June 10, 2010



President Sherwood Zimmerman called the meeting to order at 6:55 pm. Board members present were: Sherwood Zimmerman, President, Fred Tannehill, Vice President, Julie Moore, Treasurer, Phyllis Garlick, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Gerry Caprario, Sue Glascock, Carmen Perri, Sharon Reilly, Lou Revelle, and William “Doc” Wasicko. Absent were Gordon “Gordy” Bratz, Bill Estes, Pete Pettit, and Karen Sanders. Fred made a motion to accept the agenda. Julie seconded. All approved.

MINUTES: Sherwood asked if there were any corrections to the minutes of May 13, 2010. There was one correction: In the debris report, Mark Jackson’s name was incorrectly stated as Mark Johnson. Julie made a motion to approve the minutes with the above correction. Fred seconded. All approved. Motion carried.


Julie stated that we had received $24,945 from AEP for the Water Quality Monitoring Program. $4,575 has been raised for Beautification Day. These Treasurer’s numbers reflect amounts received through 5/31. An additional $1,000 was received in early June for Beautification Day and has been deposited. The Income total was $28,545.00. The Expense total was $25,382.48. The Closing Balance was $31,106.01. She noted that Pittsylvania County approved in their budget, $4,410 for the 2010-2011 contribution. Carmen made the motion to approve the Treasurer’s report. Sue seconded. All approved.


MEMBERSHIP: Julie reported that there were no new members at this time.

NEWSLETTER REPORT: Julie reported that the current membership is 322. The renewal rate is 75%. $240 has been collected this year to date as optional donations. The Prospective Member mailing should be mailed on June 17th or 18th. This mailing will include the letter, enrollment form, and annual meeting announcement. Julie supplied all Board members with a membership roster. A Prospective Member mailing party is scheduled to be at Julie’s on the 17th at 10 am.

DEBRIS: The Altavista Rescue Squad will be on the lake during the clean-up. Water and power drinks will be available and encourage workers to take breaks. At last count, there are 26 members signed up to attend the picnic and 40 to work not counting Runaway Bay. Containers are in place at Runaway Bay and Tri-County. The Leesville barge will be run by Mike and Sam Skillman. Sherwood spoke with Butch who stated he is willing to let us use his property to store debris for $2,000 which also includes restoring the property after the debris is gone. Sue made a motion to use Butch Schaffer’s property for debris and to pay him $2,000 for the use of his property and for restoration of the property. Fred seconded. 9 approved. 1 opposed. Motion was carried. Liz from AEP stated that debris may be burned below the 620. Butch will burn the small pile from last year. It is estimated that we will pay $1,500 for Butch to burn the debris. Sherwood will contact contractors about a price to chip and haul away the debris. It is noted that Doc will resign as Chairman of the Debris Committee. Sherwood, Gerry, and Andrew Zimmerman put up the banners for Beautification Day. Fred will once again supply water and Gator Aid for Beautification Day.

NAVIGATIONAL AIDS & MILE MARKERS: In Pete’s absence, there was no report.

WATER QUALITY: In Mike’s absence, a report which he emailed was given by Phyllis. Comments on Appalachian’s revised water quality monitoring plan are prepared. LVLA recommended that the Appalachian Plan be consistent with the Leesville Lake Water Quality Monitoring Plan that was submitted to Appalachia in 2/2010. Lynchburg College reported that it was not able to obtain good water quality monitoring data in May. It will be mid-June before LC obtains data. The first set of volunteer data was collected on 5/21. Volunteer collection will be biweekly rather than monthly due to the uncertainty of collection by LC. An emailed report was submitted for the record.

SAFETY COMMITTEE REPORT: Gerry stressed the importance of wearing a life jacket and a hat on clean-up day due to the severe heat warnings for that day. Also, attach a whistle to the life jacket.

HEALTH: Sue reported that there will be a Uranium subcommittee meeting on June 22nd at Chatham High School at 6 pm. Points of concern will be discussed. She also mentioned that Toxic emails from and about Board members cease. Sue reported that all Board Members up for reelection will serve except for Carmen Perry who is stepping down and Karen Sanders who is out of town.

PUBLICITY: In Gordy’s absence, it was noted through email that media advisories and news releases were sent to local radio stations and newspapers. Colonial Restaurant and Gateway Service Station will post Beautification Day info on their sign boards. A report was emailed and submitted for the record.

OLD BUSINESS: Julie has the raffle quilt and all stubs and money need to be to Julie by 7/1/10. There were several suggestions for the Annual Meeting Speaker. Sherwood will follow up on these leads.

Fred made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:25. Gerry seconded.

The next Board meeting will be the Annual Meeting on July 11th at the Tri-County Marina.

Respectfully submitted,


June 28, 2010