Leesville Lake Association, Inc.

Minutes of Board and Membership Meeting, April 14, 2011

Altavista Train Station, Altavista, Va.

Present: Apple, Beaton, Bratz, Caprario, Dalton, Estes, Moore, Pettit, Reilly, Revelle, Tannehill, Winters, Zimmerman

Absent: Kolotushkina

Call to Order: By Zimmerman at 7:05 p.m.

Minutes of Meeting of Mar 10, '11: Approved by acclamation.

Treasurer's Report: Passed to all; Approved by acclamation.

Recognition: Carmen Perri, Sue Glasscock & Phyllis Garlick recognized for their prior service on the Board.

Committee Reports

Membership (Moore): 1. Report dated Mar 31 attached. 2. 2012 calendar to have boats/boating theme; deadline for photos to Lynn Stelle by late August.

Newsletter (Dalton): 1. Deadline next newsletter Apr 15; last one to be mailed to non-members. 2. Propose 2 of 4 future newsletters be mailed to members without e-mail address: Action deferred.

Debris (Winters): 1. Beautification Day- Flyer & registration & sponsor forms distributed; 3 volunteers committed to operate Runaway Bay collection site; $4,500 sponsor contributions to date. 2. Debris- Need to repeatedly remind members to call APCO at 800-956-4237 and TCRC at 540-721-4400 whenever debris is noted. 3. SMP- Public comment period ends midnight Apr 15; urge all to send endorsement of TCRC’s reclama of the recent SMP to FERC at www.ferc.gov/docs-filing/ecomment.asp

Navigational Aids (Pettit): APCO’s Parcell’s reports APCO will take up this issue after it completes debris removal contract with private entity.

Water Quality (Lobue): 1. Report dated Apr 14 attached. 2. “Leesville Lake 2010 Water Quality Monitoring” report (attached) by Dr. Shahady, Lynchburg College given to Board members.

3. Monitors- Seek 10 volunteers to monitor at 8 sites. 4. Monitoring equipment- Lobue proposed to expend “not more than $5,500 for purchase of the necessary equipment to allow Association volunteers to monitor E.coli with the Colilert ™ test method.” Moore moved to approve, second by Beaton; passed by hand vote 7 to 4.

Safety (Caprario): 1. Boating Safety Course- 84 people attended Mar 19 class. 2. Vessel Safety Checks- May 21, 9 a.m.- 4p.m., at Tri-County Marina.

Health (Glasscock): 1. Tick season has arrived; take precautions. 2. This is my final meeting.

Public Relations (Bratz): 1. Report dated Apr 14 attached. 2. "Land & Lake-scaping" Program- Apr 23, 8:30 a.m. to 12, at Train Station. 3. SPEAK UP Survey- Results (attached) passed to Board members. 4. Beautification Day Press Release to be sent to media upon receipt of sponsor names in early May.

Old Business: None

New Business:

1. Speaker- Zimmerman introduced Dr. Cohen, Operational Medical Director who discussed area emergency medical services, identified locations of 4 helicopter landing zones around lake, and suggested each area community seek volunteers to become 1st Responder and EMT-qualified.

2. TLAC- Although Association is a non-voting member we are well supported by TLAC vis a vis issues with APCO.

Adjourn: By acclamation at 9:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gordy Bratz

May 5, 2011