January 10, 2008



President Mike Lobue called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Officers present were:, Mike Lobue President, Gerry Caprario, Treasurer, Phyllis Garlick, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Sue Glasscock, Julie Moore, Pete Pettit, Sharon Reilly, Sam Skillman, and Fred Tannehill. Absent was Sherwood Zimmerman. There were approximately 10 members present. Special guests were Campbell County Supervisors Charles Falwell and Stan Goldsmith, Bedford Count Supervisor Chuck Neudorfer, Pete Cox from Lakeside Services and Seth Mowles from the Bedford County EMS Department.

MINUTES: There were no corrections or additions to the minutes from the November 8, 2007 Board Meeting. Gerry made the motion to have the minutes accepted as drafted. Sharon seconded the motion. All approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Gerry Caprario provided the Treasurer’s report. Total receipts in the amount of $1,092.50; total expenditures in the amount of $589.02, leaving a total of $39,999.13 on deposit. Fred made a motion that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. Julie seconded the motion. All approved.

EMS PRESENTATION: Seth Mowles from the Bedford County EMS Department spoke briefly about medical emergencies around LVL. His number one point was to make sure any medical problems be called in as early as possible and to call often as a check that emergency crews are on the way. He explained what happens when a 911 call comes into the local centers. The open questioning period from members was very informative. Some subjects discussed were about helicopter landings and emergency assistance. He also mentioned that everyone living in these rural areas should acquire a Files of Life that can be attached to a refrigerator for emergency personnel upon arrival. It was noted that the Bedford County Sheriff’s Department may have them available.


Membership: Julie Moore reported that there are 16 new members since September 2007 bringing the total to 340 members. This is an 86% renewal rate.

Brochure/Map: Mike presented the Board with mock-up maps for approval. He stated that ads need to be in by the end of February. We are having 5,000 maps printed and they should be ready in March. The maps will be free. A status report was submitted for the record.

Newsletter: Julie stated that all articles need to be in by January 15th. We had three volunteers to do the mailing.

Debris: Sam Skillman reviewed the 2007-2008 accomplishments of LVL debris cleanup. One of the unfinished projects is the debris stockpiled in Brumfield. Paul Maddox is working up some numbers for grinding and moving it and for just moving it. Sam reported that Beautification Day has been scheduled for May 17th with the picnic being May 18th. He stated that the AEP skimmer was scheduled for 19 days. He reported that the request for funding from the counties has been submitted. The total request is $63,350.00. He explained that the LVLA would put up $6,335 and the balance would be split by the counties by way of percentage of County shoreline. Pittsylvania members are encouraged to contact their supervisors for their support. The Debris Committee is working with TCRC and the Counties on the AEP relicensing plan. We are asking for designated debris removal areas and an entrapment area at the Pigg River. Gerry suggested a TV follow-up especially with the pile of debris in Brumfield. A status report was submitted for the record.

Navigation: Pete reviewed the objectives, tasks completed, and outstanding issues. He stated that this is a work in process through 2008 and early 2009. It is the hope of the committee that installation of navigational aids will be accomplished by the end of 2009. A status report was submitted for the record

Water Quality: Mike reported that below average rainfall has meant less quantity but great for the quality. He stated that there will be a couple of newspaper reports in the local newspapers on the water quality monitoring program. He has submitted an application for a grant for the 2008 monitoring program. He will need volunteers for the 2008 monitoring in late April. Monitoring will be from May through mid-September. A status report was submitted for the record.

Safety: Gerry reported that the SML Power Squadron will have a response concerning a boating class after the SML Boat Show. He will get a list of the scheduled classes and post them in the newsletter.


Relicensing Update: Mike supplied a handout. He encourages looking at Appalachian’s Preliminary License Proposal and individually commenting to the Federal Energy Regulatory commission. LVLA will submit comments endorsing TCRC comments and highlighting Leesville Lake concerns.

Calendar Sales: Julie reported that there are only 16 calendars left out of 150. Hats are still available.


December meeting w/counties: Mike gave a brief overview of that meeting. The committees gave their reports. Mike thanked the counties for their support. Another meeting is planned for May 2008.

Off loading site: Mike reported that one good site has been found at the end of Mt Airy Rd. He thinks it belongs to AEP and will send a letter to them asking for confirmation of ownership and asking for a boat launch ramp and possibly a fishing pier.

Other: Mike sent a letter to the Pittsylvania County Administrator requesting the $5,000 for debris removal that was approved by the Board of Supervisors. Richard will make a receipt to give to advertisers for the map.

The next meeting will be a meeting of the Board on Thursday, February 14th at the Altavista Train Station at 7.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis H. Garlick, Secretary

January 28, 2008