February 8, 2007



President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Officers present were: Stan Goldsmith, President, Mike Lobue, Vice President, Gerry Caprario, Treasurer, Phyllis Garlick, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Julie Moore, Pete Pettit, Fred Tannehill, Sam Skillman, and Sherwood Zimmerman. Absent were Emma Johnson, Steve Johnston, and Sharon Reilly.


After welcoming the Board, Stan reported that Emma Johnson was stepping down due to health problems. A Get Well card from the association will be sent. The following corrections were made to the minutes of the January meeting: 2 G’s in Pigg River. This correction will be made. Gerry made a motion and Fred seconded that the minutes be accepted as amended. All approved.


Gerry Caprario provided the Treasurer’s report. Total receipts in the amount of $1,259.00; total expenditures in the amount of $187.02, leaving a total of $12,791.14 on deposit. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted by consensus. All bills should be to Gerry by 2/15/07.


Julie Moore reported that there was 1 new member. Julie also reported that there are 292 paid members which is an 85% renewal rate. She gave a very special thanks to all the volunteers who helped her put together the newsletter especially, Karen Skillman, Jan Caprario, Pete Petit & Mike Lobue. She thanked Richard for getting more names from the Pittsylvania County website.


TLAC Subcommittee Update:

Stan reported that LVLA is closer, but still not in. Kathleen Guzi will convene a meeting of the Administrators from the three counties and LVLA to further discuss LVLA participation in TLAC. LVLA is supporting the formation of a Leesville Lake Committee within TLAC and semi-annual meetings of the Administrators and two members of the Board of Supervisors from each county. Stan gave us the dates of the county Board meetings and asked LVLA members to attend if possible. We will be making a presentation to request funding for Leesville Lake issues to be put in the yearly budgets. The dates are as follows: Bedford Co.- 2/12/07 @ 7:00, Campbell Co.-2/20/07 @ 1: 00, and Pittsylvania Co.-3/5/07 @ 7:00. Mike suggested getting together a facts sheet to send to members.

Debris: Sam spoke with Ken Stump of AEP who stated that AEP will not be giving us any money for 2006. As soon as the skimmer is repaired, it will be brought to LVL and will stay here until the 1st of May. AEP will not commit to a 19 day schedule. Sherwood and Sam have started planning for the Beautification Day. It is scheduled for May 19th with the picnic to follow on May 20th. Jan Caprario is in charge of the picnic. A conveyor belt is being left at Brumfield for our use. Sam reported that only 1 person has responded to the volunteering their time for the day. Sam will ask AEP to provide a truck. There is a change in the sponsorships. They are as follows: Platinum-$1,000, Gold-$500, Silver-$300, and Patron-$150. Sponsorship should be in by 3/30/07.

Navigation: Pete is going to have a meeting to identify the hazards. Stan stated that SML is now an official waterway meaning that they are now under Coast Guard rule. They have to change their markers. Stan Smith form SML is supposed to email us the Coast Guard criteria/requirements.

Water Quality: Mike reported that the program is on track. DEQ will loan the probe to LVLA. A Quality Assurance Plan needs to be established to ensure that the data collected with the probe is valid and usable by DEQ. He has had 2 people to volunteer to help with the testing through the newsletter. Training sessions will be around April. Testing will start around mid May. It will be every 2 weeks from 5/15 to 9/15.

Newsletter/Calendars: We have 32 calendars left. We have broken even. Still have lots of hats left. Julie estimated that the newsletter took 40 to 45 hours to complete . Only 1 person called to help assemble future newsletters. A big question concerning the printer: it needs a part that costs $349. Mike found the same printer at a reasonable cost that could be purchased and the old one could be used for parts. Julie will check on having it printed outside. Stan brought up several questions that will need to be considered: 1) Can we cut back on the size? 2) Can we decrease the frequency of mailing? 3) Is there an alternate way of getting out the information through flyers? 4) Can we utilize emailing/the website? It was noted that the 1st three mailings recruited several new memberships, but we have not had any from the latest edition. Gerry stated that less work might make it easier to get an editor and maybe sending it only to the members. Pete suggested more by email. Mike suggested printing in black and white. Julie, Mike, and Sam will come up with recommended changes to the newsletter. Fred pointed out that the newsletter was read at the Marina and suggested printing 50 or so and distributing them to area stores. Sherwood suggested polling by email and to be included in the next general meeting announcement. It was decided to come back in March with a decision. Julie stated that pictures for the 2008 calendar would need to be in by September, no later than early October for printing. This info should also be added to the announcement. A 2 year calendar was mentioned, but rejected.


Phyllis mentioned having a simple map printed and distributed to see how it would be received. If it received well, then make it a little better the next printing. Richard will have a map by the next meeting.


Richard stated that a registration form for Beautification Day will be available online. There have been 800-1200 hits a month on LVL website. It was suggested that the map be online. Board members were urged to look over the website and get back with Richard. Richard will have a presentation of the website at the March meeting for the Board to review.


Stan stated that we need a replacement for Emma Johnson. We need the replacement to be from Pittsylvania Co. Sue volunteered to head the nominating committee and to find 2 board members from Pittsylvania Co. Sam suggested Tim Reynolds. Sue is also going to check on finding out why the lack of attendance by the Pittsylvania board members is high. Phyllis will check on absenteeism.


AEP has agreed to amend the order to eliminate the ban on in-water construction from February to June except in certain environmentally sensitive areas. Stan will draft a letter to FERC supporting their amendment.

NEW BUSINESS: Gerry volunteered to write up a proposal to get funding from the localities. He presented the proposal. It was noted that the proposal should contain budget line items similar to TLAC’s budget proposals. Richard suggested requesting an amount based on need rather than percentage of tax revenue. Sam suggested that funding could be proportioned based on the amount of shoreline in each county. There was much discussion, but no decisions were made.

The next meeting will be the Thursday, March 8th at the Altavista Train Station at 7. TCRC will have a presentation.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.


  1. County Support Activity

  2. LVL Brochure/Map

  3. Nominations of 2 more board members

  4. Water Quality Plan activities

  5. Newsletter revamp

  6. Website presentation

Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis H. Garlick, Secretary

February 19, 2007