April 19, 2006






President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.  Officers present were: Stan Goldsmith, President, Sam Skillman, Vice President, Bill Wallace, Treasurer, Phyllis Garlick, Secretary, Gerry Caprario, Emma Johnson, Julie Moore, Bill Morgan, Pete Pettit, Sharon Reilly, and Fred Tannehill.  Absent were Richard Beaton, and Joe Weatherspoon.  25 members were present including Board Members. Guests were Doug Haskins and Jim Davis..



Stan welcomed the Board and had Phyllis to read the minutes from the Board Meeting on 03/09/06.  The Secretary’s report was accepted by consensus.



Treasurer Bill Wallace read the Treasurer’s report.  Total receipts in the amount of $50,643.02; total expenditures in the amount of $39,754.17, leaving a total of $10,888.85 in uncommitted funds.  Total member households are 299 with a renewal rate for 2006 of 81%.  In respect to the Demonstration Project, no additional funds have been received.  Expenditures to date total $23,259.22.  Remaining funds total $1,740.78.  The Treasurer’s Report was accepted by consensus.




Julie reported that we have 33 new members and 55 new names for her to contact.  She reminded the members that auto stickers were available.



Linda Morgan presented and example of the brochure that she, Bill, and Gerry had put together. Consensus was an “Excellent Job”.  Some additional suggestions were:  Mile markers, Seasonal pictures, and the LVL Association logo.  It was decided that subdivisions would make it too busy.


Navigational Aids/Mile Markers:

Bill Wallace reported that 2 GPS surveys have been done.  Permission letters have been mailed to the landowners.  There are a few more addresses to get.  Markers should be placed by Memorial Day.  Mile 15 & 16 may be difficult to post.  Gerry motioned that the Navigational Chairman be given the authority to sign the contract with Estes.  Bill Morgan 2nd.



Linda Morgan stated that the newsletter has been well received.  Any Board members wanting to turn in a statement should have them in to Linda by Wednesday, the 26th.  She also expressed the need for a printer.  A color lazer printer was priced and she is also checking on leasing.  This will be discussed at the next meeting.



Gerry reported that the SML Power Squardron is holding a Boat Course in June for Runaway Bay.



On April 6th, Gerry attended the TCRC meeting.  His report was submitted for the minutes.  The next meeting is in June.

Pete will attend the Socio Economic study meeting



It was reported the AEP has lifted the ban on pile driving.  Dates are February 15th to June 15th.  AEP will do an onsite inspection.


Bill Morgan reported that hats are still available.


LVL Association needs to officially identify erosion spots for the Erosion Study.  It was suggested to put this in the newsletter in order to get some problem spots identified.  Gerry and Joe will make up the committee to draft a letter to AEP and TCRC identifying the problem spots.  TCRC wants 2 sites from Leesville Lake and 3 sites from SML.  There should be 1 site from ___?___ and 1 from Campbell Co.   



Clean Up Day:  Scheduled for Saturday, June 24th.  It is being headed up by Sherwood Zimmerman.  The picnic will be on Sunday the 25th.  Sponsorships include: Bronze-$100, Silver-$200, Gold-$300, and new this year, Platinum-$1,000.  These should be included in the newsletter and on the web page.  Sam handed out information sheets and registration forms.


Funding requests:  Presentations have been made to all the counties and AEP.  We are asking for $15,000 each.  No commitments have been made as of this time.  Stan wants all members to contact their supervisors to express our concerns and ask for financing our requests.  This will be in the newsletter and on the website.  TLAC is developing a subcommittee for our counties.  Bedford County has offered to hold the meeting with the Supervisors.  There would be 2 meetings a year devoted to our concerns.


PRESENTATION:  Our speaker for the evening was Jim Davis.  Jim is the Coordinator of Emergency Management for Pittsylvania County.  He is responsible for the huge success of Pittsylvania County’s CERT Program.  His presentation was on Emergency Preparedness.  He covered:  awareness of what’s around and what’s coming and different ways to be prepared.  A  Thank You note will be sent.



By consensus, the next General Meeting will be July 15 at which time the Nominating Committee and the Audit Committee report their findings/slate.



Bill Wallace mentioned that the Safety Committee might want to consider providing some type of a plan for emergency gas situations.


The meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.




  1. Nominations for additional Board Members
  2. LVL Brochure
  3. Printer for the association for newsletter, brochure, etc
  4. County/AEP funding



Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis H. Garlick, Secretary


May 1, 2006