August 12, 2010



President Sherwood Zimmerman called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Board members present were: Sherwood Zimmerman, President, Fred Tannehill, Vice President, Julie Moore, Treasurer, Phyllis Garlick, Secretary, Richard Beaton, Gordon “Gordy” Bratz, Gerry Caprario, Sue Glasscock, Sharon Reilly, and Pete Pettit. Absent were Bill Estes, and Lou Revelle. New Board Member, Roger Winters was in attendance. Sherwood asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Gerry noted that election of officers for the Board Members returning for another term needed to be added. Election of officers was added. Gerry made a motion for the agenda to be approved. Sue seconded. All approved.

MINUTES: Sherwood asked if there were any corrections to the minutes of July 10, 2010. Gerry made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Sue seconded. All approved. Motion carried.


Julie stated that we had received $675 from new members and $80 as Optional Donations. A total of $320 has been sent as Optional Donations for the year. She reported that $201 was collected for the fund raising of the “Turtle Quilt” raffle. The Income total was $2,736.00. The Expense total was $6,085.12. The Closing Balance was $26,855.69.


MEMBERSHIP: Julie reported that our current membership is 361 bringing the total of new members this year to 51. The mailing on June 19th to prospective new members brought in an additional 33 new members. A status report was submitted for the record.

NEWSLETTER REPORT: It was noted that Kathy Dalton is considering being the Chair of the Newsletter Committee. The Board decided that the newsletter will fall under the Public Relations Committee. Mike, Richard, Julie and Roger will work to co-ordinate a smooth transition to the new “editor”.

DEBRIS: Sherwood reported that Butch has burned the debris pile on his property including 2009 and 2010. Sherwood stated that the agreed upon amount was $1,500. Fred made a motion to pay Butch $2,000. Pete seconded. All approved. Motion carried. Gerry made a motion for the next Debris Chair to get with Fred and devise a proposed plan of action concerning the hiring of a cleanup crew and come back with a complete plan. Richard seconded. All approved. Motion carried. An email was received from Lester Woolridge suggesting that the association equip members with rope and tape to tie-off and mark large trees for Lakeside Services to pickup. The Board will not act on this at this time. Sherwood noted that the 3 year contract for debris clearing, now with Lakeside Services, is up in 2011 and with the new RFP, it may be a consideration to hire 2 clean-up crews.

NAVIGATIONAL AIDS & MILE MARKERS: Pete stated that Teresa Rogers with AEP notified him that the Coast Guard has looked at LVL and SML and wants to have a meeting with those involved. Pete will keep us updated. Julie received an email from a member stating that they wanted to adopt a mile post marker which she forwarded to Pete.

WATER QUALITY: In Mike’s absence, a report which he emailed was given to all Board Members. Key points listed included that Lynchburg College had collected water quality data in June and July. Mike made contact with Patricia Fitzsimmons and Anna Wade. They are working with Tom Shahady on the monitoring program and gave them access to review data collected by the volunteers. Data was collected by our volunteers May 21, June 19, July 24, and Aug 7. An emailed report was submitted for the record.

SAFETY: Gerry reported that a Safe Boating Class has been scheduled for Saturday, September 18th at the YMCA in Altavista from 9 to 4. It is being conducted by the Coast Guard. Call the Y to register. He also reported that he would not be conducting boat safety inspections. Discussion by the Board led to some ways to interest more boaters in having inspections done prior to possible ticketing by DGIF.

HEALTH: Sue presented to the Board a list of what she considers to be the boundaries of the Health Chairperson. She has a source of information concerning the “Uranium mining” project. She also mentioned that the Virginia Roanoke River Basin Advisory Committee will be Aug. 18th at the Clarksville Community Center. She is planning on attending. A report was submitted for the record.

PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE: Gordy stated that the articles from the LVLA should be more that just the status reports submitted at the meetings. They need to be more informative. A report was submitted for the record.

OLD BUSINESS: It was noted that the Annual Meeting went well. The attendance was good and the guest speaker, Liz Parcell did a wonderful job. Gerry thanked Phyllis and Lou for helping he and Jan with the picnic.


Election of Officers: President Sherwood Zimmerman, Vice-President Fred Tannehill, Treasurer Julie Moore and Secretary Phyllis Garlick agreed to serve another term in these positions. Sue made a motion to accept them in the appointed positions. All approved. Motion carried.

Request: An email was sent addressing the Board about including a link on the LVLA website promoting a non-association event. It was determined by the Board not to allow it at this time.

Other: The SMP meeting was August 11th. September 23rd is an open house meeting to review what has been submitted. The committee will be looking for a before and now comparison an may put the review off until October.

Gordy recommended that we decide at the September meeting on a date for the 2011 Beautification Day in order to give more time to prepare and advertise.

Gerry made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:10. Sue seconded.

The next Board meeting will be September 9th, 7 pm at the Altavista Train Station.

Respectfully submitted,


August 20, 2010