July 14, 2013

Minutes of Board and Annual Members’ Meeting

July 13, 2003, Tri-County Marina

Leesville Lake Association, Inc.

Call to Order: 2:15 p.m. by President Zimmerman

Quorum Call

Board Members Present: Beaton, Bratz, Marshall, Moore, Pettit, Revelle, Tannehill, Zimmerman

Board Members Absent: Dalton, Estes

Committee Chairman Present: Capuco, Lobue

Total in Attendance: 63

Minutes of June 13 Meeting, dated July 10: Approved by acclamation

Treasurer’s Report:

a. Statement of Income and Expense dated July 11: Approved on motion by Bratz, second Revell.

b. 2013-2014 Budget dated July 11: Approved on motion by Marshall, second by Beaton

Committee Reports:

Membership (Capuco)- 270 paid members. Encourage past members to rejoin and others to join.

Newsletter & 2014 Calendar (Moore)- Articles for next edition due Monday; one more issue this year. Photos for calendar due by July 31. Send articles and photos to Dalton.

Debris (Marshall)- 120 people registered to participate in Beautification Day; collected nearly 40 tons of debris. Skimmer to be on lake soon and remain to Oct-Nov. HOAs and communities that wish to have skimmer work on shoreline of their properties contact me.

Navigational Aids (Pettit)- Funding received; awaiting decisions by TLAC and AEP.

Water Quality (Lobue) and Aquatic Plants (Revelle)-

a. Lobue highlighted the conduct and results of this year’s water quality monitoring program by Lynchburg College and volunteers of the Association; no atypical findings noted to date.

b. Revelle reported on his surveying for invasive plants noting that Curly Leaf Pond Weed is present in small quantities between Mile Markers 14 and 17, that the existence of this species does not constitute a danger at present, and that he will continue to search other areas and for the presence of other invasive plants.

Health and Safety (Caprario)- Vessel Safety Checks continue; contact me for an appointment.

Communications (Bratz)- Announcements for local radio stations and our Website and articles to local newspapers and our newsletter about the Association’s sponsorship of Boating Safety Courses, Vessel Safety Checks and Beautification Day attracted high numbers of participants.

Old Business:

a. “No Wake” signs- Zimmerman said Estes is making them in two styles for $20 and $50 respectively. (To order contact Zimmerman.)

b. Members’ Meeting- Zimmerman said the next Quarterly Members’ Meeting is Saturday, Oct. 12 at the Altavista Train Station; that Revelle will discuss invasive aquatic plants and refreshments to be served.

c. Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission- Zimmerman said an agreement potentially allows the Association to become members is being reviewed by county authorities.

New Business:

a. Centra Health Clinic, Gretna- Zimmerman said the Association would work with Centra and county officials in an effort to create medical evacuation helicopter landing zones nearby the lake.

b. Snakes- Zimmerman discussed the dangers of three types of snakes natural to this area.

c. Retiring Board Members- Dalton, Estes, Moore and Pettit. Zimmerman highlighted the contributions each has made and thanked them for their service, especially that of Moore who served on the Board 10 years.

d. Election to the Board- Zimmerman announced that Beaton, Bratz and Revelle consented to being re-elected and Ted Dragan was nominated to serve on the Board. Zimmerman asked for nominations from the floor; there were none. Zimmerman asked for a voice vote for this entire slate; all were elected by acclamation.

Adjournment: By acclamation at 4:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:


Gordy Bratz, Secretary