet with us on a regular scheduled basis at least twice a year. 



Stan was contacted by landowner Sonny Kyle asking for support in restoring the boat ramp at the end of State Rt. 632(Terrapin Creek Rd).  Stan contacted AEP stating that this ramp should be grandfathered.  All correspondence was submitted for the record.



Clean-up Day will be in June.  Sam and Sherwood will come back in the April meeting with final plans.

Gerry will attend the DEQ meeting about the Pig River water quality.



Pete and Ron Hizy are concerned about contractors pushing debris ing the lake.  It as noted that AEP wants to know.  They have a committee for this.  It was mentioned to include a notice to this affect in the newsletter along with the AEP Service Center address and phone number. 


Stan wants to meet with all developers about working to keep the lake clean.  Phyllis is to check with the Bedford County Planning Office to get a list of developers that are working close to the lake.


Bill Morgan asks about ways to accept advertising, get advertising and how to get the money.  (to all:  what were the answers to these?)  Julie is doing a mail out to announce the advertising by email. Bill also asked about advertising in town?  It was stated that the association would have first option. 


Gerry inquired about having For Sale items in the newsletter.  It was decided that we would not at this time.


Kyle Goldsmith suggested that in our presentation we might want to include the comparison of the amount of the tonnage that AEP took out 3 yrs. ago to what we have collected and removed.


The meeting adjourned at 9:35 pm.




  1. Nominations for additional Board Members
  2. LVL Brochure
  3. Brochure/handout for boats
  4. List of Developers on Lake
  5. List of landowners with addresses for marker placement
  6. Date for Clean up


Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis H. Garlick, Secretary


March 19, 2006