AUGUST 21, 2003 An organizational meeting of Leesville Lake residents interested in forming a lake association was held August 21, 2003, noon, at the Pit Stop.

Temporary/interim officers were nominated, seconded, and elected: President-Stan Goldsmith, Vice-President-Sam Skillman, Secretary-Julia Moore, Treasurer-Bill Wallace.

It was tentatively decided to call the group Leesville Lake Association.

The interim treasurer was authorized to open a bank account in the name of Leesville Lake Association with the interim President Stan Goldsmith and interim Treasurer Bill Wallace as authorized signers on the account.


  1. President: Schedule Executive Committee meeting to consider how best to advertise future meetings to more lake residents and discuss how to come up with names and addresses of lake residents.
  2. Treasurer: To collect $25 from households to help defray costs of formation of not-for-profit association and to advertise future meetings.
  3. Secretary: To publish names, addresses, and phone numbers of attendees of 8/21/03 meeting.
  4. Stan and Fred Bragg to talk to Altavista officials to locate a place for our first general meeting.
  5. Meeting will be scheduled during the week of September 15-19 if possible.

Respectfully submitted,

Julia B. Moore, Secretary

September 4, 2003