June 12, 2008



President Mike Lobue called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. Officers present were: Mike Lobue, President, Sherwood Zimmerman, Vice President, Gerry Caprario, Treasurer, Phyllis Garlick, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Sue Glasscock, Pete Pettit, Sharon Reilly, and Sam Skillman. Absent were: Julie Moore and Fred Tannehill. A special welcome to our new Board of Director, Carmen Perri from Campbell County.

MINUTES: Mike asked if there were any corrections or additions to the May minutes. Sherwood made a motion to approve the minutes as drafted. Sharon seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


Gerry Caprario provided the Treasurer’s report. Total receipts in the amount of $3,525.00; total expenditures in the amount of $352.25. The checking account closing balance is $51,004.81. Carmen made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report. Richard seconded the motion. All approved.


Membership: In Julie’s absence, Mike presented the Membership Committee Report. Current membership is 342 which is a renewal rate of 86%. New members to date are 28, which is 56% of the stated objective of 50. A status report was submitted for the record.

Brochure/Map: Richard stated that he had 6 boxes of maps left. They are being well received in the area.

Newsletter: In Julie’s absence, Mike reported that there was no report because we are between mailings.

Debris: Sherwood reported on Beautification Day. There were an estimated 131 workers, 15 sponsors, and 120 cubic yards removed from the lake. Bedford Co. and Campbell Co. waived their tipping fees. Bob Rankin did a fine job on the T-Shirts. He thanked Gerry and Janet for preparing the lunch. He also stated that we owe $400 to the band that played at the picnic. Pete made a motion to pay $400 to the band, Gerry seconded. He also thanked Richard and Rachel Beaton for taking pictures. It was suggested that we sell the remaining T-shirts for $5.00. Carmen made the motion, Gerry seconded. Sherwood also commended Sam for soliciting over $7,800 in donations for the sponsors in cash or in-kind work. Mike stated that at the work group meeting, AEP stated that they would keep the main channel clear of debris as part of the Debris Management Plan that will be a part of AEP’s new license. Pete asked about the skimmer and it was reported that it would be around Brumfield the month of August. A status report was submitted for the record.

Navigation: Pete reported on the Work Group Meeting. Stan Smith and Chuck Neudorfer were very supportive in their Leesville Lake comments. APCO recognizes that LVL is not a homeowners’ association but a 501(c)3 corporation. It agrees to fund 43 navigation lateral aids. It has not yet agreed to install lighted aids. They will take responsibility and own the navigation system with LVLA in agreement. There is agreement that Leesville Lake State water and the navigation system will meet USCG Standards. APCO feels that annual inspections are adequate with the additional support from LVL boaters reporting outages and maintenance problems. Pete asks that everyone be thinking of a design for the navigational aids. He also reported that the areas around the mile markers need to be cleaned and suggested an Adopt-A-Mile-Marker system. A status report was submitted for the record.

Water Quality: Mike reported that all was going well. He has lots of volunteers. He has set up spreadsheets on Google Documents for the volunteers to record data. He has prepared charts of late April & May DO and temperature data. Grant money for the 2008 program has not yet been received. We are still waiting to receive and evaluate a proposal from Lynchburg College for the 2009 monitoring program. A status report was submitted for the record.

Safety: Gerry reported that 7 boats have been inspected and passed. The Boating Program Class is in the works for August.

Nominating: Sue spoke with several prospects. She will have a sign up sheet at the annual meeting. Sherwood mentioned that volunteer mileage is a tax deduction.


Insurance: It was unanimous that we go with Mid State Insurance Co. for the General Liability and Directors & Officers Insurance.

Emergency: Sue has been working with Bill Wallace and Dr. Cohen on coming up with landing sites for the helicopter. Bill has located 4 possible sites. It was noted that Dr. Cohen should clear those sites with the land owners. She reported that this was the first phase and that they would continue to work on this project.

Lake Tour: The Lake Tour for the county supervisors and administrators is going to be August 9th at Doug and Julie Moore’s home. Invitations have been drafted. At the May board meeting, $750 was approved to purchase promotional to give to the Supervisors and as a way to solicit new members for the association. Sam made a motion to purchase 250 whistles. Sherwood seconded. Mike and Julie will set up a marketing plan for the distribution.

Relicensing Update: Mike reported that FERC requested Appalachian provide additional on its license application by July 16th.


Speaker: There was general agreement that we should invite a DGIF representative to speak at the July Annual Meeting on the new boating education and safety law. Mike agreed to contact DGIF to determine if they would send a representative.

FEMA Flood Maps: Mike reported that FEMA has updated the flood maps.

Other: Carmen suggested helping Fred with the pavilion at Tri-County Marina by helping to rebuild the structure along with some picnic tables and some storage space. Gerry will check with Fred to get an idea of what he would like to do. Phyllis read a thank you note for a former neighbor and previous owner of Tri-County Marina. Her son passed away and she wanted to express the family’s appreciation for their prayers and support. Phyllis will send the letter to Richard to post on the website. Richard brought up the possibility of joining the other Chambers of Commerce in the area.

The next meeting will be the Annual Membership Meeting on Saturday, July12, 2008 at the Tri-County Marina at 4 p.m..

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20.

Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis H. Garlick, Secretary

June 28, 2008