October 14, 2010



President Sherwood Zimmerman called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm. Board members present were: Sherwood Zimmerman, President, Fred Tannehill, Vice-President, Phyllis Garlick, Secretary, Danielle Apple, Richard Beaton, Gordon “Gordy” Bratz, Gerry Caprario, Kathy Dalton, Sue Glascock, Pete Pettit, Lou Revelle, and Roger Winters. Absent were Bill Estes, Olga Kolotushkina, Julie Moore, and Sharon Reilly. There were 13 members present. Fred made a motion to accept the agenda. Sue seconded. All approved.

MINUTES: Sherwood asked if there were any corrections to the minutes of September 9, 2010. Fred made a motion to approve the minutes. Sue seconded. All approved. Motion carried.


In Julie’s absence, Sherwood asked if there were any questions about the Treasurer’s statement. The Income total was $659.00. The Expense total was $739.40. The Closing Balance was $35,155.46. Fred made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report. Gerry seconded. All approved


MEMBERSHIP: In Julie’s absence, Sherwood reviewed the status report. Current membership is 357 members. That is a renewal rate of 77%. A status report was submitted for the record.

NEWSLETTER REPORT: Sue announced that there were calendars for sale. Kathy stated that articles for the newsletter needed to be to her no later than Monday, 10/18. Richard will post on the website a link to join and get the newsletter by mail. Kathy also mentioned to be thinking about a 50th anniversary celebration for the lake.

DEBRIS: Roger stated that he had attended a briefing by AEP about the Shoreline Management Plan. He concluded that they are looking at LVL in a more rational way. Roger also mentioned that FERC stated in a letter to AEP that they were not doing enough to clean up the debris in the lake.

NAVIGATIONAL AIDS & MILE MARKERS: Pete stated that there is a meeting with AEP on 10/20/10 with LVL, DGIF, the Coast Guard, and SML to discuss a design for the channel markers. Pete presented an update of the conceptual design for the channel buoy system.

WATER QUALITY: Mike Lobue announced that Olga is the new chair for the Water Quality Committee. He stated that Lynchburg College last collected water quality data on 10/11.They have yet to provide data to us. Water quality data was collected by volunteers on 5/21, 6/19, 7/4 & 7/24, 8/7 & 8/21, and 9/4 & 9/17. Out of 64 water samples, only one exceeded bacteria standard at Pigg River. Richard suggested that we get a picture with Lynchburg College for the newsletter and possibly post it on the website. A status report was submitted for the record.

SAFETY COMMITTEE REPORT: Gerry will be conducting vessel checks in 2011. The Coast Guard will be available after 1/15/11 to conduct a Safety Boating class. He will check with the Altavista YMCA to see if LVLA can sponsor a class at their facility. The board suggests having it in March of 2011. Gerry will try to work out the details and report it in this newsletter. Gerry also stressed the importance of winterizing your watercraft. He is also willing to put together a knot tying class in the spring for securing boats and equipment. Lou mentioned that we should notify new boat owners that boats with outboard motors are not covered by the warranty if they are used in muddy water.

HEALTH: Sue stated she is placing an article in the newsletter. There is no new news about uranium mining at this time.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Gordy remarked that the committee wants to put forth a well considered budget proposal for the coming year. The committee would like to have $100 in the budget on the assumption that the Association might rent space and have signs made for a booth at Uncle Billy’s Day to promote vessel safety checks or other community oriented events. Three motions put to the Board: 1-That the Board approve the committee’s development of slogans that promote the Association and LVL which we will report out to the Board at its November meeting. 2-That the Board approve the committee’s development of a survey to desired future activities. 3-That the Board take steps to improve a design, content, and functionality of the Association’s website. A status report was submitted for the record.

PRESENTATION: Sherwood reported on the new FERC Requirements which were discussed at a meeting September 16, 2010. Issues which were addressed for LVL are on pages 16-19. Pete Cox was asked to be a contractor by AEP and on call for removing debris. He suggests that LVLA approach AEP and require certain cleanup schedules. Roger stated that shore debris was not addressed. County funds are still needed and help is needed for disposal costs. In two weeks AEP will put out the 1st draft of the changes.

OLD BUSINESS: Sherwood stated that he had priced picnic tables for a Memory Table in memory of Bill Engledove. The best price was $80 at Lowes. Gerry made a motion to purchase 2 of the lighter weight tables. Sue seconded. All approved. Motion carried.

NEW BUSINESS: In Julie’s absence, Sherwood stated that Julie suggests that we change banks from Wachovia to First National Bank of Altavista due to the fees. Sue made a motion to change banks. Gordy seconded. All approved. Motion carried.

Sherwood drew numbers for door prizes.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 9:15. All approved.

The next Board meeting will be held Thursday, November 11th at 7 p.m. at the Altavista Train Station.

Respectfully submitted,


November 2, 2010