Leesville Lake Association, Inc.

Minutes of Board Meeting at Annual Members’ Meeting

July 9, 2011

Tri-County Marina, Va.

Present: Apple, Beaton, Bratz, Caprario, Pettit, Reilly, Revelle, Zimmerman plus 45 members of the Association.

Absent: Dalton, Estes, Kolotushkina, Moore, Tannehill, Winters

Call to Order: By Zimmerman at 5 p.m.

Agenda: Approved by acclamation. Attached.

Minutes of Meeting of June 9, '11: Approved by acclamation.

Treasurer's Report: Attached. Approved as submitted by hand vote.

Election to Board of Directors: Zimmerman (1) Explained that the terms of several Board members are due to expire August 31 and that due to a number of uncertain factors, particularly the Association’s relationship with the Tri-County Lake Administrative Commission (TLAC), there may be a need to modify the focus and structure of committees. Thus the Executive Committee decided to delay taking nominations for membership on the Board but conduct a re-election process at this time in conformance with the Bylaws. (2) He introduced each Board member whose term ends August 31, stated that each person had informed him that they are willing to remain on the Board, and recommended each be re-elected. By voice vote of those attending, each was re-elected unanimously.

Budget for Association-year 2011-2012. Zimmerman said the budget for the coming year is not yet ready for consideration due principally to uncertain factors, the prime of which are whether Bedford, Campbell and Pittsylvania counties will continue to provide grants and in what amounts. He said the Board will endeavor to finalize a budget at its September meeting.

Committee Reports

Membership (Zimmmerman for Moore): Report attached. Articles for newsletter are due to Kathy no later than July 15.

Debris (Zimmerman for Winters): Beautification Day- Approx. 60 participants; 40-45 tons of debris collected. Reporting debris- Important to do so; new number to call. AEP Debris Removal Contract- Offered to Lakeside Services but only for 80 hours. Skimmer- Now on the lake.

Navigational Aids (Pettit): Report attached.

Water Quality (Lobue): Report attached.

Safety (Caprario): Recent boat-debris collision and drowning point out need for continuing debris removal and wear of life saving vest; that all are responsible for our own safety and those in our care. Five people allowed their boat to undergo a Vessel Safety Check this year; not a very good turnout.

Health (Zimmerman): Appointed Julia Pettit to lead this position

Public Relations (Bratz): Report attached. Introduced and thanked committee members, highlighted purpose of the committee, encouraged use of the Web site and reading of the newsletter by all members, and encouraged members to volunteer to help make Association’s activities more successful.

Old Business: None.

New Business: (Zimmerman): (1) Announced that Bob Rankin put three of his T-shirt designs on heavy paper suitable for framing, offers to sell each for $10 or 3 for $25 and will give the proceeds to the Association. (2) Conducted the raffle drawing for the quilt made by Sharon Reilly. (3) Asked Bratz to lead effort to review and recommend changes to the Bylaws and report to the Board by mid next year (*). (4) Encouraged submission of electronic images for the 2012 calendar. And (5) Announced that Brad Wright, Va. Dept. of Forestry, will discuss its “Firewise Program” at the General Membership Meeting on Oct. 13 at the Altavista Train Station.

Adjourned: By call of Zimmerman at 6:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gordy Bratz

July 8, 2011

(*)- Sharon Reilly and Gerry Caprario volunteered to participate.