April 12, 2007



President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Officers present were: Stan Goldsmith, President, Mike Lobue, Vice President, Gerry Caprario, Treasurer, Phyllis Garlick, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Julie Moore, Pete Pettit, Sam Skillman, Fred Tannehill,. Absent were Sue Glasscock, Steve Johnston, Sharon Reilly, and Sherwood Zimmerman. There were approximately 7 members present. Guests were Art Cournoyer and Karl Hellinger with the SML Sail and Power Squandron and James Beckley from DEQ.


Stan gave a special welcome to guests.

MINUTES: A motion was made to accept the minutes from the March Board Meeting. Gerry made the motion and Fred seconded to have the minutes accepted as drafted. All approved.


Gerry Caprario provided the Treasurer’s report. Total receipts for the month were $2,489.00; total expenditures were $613.85, leaving a total closing balance of $14,765.86 on deposit. The Demonstration Project balance is $6,705.29. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted by consensus.


Julie reported that we have 2 new members. There is a current membership of 301 which is an 86% renewal rate. She sent 60 letters to members that have not paid.


Gerry introduced our guest speakers, Art Cournoyer and Karl Hellinger. They are from the SML Sail and Power Squadron. They reported that the General Assembly approved in the 2007 Session that Boating Education is now mandatory. Two laws have been passed and copies were submitted for the record. Karl noted that the Squadron is certified to conduct the educational courses required by the State of Virginia. They have been teaching these courses for some time for free. Now, because of the mandate, they are conducting even more of these classes. They are in need of new members who would also like to qualify as instructors to meet the need. Three classes are already scheduled: April 28th, May 19th in Penhook, and June 10th. Art gave a brief history of the Squadron. He stated that in addition to teaching the boating class, the Squadron also does free boat inspections. Anyone interested in joining, please contact Karl at 540-576-5021 or any member of the Power Squadron. There is a member fee and annual dues are $49.


Water Quality: Mike introduced James Beckley with DEQ. Mike reported that everything was on track for the water quality monitoring. Training is scheduled for April 28th at 10 at Tri-County marina and monitoring should start in May going through September 15th. Stan stated we need more people to volunteer to help with this program and asked for volunteers. Three of the 7 stations are very close to the DEQ sites. James was very helpful in answering questions from the members. He also suggested posting results on the website.

Beautification Day and Picnic: Sam reported that 50-100 people had registered to participate. The date of cleanup is Saturday, May 19th from 9 to 4. The picnic is Sunday, May 20th from 2 to 4. There will be 3 pickup points: Runaway Bay, Tri-County, and Brumfield. Doug Haskins is assisting with his equipment.

Signs will be placed. Sam stated that we have had a good response from the sponsors. $7,900 has been pledged. We have had 3, $1,000 sponsors.

Newsletter: Julie stated that Kathy Dalton had contacted her to work with the newsletter. She checked with a printer and found that they would do a printing on an 11 x 17 sheet, tri-folded, and addressed for a very good price. Gerry brought up about the advertisers and it was noted that all have expired. It was decided that we would do an emailing and a personal mailing. On the next general meeting announcement there will be a section included for members to choose which one they want. It was also suggested that a subscription link would be added online at our website for people to subscribe to the newsletter. The deadline for any articles need to be given to Julie by April 23rd.

Navigation: Pete summed up the Navigation Aids and Socio-Economics Committee meetings which were held on April 12th. A copy of those reports were submitted for the record.

Brochure/Map: Richard reported that there was no update. Stan stated that this needs to be finalized.

Nominations: In Sue’s absence, it was reported that she will have her report prepared for the July meeting

Financial: J. W. Burton will take the lead on a review of the Association’s financial records.

OLD BUSINESS: Stan gave us a County update: He and board members representing all three counties will meet with Bedford, Pittsylvania, and Campbell Counties on May 8th, at 2 p.m.at the Altavista Train Station. There will be 2 supervisors from each county along with the County Administrators. Also, there is a meeting at 1 on April 16th at Campbell County. Stan will be making his pitch and his presentation requesting money to support Leesville Lake activities including debris removal and installation of navigational aids.

NEW BUSINESS: Mike reported that AEP was having an additional meeting on re-licensing on April 25th and 26th. Sam reported that the skimmer is still not here and he will be requesting a meeting with AEP about this matter.

Comments: Calendars will be reduced to $5.00.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, May 10th at the Altavista Train Station at 7.

The meeting was adjourned.


  1. LVL Brochure/Map

  2. Info tables at the Annual Meeting(ie: Power Squadron, Water Quality)

Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis H. Garlick, Secretary

April 23, 2007