April 23, 2012


General Membership & Board of Directors Meeting

Leesville Lake Association, April 12, 2012, Altavista Train Station

Call to Order: By President Zimmerman at 7 p.m.

Present: Beaton, Bratz, Moore, Pettit, Winters, Zimmerman and 28 other members of the Association.

Absent: Apple, Dalton, Estes, Kolotushkina, Reilly, Tannehill

Minutes of March 8 Meeting: Approved unanimously on motion by Moore, second by Pettit.

Treasurers Report: See submitted documents. Approved unanimously on motion by Bratz, second by Winters.

Guest Speaker: Zimmerman introduced Bill Brush, longtime member of Smith Mountain Lake Assn., participant in Tri-County Lake Assn. (TLAC) activities, and founder recently of Cut Unnecessary Regulatory Burden (CURB), Inc. CURB is leading the effort, along with the Tri-County Relicensing Commission and TLAC, to contest and moderate the overreaching actions of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regarding the current Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) of AEP. Brush said members of TCRC and representatives of similar state and local government agencies met late last year with members of Congress to express the unreasonable or unlawful conditions--many of which counter or ignore property rights--imposed on state and local jurisdictions by FERC. That led to the SHORE Act, drafted and introduced by Rep. Robert Hurt, (R,VA) and Sen. Roy Blunt (R, MO), now in House and Senate committees. Brush said also that TCRC sought and is engaged in mediation with FERC, but that the rules of the process do not allow him to say more than “we are making progress and we’ll continue to meet.”

Zimmerman thanked Brush and assured the audience the Assn. will follow this closely and keep members informed. Members can do so on their own by going to www.CURB-FERC-AEP.com.

Committee Reports

Membership (Moore). See written report. Also: Newsletter deadline is Monday, 16th; Quilt Raffle tickets and 2012 calendars are still available from Board members.

Debris (Winters). See written report. Also: On motion by Winters, second by Pettit, Board approved unanimously by hand vote to add $2,500 to the previously approved debris removal contract to cover the cost of debris disposal. Help make Beautification Day a success May 19; Especially need boaters to bring debris to collection sites; Register on Assn’s. Website and to attend the picnic July 14th; Skimmer was on lake last week. Report debris by calling TLAC and/or go to www.smithmtn.com.

Navigation Aids (Pettit). Received grant of $50K from the Commonwealth for hazard markers.

Water Quality (Lobue). See written report. Also: Zimmerman said report of 2011 WQ Program results by Lynchburg College is available to any member; the WQ program this year will monitor the growth of the invasive Curly Leaf Pond Weed recently identified near Toler Bridge; and that the Assn. will work with the state to confront the harmful effects imposed on the lake by the Pigg River and Old Women’s Creek.

Safety (Caprario). Announced the recall of an inflatable PFD; call him at 434-656-9082 details. Also: He will do courtesy Vessel Safety Checks by request (boat need not be in water) and on May 19th from 9 to noon at Tri-County Marina; and, the last of three Boating Safety Courses will be May 5th at CVCC.

Public Relations (Bratz). See written report. Also: Land & Lake-scaping Seminar on Mar 24 was attended by 20 people and very well done by Evan Reedy of Reedy Hill Gardens; and, News releases about Beautification Day (BD) will be sent to media next week; request photos of recent BD activities to bratzgr@mac.com by Apr 17th.

Old Business. None

New Business None

Adjournment: By acclamation at 8:30 p.m.


Gordy Bratz