April 8, 2010



President Sherwood Zimmerman called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Officers present were:, Sherwood Zimmerman, President, Julie Moore, Treasurer, Phyllis Garlick, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Gordy Bratz, Gerry Caprario, Bill Estes, Sue Glasscock, Carmen Perri, Pete Pettit, Sharon Reilly, Lou Revelle, Karen Sanders, and Doc Wasicko. Fred Tannehill, Vice President was absent. There were approximately 10 members present. Sherwood asked if there was a motion to accept the agenda. J. W. Burton made a motion to accept, Sue seconded. All approved. Agenda was accepted.

MINUTES: A motion was made by Gerry to accept the minutes from the March meeting. Sue seconded. All approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Julie provided the Treasurer’s report. She reported that the funds from Campbell County had been received. Net Profit is $26,806.11, total expenses were $6039.89 for a total checking balance of $61,178.47. It was noted that under expenses, $3,290.00 should have been recorded under Audit Expenses, not Legal. Julie will correct this record. Doc made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report. J. W. seconded. All approved.


Membership: Julie Moore reported that the current membership is 320 members. This is a 76% renewal rate. $170.00 has been collected this year to date through the “Optional Donation” line on dues billing. A status report was submitted for the record.

Newsletter/Calendars: Julie stated that there are approximately 15 2010 calendars remaining. Mike asked that all articles for the newsletter be sent to him by Friday the 16th.

Debris: Doc reported that he emailed Teresa Rogers at AEP after the major debris accumulation on 4/5/10 concerning assistance from them. He stated that individual property owners with lake frontage need to spend more time on clean up, subdivisions need to attempt some sort of organized effort to keep abreast of the situation, or consider a donation to help the effort. The commitments from the various subdivisions for Beautification Day, June 12th have been poor. Tri-County Marina is the only collection site to accept 2 debris containers. Mike stated that he would help at Runaway Bay and would need 2 containers. Pete stated that he would check with the HOA president and thought that they would need 1 container at Brumfield along with AEP’s assistance as in years past. Thus far there are no volunteers to run the picnic on June 13th. He suggested that the time and money should not be spent if the response remains poor and to spend the effort on the annual meeting in July. Pete reported that a neighbor has reported appliances dumped at SML dam. Gerry stated that the association’s barge is reworked for larger debris. He suggests focusing on the smaller debris. Mike reported that AEP has posted a new phone number to call to report debris. They will only pick up in the channel. It was suggested that the debris removal time-frame be changed from fall/winter to spring/summer. Where to off-load the debris is still a problem. A copy of Doc’s email to Teresa Rogers and a status report were submitted for the record.

Navigation: Pete spoke with Teresa Rogers concerning the funds for the navigational aids. There will be no funding until 2011. There will be a meeting at Rocky Mount July 14th to talk about the design and the funding.

Water Quality: Mike stated that we are on track to get Lynchburg College involved in the monitoring in 2010. APCo will provide the Association with $25,000 for the 2010 water monitoring program. A draft Memorandum of Agreement to Lynchburg College has been submitted and we are awaiting a response. Lynchburg College will start monitoring in early May. The Association’s sample collecting will be done once a month and after rain events. Another station at Leesville Dam has been added to the list A status report was submitted for the record.

Safety: Gerry stated that wearing a life vest can never be overstated. He supplied the presentation on this subject to be seen after the business meeting.

Health: Sue is continuing to track the uranium mining info.

Public Relations: Gordy reported that Mike’s articles on the Water Quality Monitoring Program and Gerry’s article on boating safety were sent to the local newspapers. The Public Relations Committee compiled and sent names of some 1,300 homeowners and nearly 100 businesses in the area to the Membership Committee. He stated that a campaign needed to be developed aimed at attracting awareness of the Association and increasing its membership among homeowners, businesses, non-profits, educational institutions and government agencies. He asked that newsletter articles be sent to him to publish in local newspapers. A status report was submitted for the record.


Sharon reported that the raffle tickets for the quilt were ready to be picked up. The drawing will be at the annual meeting. An article about the quilt raffle will be in the newsletter.


It was suggested that we advertise Beautification Day on the marquees at Estes Signs and Colonial Restaurant on 29. Bill will be contacted and Gordy will check with Colonial.


A video entitled “Cold Water Boot Camp USA” was shown. It was very informative and demonstrated how cold water affects our bodies, what we can do if the situation happens, and most importantly, make sure we are wearing our life jackets.

The next meeting will be a meeting of the Board on Thursday, May 13th at the Altavista Train Station at 7.

Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis H. Garlick, Secretary

April 27, 2010