May 10, 2007



President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. Officers present were: Stan Goldsmith, President, Gerry Caprario, Treasurer, Phyllis Garlick, Secretary, Sue Glasscock, Julie Moore, Pete Pettit, Sharon Reilly, Fred Tannehill, and Sherwood Zimmerman. Absent were Richard Beaton, Mike Lobue, Steve Johnston, and Sam Skillman.

MINUTES: There were no additions or corrections to the minutes of the April General meeting. Julie made the motion and Sharon seconded to have the minutes accepted as drafted. All approved.


Gerry Caprario provided the Treasurer’s report. Total receipts in the amount of $3,725; total expenditures in the amount of $169.78, leaving a total of $18,321.08 on deposit. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted by consensus. There was a question concerning the $6,705.29 in the Demonstration Project. Gerry explained that $1,705.29 is the balance from 2006 and $5,000 is from Campbell County in 2007.


Julie reported that we now have 305 members. She reported that she had sent out 60 letters to members who had not renewed their memberships. She had several renewals. This brings us to an 87% renewal rate.


Beautification Day: Sherwood reported that everything was coming together as planned. The dumpster company has a new owner and dumpsters will cost more this year: $150, totaling $600. There will be 4 dumpsters: 2 @ Runaway Bay and 2 @ TriCounty. A new banner is being printed plus 3 new posters which are costing $17.50 each. Signs will be posted at Runaway Bay and Brumfield. The equipment is lined up. We have a volunteer to power our barge with his boat. Sherwood reported that the Tshirts were in and member Bob Rankin did an outstanding job of designing them and having them printed for us. For the picnic, Gerry reported that another grill is needed. Julie stated the Bill Engledove has a nice grill for sale for $200. Gerry made a motion to purchase the grill, Sharon seconded. Julie stated that she could store the grill at her house. Other picnic details: Fred has coolers and Julie will contact Bill about setting up tents and tables. We also decided to supply containers to save the discarded drink cans.

Water Quality: In Mike’s absence, Stan reported for Mike who had emailed his report to the Board members. A copy of his report is submitted for the record.

Newsletter: Cathy Dalton, the newsletter volunteer, had the most recent newsletter printed. There were 925 printed at a cost of $135. There are 897 on the mailing list. The remainder will be placed at TriCounty and local country stores. Patsy Clements volunteered to label and take the newsletter to the PO for bulk mailing. The following changes were suggested: the art work needs to be more “Lakey”, a fishing commentary should be included, the enrollment fee included in the newsletter should be an insert, leaving more space for “news” articles. The printer purchased for the newsletter needs a $349 part. Julie is going to ask Rodney Hizy to put it on EBAY. Julie reported that the Bulk Mail Permit needs to be renewed at a cost of $160. She suggested putting $500 in the Bulk Mail budget so it would be more easily accessible for Patsy when she gets ready to mail the newsletter. Due to the possibility of sending the newsletter by email to a large majority, Gerry suggested $250. This amount was approved. It was also noted that Phyllis would include a survey in the Annual Meeting notices for the purpose of knowing the number of members preferring the newsletter by email or ground mail.

Navigation: Pete stated that the plans for navigational aids depended on funding. At this point no funding is available. Pete will revise the $80,000 budget and see if we can do something with the $3,000 allotted for Special Project Support. Pete will also get with Stan Smith about what SML is doing about their navigational aids.

Old Business:

Stan updated us on the May 8th meeting: There was one supervisor from each county instead of the two that we were expecting along with the three County Administators and Ralph Brush from TLAC. Stan reported that the discussions were good and there was a consensus to meet twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. The important thing is that we have started meeting with the appropriate people and we are on their schedules.

The speaker for the Annual Meeting will be Leslie Santapaul. She will be speaking on buffer gardening. Sue will check to see if Dr. Cohen will speak at our October Meeting along with the local 911 EMS Coordinators from the surrounding counties. Stan reminded everyone that the operating budget needs to be turned in by the June meeting.

New Business:

TCRC has established Negotiation Study Groups. Stan stated that we need to be a part of these. He named the different groups and we had volunteers from the Board that agreed to participate. The list will be sent to TCRC. Stan reported that AEP is coming to tour LVL on May 18th to get a better idea of the debris situation. Several Board members signed to be present on the tour.

Comments: Gerry has notified members about the required Safe Boating Class through an article in the newsletter. He will be scheduling one for LVLA. Julie will follow up with a group email.

Jeff Thompson of the Parker’s Landing HOA has asked for someone to speak at one of their meetings. Gerry will do this.

Calvin Carter is not running for the Campbell County Supervisor’s position. Stan is thinking about running and therefore would be unable to hold the office of president for LVLA. He would continue to be a board member.

Sherwood recommended that someone speak to the Bass fisherman at their tournaments about their speeding around the docks and littering the lake. He volunteered to inquire and make the presentation.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55.

The next meeting will be the General Meeting on Thursday, June 14th at the Altavista Train Station at 7 p.m.


  1. Beautification Day results

  2. Map Update

  3. Navigational Aids budget

  4. Printer sale

  5. Safe Boating Class

Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis H. Garlick, Secretary

May 18, 2007