May 13, 2010



President Sherwood Zimmerman called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. Board members present were: Sherwood Zimmerman, President, Julie Moore, Treasurer, Phyllis Garlick, Secretary, Gerry Caprario, Bill Estes, Sue Glascock, Pete Pettit, Sharon Reilly, and William “Doc” Wasicko. Absent were Richard Beaton, Gordon “Gordy” Bratz, Carmen Perri, Lou Revelle, Karen Sanders, and Fred Tannehill. Gerry made a motion to accept the agenda. Julie seconded. All approved.

MINUTES: Sherwood asked if there were any corrections to the minutes of April 8 and 29, 2010. Julie made a motion to approve the minutes. Sharon seconded. All approved. Motion carried.


Julie presented the Treasurer’s report. Julie stated that we had received $2,500 from AEP as a donation for Beautification Day and we had two donations of $150 each as an additional donation. The Income total was $2,070.00. The Expense total was $932.62. The Closing Balance was $62,312.85. Julie reviewed the insurance policy and provided copies for all Board members. The renewal for the policy is $1,441.00. It was noted that the address was incorrect on the policy. Julie will have that changed. A motion was made to approve the Treasurer’s report. Motion was seconded. All approved


MEMBERSHIP: Julie reported that there were no new members at this time.

NEWSLETTER REPORT: Julie reported that there was no new information at this time.

DEBRIS: Doc contacted Kroger for a sponsor and also contacted Sam for his list of sponsors. Doc will contact Bob Rankin with the list and place the order for the t-shirts. At this time we have $5,000 in sponsorships. It was reported that Bedford County will get a dispensation for the debris at the landfill. Crews will be available from Lakeside Services and Haskins Docks. Doc recapped the list of containers as follows: 2 for Runaway Bay, 2 for Tri-County, and 1 for Brumfield. Doc will also get a list of “in-kind” sponsors. It was noted that the Altavista EMS will be on hand. Gerry is picking up 2 crabnets and will pick-up more for anyone that wants one. Sherwood is trying to contact Butch Schaffer. Mike sent an email stating that Mark Johnson is donating his services and bobcat to help at the Runaway Bay boat launch ramp. We will include him as a Gold Sponsor and provide him with a receipt for in-kind services. A copy of the email is submitted for the record.

NAVIGATIONAL AIDS & MILE MARKERS: Pete stated that there is a meeting with AEP on July 14th at 10 am in Rocky Mt. to discuss navigational marker design. He reported that VGIF will release the $25,000 in May which is a total of $50,000 for Navigation. APCO provide lights for the Tolers Ferry Bridge.

WATER QUALITY: In Mike’s absence, it was reported that Theresa Rogers had mailed the check for $20,000 on May 11, which Julie has received, and a check for $5,000 will be mailed soon. It has been requested that Lynchburg College provide the Association with monthly water monitoring data. A report was submitted for the record.

SAFETY COMMITTEE REPORT: Gerry stressed the importance of wearing a life jacket.

PUBLICITY: In Gordy’s absence, it was noted that Gordy has an outline for the next 3 months. He is working on have a photo of the signing of the Water Quality Monitoring Agreement with Lynchburg College. He is also prepared for Beautification Day.

OTHER: Sherwood reported that the SLMP met May 13th and will meet again in June in hopes to finish their report by December 2010. Several issues discussed were: A consensus of no minimum depth for a dock permit, a meeting for only LVL issues to occur before December, and discussion of dock overhangs. Sherwood stated that they were making a lot of headway.

OLD BUSINESS: Sherwood supplied Board members with a copy of the current insurance policy for Lakeside Services and the approved proposal made with them in September of 2008. Doc proposed considering a 7% increase in the hourly rate quoted by Lakeside Services upon the successful completion of the approved proposal. Julie seconded. All approved. Gerry stated that money for debris removal can be used for any type of debris removal including chipping, and renting containers, etc.

NEW BUSINESS: It was reported that the co-chair of the water quality monitoring committee had resigned.

-A speaker the annual meeting needs to be decided upon. Olga Kolotushkina will speak at the June Board meeting.

-Sharon needs the quilt raffle stubs to be in by the end of June.

-Gerry requested a copy of the Members roster. Julie will send.

Gerry made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:05.

The next Board meeting will be held Thursday, June 10th at 7 p.m. at the Altavista Train Station.

Respectfully submitted,


June 3, 2010