February 18, 2011

Minutes of Board of Director's Meeting, February 10, 2011

Leesville Lake Association, Inc.

Train Station, Altavista, Va.

Present: Sherwood Zimmerman, Fred Tannehill, Julie Moore, Sue Glasscock, Kathy Dalton, Richard Beaton, Roger Winters, Luis Revelle, Pete Pettit, Gordon Bratz.

Absent: Danielle Apple, Gerry Caprario, Olga Kolotushkinas, Sharon Reilly, Bill Estes.

Call to Order: President Sherwood Zimmerman distributed the Agenda and called meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. Motion to approve Agenda by Moore, second by Tannehill; Approved by acclamation.

Minutes of January 13 Meeting: Motion to waive reading and approve Minutes by Moore, second by Tannehill; Approved by acclamation.

Treasurer's Report (Submitted): Members received current Statement of Income and Expense, Balance Sheet, and Profit and Loss YTD Comparison. Motion to approve by Petit, second by Classcock; Approved 100% by hand vote.

Committee Reports

Membership: Moore (See also submitted Committee Report)

1. Reported (1) 341 members at present; Number relatively consistent past several months. (2) Renewal rate 73%; in past month slightly higher than usual; (3) 5 new members Sept 1-Jan 31; 20% of objective of 25 this program year.

2. Newsletter and Calendar: Called attention to (1) Redesigned newsletter; Board applauded Editor Dalton. Next newsletter deadline, April 18; and (2) Calendar sales have been strong; a few remain.

Debris: Winters (See also submitted Committee Report)

1. APCO Meeting and Report. (a) Zimmerman has asked APCO to discuss its plans for debris removal, contracting and funding, among other issues, but hasn't set meeting yet. (b) APCO has sent it "Report of Debris Management Efforts for Leesville and Smith Mountain Reservoirs for 2010" to FERC; report says APCO removed 700.9 tons of debris from SML including 101.9 by volunteers and 476 tons were taken from LL (about 68% of the amount removed from SML) including 50 tons removed by volunteers on Beautification Day, a higher amount than in past years. Report indicates APCO's skimmer took debris from shorelines and backs of coves although APCO considered this beyond its responsibility. Winters stated, "I feel this sets a great precedent for them (to do) more of the same, and we will encourage that." He said (c) Skimmer operated on LL from Aug to Nov '10.

2. APCO's Call Center. (a) Center operates 24/7/365; Number is 1-800-967-4237; It received 3 calls about debris on LL last year and 159 about debris on SML; (b) Related several possible reasons for few calls about debris on LL. (c) Draft item encouraging reports of debris send to Bratz to finalize and then send to Dalton and Beaton.

3. Beautification Day. Coordination with points of contact for collection sites, dumpsters, sponsors, T-shirt design, equipment operations, and promotion underway.

Navigational Aids: Pettit (See also submitted Committee Report)

1. Reviewed status of outstanding APCO, TLAC, county, SMLA and LLA issues.

2. Dalton requested committee work with DGIF and other necessary agencies to reposition "No Wake" buoys and possibly add more in front of Pit Stop Marina and at entrance to Old Woman's Creek.

Water Quality: (Kolotushkins) (Committee Report via e-mail)

2010 Water Quality Report from Lynchburg College expected by Feb. 28.

Safety: Caprario (Bratz reported)

1. Assn-Coast Guard Boating Safety Course, March 19, 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Altavista YMCA. Caprario provided information needed to write news release.

2. Vessel Safety Checks. Caprario will conduct on May 21 at Tri-County Marina in conjunction with Beautification Day.

Health: Glasscock

1. As chair of Nominating Committee I ask members for names of those interested in and qualified for the position of secretary and membership on the Board.

2. Flu season is upon us; take steps to avoid or minimize flu.

3. Uranium mining issue continues unabated. Board members reinforced neutrality by Assn and focus in future on evolving politics vice science of the issue.

Public Relations: Bratz (See also submitted Committee Report)

1. News release about Boating Safety Course to be dispatched next week.

2. News release in draft about Beautification Day in hands of Winters and Zimmerman for approval; Names of sponsors desired no later than May 1; Release to be dispatched by May 2. Item for newsletter and Web site will go to Dalton and Beaton by Apr. 15.

3. News release in draft about Vessel Safety Checks will be sent to Caprario and Zimmerman for approval by May 1.

4. Highlighted series of presentations for Assn members on Protection and Improvement of Shoreline and Landscape to be held Apr 23, 8 a.m.-Noon at Altavista Train Station; Invited presenters from Ferrum College, APCO, Reedy Hill Gardens and SMLA.

Old Business: None

New Business:

1. Chambers of Commerce of Bedford and Pittsylvania counties. Motion by Bratz, second by Tennehill to join both for one year; Approved by acclamation.

2. Plaque to Phyllis Garlick. Zimmerman recommended giving her a plaque to recognize her long and exceptional service as Board member and its secretary and as a principle arranger of and "cook" at annual picnics. Members concurred completely.

3. TLAC. Zimmerman said (a) It no longer involved with debris; (b) Has taken notice of emergence of invasive "Curly leaf" plant in LL at base of dam; and, (c) Now negotiating with APCO to get LLA and Campbell Co. to be members of TLAC.

4. TCRC. Zimmerman briefed latest issues and probable actions.

Adjournment: Motion by Moore, second by Dalton; Approved by acclamation at 9:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gordy Bratz