July 10, 2010



President Sherwood Zimmerman called the meeting to order at 4:50 pm after enjoying a very filling meal. Officers present were: Sherwood Zimmerman, President,

Fred Tannehill, Vice President, Julie Moore, Treasurer, and Phyllis Garlick, Secretary. Board Members present were: Gordy Bratz, Gerry Caprario, Sue Glasscock, Carmen Perri, Pete Pettit, and Lou Revelle. Absent were: Richard Beaton, Bill Estes, Sharon Reilly and Karen Sanders. There were an estimated 60 members and guests present. Sherwood introduced our speaker Liz Parcell from Appalachian Power Co. and Henry “Hank” Davis, Supervisor for Pittsylvania Co. He asked that a moment of silence be observed in honor of our friend Bill Engledove who recently passed.


Sherwood introduced Liz Parcell with APCO. She presented a status update and overview of the Shoreline Management Plan. She defined the management plan and the task of balancing the lake resources such as the land use, shoreline, ecological resources, archaelogical, and recreational use. Mapping is also an issue along with the regulations for dredging and weed control. Liz participated in a question and answer period that included everything from skimmer use to siren schedules. Sherwood presented Liz with a certificate of appreciation and a 2010 Cleanup Day t-shirt.

MINUTES: Sherwood asked if there were any corrections or additions to the June minutes. Gordy made a motion to approve the minutes as drafted. Pete seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


Julie reviewed the Treasurer’s Report. The Income total is $1,257.00. The Expense total is $2,158.20. The Closing Balance is $30,204.81. A motion was made and seconded to approve the Treasurer’s report. All approved.


Membership/Newsletter: Julie reported that the current membership stands at 345 bringing the renewal rate to 78%. Sixteen new members were needed to meet our objective of 25. Due to a mailing to prospective new members on June 19th, 20 new members joined the association. She thanked Kathy Dalton for the graphic design and the layout of the newsletter. She commended Chris Lobue for mailing the newsletter and Mike Lobue for editing. She reminded everyone that a few 2010 calendars were still available. Lynne Stelle needs pictures for the 2011 calendar. Please get your pictures to her by mid September if a 2011 calendar is going to be printed. She stated that she had car stickers. A status report was submitted for the record.

Debris: Sherwood reported that 5 dumpsters were filled on Clean-up Day. Butch Schaffer has allowed us to use his property to store the debris.

Navigation: Pete reported on the tasks completed and the outstanding issues facing the Navigational Aids Committee. APCO has agreed to meet on July 14th in Rocky Mount to work out a suitable design for a fixed navigational aid. At this meeting funding, installation, and scheduling will also be discussed. The $25,000 from VDGIF has been received for navigation purposes. This combined with the previous $25,000 in 2009 gives us a total of $50,000. Since APCO has agreed to fund 43 lighted navigational aids, a good use for these funds would be to mark the hazards to include shoals and large rocks outside the designated waterway. Please report any hazardous area that needs to be designated. There are still 5 mile markers that need to be adopted. Please contact Pete for information. A status report was submitted for the record.

Water Quality: Mike reported that the quality of the water so far is excellent. He stated that the association prepared comments on Appalachian’s revised water quality monitoring plan. Testing for E. coli was not included in the May 2010 Appalachian draft. It is included in the final plan submitted to FERC. Lynchburg College(LC) collected water quality data in June and July. Water quality data was collected by our volunteers on May 21, June 19, and July 4. E. coli was below the detectable limit at all stations on all three dates. A status report was submitted for the record.

Safety: Gerry asked that life jackets be worn at all times and that he was available for vessel safety inspections. He stated that the online boating safety course is good and it costs $29.50. No classes have been scheduled to date. The boating safety classes must be taken by anyone 35 and under that intends on operating a vessel. He also asked that we pay attention to the NO WAKE ZONES.

Health Corner: In Sue’s absence Phyllis reported that there were no new health issues at this time. Sue did submit an overall yearly activity report for the record.

Publicity: Gordy and the Publicity Committee submitted nearly 1,000 names as potential new members to the Membership Committee. He reported that Beautification/Clean-up Day was advertised on several local radio stations and in the local papers. He stated that he is submitting newsletter articles by Mike Lobue on Water Monitoring, Gerry Caprario on Boating Safety, and Sue Glasscock on Summer Health Tips to the local newspapers. A status report was submitted for the record.

OLD BUSINESS: No old business was discussed.


In Sue’s absence, Phyllis announced the Board Members whose terms have expired and who have agreed to serve another 2 year term. They are Sherwood Zimmerman, Fred Tannehill, Phyllis Garlick, Gerry Caprario, Sue Glasscock, Sharon Reilly, and Lou Revelle. New Board members are Danielle Apple, Olga Kolotushkina, and Roger Winter. Fred made a motion for nominations to be closed. Gordy seconded. All approved for the re-election of the present Board Members and the newly appointed Board members.

Julie announced the drawing of the quilt raffle. Kaylee, granddaughter of President Sherwood, drew the winning ticket stub. The winner was Pete Pettit. The winner of the quilted Iris wall hanging was Judy Stillman. Approximately $200 to $250 was raised by the raffle. A special thanks to Sharon Reilly for making the quilt and wall hanging and donating it as a raffle fund raiser.

Sherwood thanked Gerry and Jan and their helpers for a job well done by putting together the picnic. He also thanked Carmen Perry for his service as a Board member. Gordy commended Sherwood for a job well done and for his dedication to the Leesville Lake Association.

The next meeting will be a Board Meeting on Thursday, August12, 2010 at the Altavista Train Station at 7 p.m..

The meeting was adjourned at 6:35.

Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis H. Garlick, Secretary

July 19, 2010