October 12, 2006


President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Officers present were: Stan Goldsmith, President, Mike Lobue, Vice President, Gerry Caprario, Treasurer, Phyllis Garlick, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Emma Johnson, Julie Moore, Pete Pettit, and Sharon Reilly. Absent were Mary Jane Brewer, Sam Skillman, and Fred Tannehill. There were 10 members present.

After welcoming the members, Stan asked that we all stand and have a moment of silence in memory of Joe Weatherspoon.

Minutes from the September Board Meeting were accepted by consensus.

Gerry Caprario provided the Treasurer's report. The opening balance was $10,526.08. After expenditures and depositing income, the closing balance is $10,871.73 in uncommitted funds. The Treasurer's Report was accepted by consensus.


Julie Moore reported that there were 3 new members during September. Julie also reported that there are 288 members

Sherwood Zimmerman and new member Steve Johnston, both from Pittsylvania County consented to serve on the Board as did Sue Glasscock from Bedford County. Motions were made and carried for all nominees. We now have 7 board members from Bedford, 4 from Campbell, and 4 from Pittsylvania County. This increases the number of board members to the designated 15. Stan stated that we needed an interim chairperson for the Nominating Committee. Emma volunteered to take the position and Sharon agreed to help her. Phyllis will compose a welcome letter to the new board members and mail to them a copy of the By-laws and the Board of Directors roster.

Sherwood stated that a letter was sent to AEP to get the money instead of the use of the skimmer but no response has been received. Stan stated that we still have $1,705 from the monies from last year and Campbell County has given us $5,000, totaling $6,705 to help with the Fall Cleanup. We may wait for the Spring cleanup. Stan reported that the debris study by AEP did not include LVL and that the Study committee had not been completed, but we were promised that LVL would be included.

Pete attended the Navigation Aids Study Committee on October 12th. He gave his report and submitted a copy for the records. Pete also attended the Socioeconomic Study Committee on the same date. After giving his report, he submitted a copy for the record.

Julie stated that the calendars were ready. They are selling for $10, $13 if mailed. This is a designated fund raiser. She announced for anyone to send in pictures for next year adding that they should be high resolution pictures. Gerry commended Julie for a job well done. Reprints can be obtained within 3 days and there is no minimum required for reprints.

Gerry stated that we have had no accidents on LVL.

Stan reminded that we still have no one to do the newsletter. He would welcome any feedback and asked for help with producing it. Anyone with suggestions of who may be interested would be greatly appreciated.

Water Quality Presentation:
Mike gave a very informative presentation on the Water Quality. He covered the Water Quality Standards, showed where the 5 collection stations are, went over the LVL Assoc. goals and action plan, and reported on the goals and objectives of the AEP Quality Study. A copy of his presentation was submitted for the record.


Stan stated that we have been waiting for the 3 counties to come to a point of deciding to include LVL in to TLAC. We have been invited to the TLAC table starting in November. He asks that we continue to remind our Supervisors of our needs.

Anchorage Systems for new docks:
Stan reported that AEP has approved cabling as long as the cable crosses under the gangway from the shore anchor points to the floating dock.

Janet Caprario has volunteered to chair the picnic committee.

Gerry presented a resolution in honor of Joe Weatherspoon's passing. A copy was submitted for the record.

The next meeting will be a meeting of the Board on Thursday, November 9 at the Altavista Train Station at 7.

The meeting was adjourned.


  1. LVL Brochure
  2. Presentation for the next General meeting

Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis H. Garlick, Secretary
October 16, 2006