JULY 15, 2006


President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm and welcomed the board members, members, and guests. Board embers present were: Stan Goldsmith, President, Sam Skillman, Vice President, Bill Wallace, Treasurer, Gerry Caprario, Julie Moore (acting as secretary), Bill Morgan, Pete Pettit, Fred Tannehill, and Joe Weatherspoon. Absent were Richard Beaton, Phyllis Garlick, Emma Johnson, and Sharon Reilly. Approximately 60-70 additional members were present. Our guest speaker was Stan Smith of Smith Mountain Lake Association. We were also happy to welcome Chuck Neudorfer, Bedford County Supervisor.

Julie read the highlights of the minutes from the Board Meeting on May 11, 2006. The minutes were approved.

Julie mentioned that sign up sheets were being passed around and asked that all members indicate the county where their property was located. She stated that for this fiscal year 44 new members were included in the budget but we had gotten 47 bringing our total membership to 311.

Bill Wallace passed out the projected uncommitted funds report for the current year. Actual income to date was $12,851.25, actual expenses of $11,523.11 and remaining uncommitted funds at the current date of $10,934.91. Bill noted that current uncommitted funds were $1,328.14 more than those available at the beginning of the fiscal year. Bill also reported that we had $1,705.29 remaining from the Demonstration Project funds provided by the counties and AEP

J. W. Burton, Chairman of the Finance/Audit Committee reported that the committee had verified income and expenses through 5/31/06 and that all was well.

Sherwood Zimmerman started by saying that we are making an impact on the lake with our clean up efforts. The Altavista Journal reporter, Jonathan Parker, who covered the clean up was very impressed with the cranes, backhoes and number of volunteers working. Sherwood estimated we had 100+/- volunteers that day. Of the dumpsters we had, 3 were completely full and 1 was partially full. This year we had 4 different drop off sites with Fred Bragg coordinating at Runaway Bay, Fred and J.B. Tannehill at Tri County Marina, Pete Pettit at Brumfield along with the AEP skimmer, and Joe Weatherspoon Quatrone. Richard Beaton took pictures. The banners were put together by Westlake Printing. Sherwood also wished to thank Bob Rankin for the t-shirt design and noted that Bob also volunteered to do the t-shirts again for next year.

Sam Skillman continued the clean up recap by thanking the sponsors who donated over $7,000. Sam also let us know that the demonstration project had removed 900 cubic yards of debris and we will start meeting with county administrators to try to raise more funds to help with the clean up We are requesting $15,000 from each of the 3 counties and $15,000 from AEP. Members should write their supervisors requesting their support.

For the future we will also need some emergency funds to deal with storm and other residue and a second pontoon with a 70 hp motor or more.

Sam also commented that we had a few t-shirts left and they were available for anyone who would like them.

Bill Wallace recognized and thanked the mile marker committee members—Mike Lobue and Pete Pettit who helped with placement and Bill Estes who manufactured and installed the markers. Bill also noted that foliage is blocking a few markers and we are working on getting that removed.

Regarding the need for navigational aids, Bill noted that it was treacherous past the bridge and there were some significant dangers. We’re pressing to get help with this.

Stan filled in for Richard Beaton letting members know that we’re working on a brochure which would have a folding, waterproof map and include on and off water points of interest.

Gerry Caprario remarked about the usefulness of the mile markers, the need for the navigational aids, removal of debris, wearing life jackets, and free vessel safety checks. Gerry also pointed out that CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) had set up a tent at our meeting, thanked them for their presence, and encouraged members present to visit the tent for useful emergency information.

Stan reminded members that when you go out on the water take your cell phone and have the numbers of several people with you who would be available to help you if you needed help.

Linda Morgan, our newsletter editor, reminded members they can advertise in the newsletter for $50 per year (4 issues). She also reported that she had bought a new color laser printer after much research The research included a comparison of purchasing vs. leasing. With the board’s approval the also bought a 3 year warranty with the printer. The total cost after $100 rebate will be $739.99. Linda also noted that anyone who had an article of interest to the general lake population was welcome to submit it for review and publication.

Joe Weatherspoon reported that the following terms were to expire at the end of this fiscal year: Richard Beaton, Stan Goldsmith, Julie Moore, Sam Skillman, Bill Wallace, and Emma Johnson. All but Bill Wallace were willing to serve again.

To replace Bill and add one additional board member to bring the total number of board members to 13, the Nominating Committee reported that Mike Lobue and Donna Moore were willing to serve. Both were elected unanimously.

Stan Smith from Smith Mountain Lake Association spoke to us about “Lessons Learned” since SMLA had recently passed it’s 35 year milestone having been formed in 1969. He first mentioned that SMLA had no written history and that was a shortcoming in later years. Early on the organization had been viewed as negative to growth. Currently they had 1,350 members out of 15,000 families on the lake. SMLA is a 501(c)3 which helps with fundraising.

Stan also reported that the Association’s growth in membership was also tied to specific issues. Over the years some of those issues that inspired membership growth were:

Stan continued saying that in 2004 they had 750 man-days of volunteers. Their budget is $134K per year. Dues of $25 per family brings in $30,000 per year. The rest of the money comes from grants, TLAC, and the counties around the lake.

Their current emphasis is on water quality involving the whole watershed, riparian buffer zones, Royal Flush, invasive species, leaking underground storage tanks, disappearance of islands, debris, safety, speed, and noise. Compared to SMLA we’re in our infancy, but the issues are much the same.

Bill Morgan reminded everyone we had LVL hats for sale for $10 each.

Stan asked if there were any questions:

Bruce Buley asked a question regarding the cost of mile markers ($4,200). Bill Wallace reported that they were 2’ X 2’ sq., of 18 gauge aluminum, night reflective, with contrasting colors, and that there were 16 of them. The price also included installation.

It was noted that the clean up pictures were on the web site.

Member, Steve Richter, spoke regarding AEP’s decision in the permitting process that his dock design was inadequate because of problems with cable anchoring systems. There were questions from members having heard that AEP was going to outlaw the cable anchoring systems. It’s officially unknown at this point if that is true or not. Unofficially Stan thinks it’s under consideration. LVL will continue to support member requests for cable anchoring systems.

Stan pointed out that Bedford County is in the forefront of support for us. Our requests/needs are far less than that of SML, but we do need the counties help.

Sherwood suggested that we have a historian position.

Chuck Neudorfer, Bedford County supervisor, spoke thanking us for inviting him. Chuck believes the TCRC, with 4 counties working together will be much to our benefit. He also feels we would be helped to be part of TLAC and have both lakes served out of the same organization.

Stan adjourned the meeting thanked everyone for coming and invited everyone to stay for the picnic.

The August Board meeting will be held Thursday, August , 10th, 7 p.m. at the Altavista Train Station.

Respectfully submitted,

Stand in Secretary
July 25, 2006